Car fires, Migrants lay siege to parts of Europe, much more: Links 2 on April 20 – 2016

1. More on the mysterious car fire in Saskatoon that the local fire department put at over 1000 cars involved.

Previous link to story here

2. Speaking of fires, The tent town in Greece seems to be on fire, as so many migrant locales often are, as it seems like the fastest way to force the authorities to just let them freely go where they want.

3. Refugees set up roadblocks in Greece and demand CITIZENS show them identification

(How is this not an act of war that calls for a military response? I believe the proper term for it is, “Laying siege”)

4. U.S. top court rules Iran bank must pay 1983 bomb victims

By Lawrence Hurley

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The U.S. Supreme Court on Wednesday ruled that almost $2 billion in frozen Iranian assets must be turned over to American families of people killed in the 1983 bombing of a U.S. Marine Corps barracks in Beirut and other attacks blamed on Iran.

The court’s 6-2 ruling dealt a setback to Iran’s central bank, finding that the U.S. Congress did not usurp the authority of American courts by passing a 2012 law stating that the frozen funds should go toward satisfying a $2.65 billion judgment won by the families against Iran in U.S. federal court in 2007.

Bank Markazi had challenged a 2014 ruling by the New York-based 2nd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals that the assets, bonds held in a trust account overseen by former federal judge Stanley Sporkin, should be handed over to the more than 1,000 American plaintiffs.

With the legal questions resolved, lawyers for the plaintiffs said all that is left is for a federal judge to allow Sporkin to distribute the funds.

The lead plaintiff was Deborah Peterson, whose brother, Marine Lance Corporal James Knipple, died in the Beirut bombing. Peterson said for her the legal fight has never been about the just money.

“The mission was for those responsible for the bombing to be held accountable and for the world to understand what happened in Beirut,” Peterson said.

5. ISIS wants to launch chemical or nuclear attacks – EU/NATO security chiefs

NATO and EU security chiefs say Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) wants to use chemical or nuclear weapons to attack Britain.

During the Security and Counter Terror conference in London on Tuesday and Wednesday, a group of policing and counter terrorism experts delivered a dire warning.

Jorge Berto Silva, the European Commission’s deputy chief of counter-terrorism, told the Telegraph that “with CBRN [chemical, biological, radioactive and nuclear materials], there is a justified concern.

(The real news is that Reuters, NATO and the EU refer to them as “The Islamic State”. Its like they finally came down from their acid trip.)

6. Russian news agency Sputnik’s Turkish bureau chief has been blacklisted by Ankara, who refused him entry to the country in an airport, and seized his residence permit and press credentials.

After being held for about an hour, Kerimov was handed written notification that he is considered unwelcome in the Turkish Republic and his entrance to the country is barred. He was ordered to leave Turkey on the first available flight, but Kerimov insisted that it ought to be an Aeroflot flight. Turkish authorities agreed and he remained until 2:55 p.m. local time (11:55 GMT). Kerimov met with Russia’s consular representative and related the incident.

In an interview with RT, Kerimov said that Turkey has not issued any explanation for denying him entry, but he nevertheless remains hopeful that he will eventually receive one.

A number of media representatives have been having certain problems in Turkey recently, both figures from the Turkish media and from international news outlets.

(Maybe they can reissue the IS DEFNSE game with identical graphics they have now but call it, “WW III Against the new Ottoman Caliphate”. See rant and video below the post)

7. Estimate of dead people doubles in ysterday’s Taliban car bombing of neighborhood. Apaprently its to mark the start of the spring bombing-and-killing season followers of Islam are so fond of.

8. Children, women killed by Turkish border guards while fleeing Syria – report

Eight Syrians were killed by Turkish border guards while fleeing violence in their war-torn country, according to footage obtained by The Times. Most of the victims were women and children.

The group was trying to cross into Turkey through a mountain smuggling route at the western end of the border on Sunday night, but were forced back by government forces firing live rounds.

Video footage recorded on a mobile phone reportedly shows a man carrying his young son after the boy was shot in both legs. The father is seen turning back down the mountain path in search of medical help.

9. Perhaps someone who’s French is up to it, can explain what this says in the comments which explains the video below.


10. UN led evacuation of bearded males of fighting age from Madaya

(He who fights and busses away, lives to blow up for allah another day)
Thank you M., Wrath of Khan, Xanthippa, Johnny U., Sunshine, Kathy and many many more. 

Below, a clip from some 20 frame generic first person shooter rebranded as IS fighter or IS defense or something like that. Basically its a WW2 first person shooter except you get no look at the enemy. In WW2 games, you see Germans in Nazi uniforms etc. But in this you get absolutely no sense that the enemy are religious muslims at all. No beards, the freeze-frame look is actually more white skinheads than mujahadeen. Wolfenstein 3D even had the Nazis saying things in German and wearing SS uniforms in the early 90s.

Its a gutless culturally Marxist watered down generic 1990s video game look. Want to see what a realistic depiction of fighting the Islamic State looks like? Watch Dracula untold, or better yet, google images for St. James Matamoros, one of which is shown below.

At least the 16th century Spaniards had the guts to depict the enemy.

Here is how you show IS Defense

Here is a fun movie scene about Turkey from a tourist who got to see it all

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11 Replies to “Car fires, Migrants lay siege to parts of Europe, much more: Links 2 on April 20 – 2016”

  1. # 9.
    Just a quick “interpretation/translation”.
    The link leads to an “explanation” by the organiser of the affair which starts like this:
    “Saturday incident marked the Fight Night, an event of mixed martial arts (MMA) in Montreux.

    The French wrestler of Chechen origin , Magomed Guekhaiev chanted repeatedly “Allah Akbar”, causing many whistles among the 1,200 spectators.

    He then took the microphone from the hands of presenter. “After thanking his coach, he dedicated his victory to his brothers in Toulouse and in the whole world, and, according to “Julien”, a spectator, to Mohamed Salah. ” I am convinced that it was a reference to terrorists and Abdeslam Salah Mohamed Merah. “

    While personally I would not be surprised that this is what he was really “feeling”, truth obliges me to say, that the Spectator “Julien” mistook the islamic “greeting” of the tard boxer “Salem Maleikum” (however you spell that) for a dedication to Abdeslam Salah, the terrorist and Mohamed Merah…the muslim Arab from Toulouse who massacred the little Jewish children and others in Toulouse some years ago.

    A personal note: the quasi homo-erotic fawning by the commentators and their reprimand of the spectators who obviously disapproved of the allah-u-akbaring of the Muslim fighter will get them a place of honour at the next Gay Parade in Mecca I’m sure. I felt a little sorry for the sexily dressed girl who in this group was obviously the 5th wheel at a 4-wheeled car.

  2. #3.

    No prize for guessing on whose side Mother Terrorista – MERKEL – will be on – the violent invaders of Greece are HER protegés. I feel soooooo sorry for the Greek people, from vague memory of history and a very old greek neighbour’s personal recollections, the Greeks have already suffered in the past from the cancer of islamic invasions/transgression.?

    • Why are the Greek authorities putting up with this? That squat should’ve been broken up ages ago. Like the French at Calais, their misguided tolerance only makes things worse, sets the scene for larger, more violent confrontations.

      Why do they continue to give outside agitators access to the camp? When a major artery for truckers is obstructed, real people lose real money.

      This clip shows professional anarchists – this most certainly is their tactic – flaunting their achievement. They’ve brought life as usual to a screeching halt. To rub it in, they put on a show of serving meals to the masses.

      Despite a few fake food-fight clips, nobody’s starving there. They all look hale and hearty.

      So back to my question: what’s with the Greeks? Have they traveled so far left they’ve actually fallen off the edge and into the void? Maybe. They vote for doctrinaire leftists and their ruinous economic platforms.

      Is it intolerable yet? When it is, they’ll make a sharp, hard-right turn. That’s the pattern, isn’t it?

  3. 3 – You are right this is a military invasion and a siege of the town by the invaders. Any rational nation would have had either many cops or MPs out there making arrests.

    5 – You can add bio weapons to the list, I mentioned the rotting testicles and feces in that back pack to a medical student I know and he said that that would be ideal for spreading 4 or 5 types of germs and viruses at the minimum. He said that the ones that would survive the easiest were very lethal and then we were interrupted and I haven’t been able to find out which germs and viruses he was talking about.

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