Dutch news report on imminent and severe terror potential

This video was up at YT with ‘soft’ titles yesterday but we felt that the subject and nature of this was too important to not have our own reliable translation (thank you H Numan) so we did it ourselves.

Please note that the person they interview at the end appears to be a purveyor of the narrative. I had considered just clipping it off the end but we added a note instead with some relevant attributes that may affect yur view of his statements.

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6 Replies to “Dutch news report on imminent and severe terror potential”

  1. It is not just Holland that is under threat of an imminent terror attack, every nation in the west is under that threat. I do find it interesting to see the report of the possibility of the jihadists using robbery to finance their attacks and how there is probably an organized crime connection. Since Moslem mobs from the mideast are moving in to take over as much of the organized crime in Europe as they can the idea that part of them are connected to the jihadists is a believable one.

    The man trying to draw a red herring across the trail of the mosques that are recruiting jihadists would be more believable if he didn’t try and smear the intel groups.

    • Won’t there be turf wars between the organized crime establishments? Eastern Europe, parts of southern Europe vs. Muslim-flavored gangsters?
      Some of that might be playing out in Palermo, but I’d expect to hear more about it.

      • That depends on how the murders are carried out, a lot of the mob hits in NYC are carried out in ways and places so the body disappeared. Way back when the mob in NYC owned several hog farms and attached packing plants, the bodies of the victims were fed to the hogs.

      • There is a multistory parking garage in KCMO that is suppose to have several bodies hidden in each floor. In the 80s there was a fire in the garage and a lot of bribes were paid out to keep the building from being condemned.

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