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5 Replies to “Hamad Abdel Samad, apostate from Islam, makes short shrift of the usual Marxist dialectic scam of popular media in Germany”

  1. Vlad,

    Something is up with your audio on your most recent videos. The sound on the videos for Robert Spencer’s Islam 101 w/translated subtitles into German sounds tinny and strange.

    Same with with the first video here. Does it sound the same to you?

    • I know I made an error on 1 video where I forgot to mute one of the audio tracks so its unnaturally thick and has a slapback echo quality to it. That’ what I get for working through the night when I’m basically asleep. It didn’t seem bad enough to redo. Ill check the other one, the Spencer one but that one should be OK.

  2. While I admire the courage of Hamed Abdel Samad, (it takes guts and intelligence to become an apostate), I am a little disturbed that, at least by implication, he seems to accuse the Afd (Alternaitve for Germany) of “racism”. From accusing those who are against Islam as racists, it’s only a small step to talks about “Islamophobia”.

    As to that female “interviewer” in her condescending bully-ness, trying to push Hamed Abdel Samad towards dissociating himself from the big bad Alternative for Germany (Alternative für Deutschland), she is soooooo typical and gets on my nerves.

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