Robert Spencer: full presentation in Ottawa, April 13 2016

Thanks to ACT for Canada, Robert Spencer gave two presentations in Canada this past week. The one below at the Lord Elgin Hotel in Ottawa and a second at a private location in Montreal.

The Q&A has not been edited yet but one segment of interest was done and can be seen here, where one audience member raised every popular myth about Islamic history and Robert dealt with it with rapidity and clarity and refuted them all in no uncertain terms.

For those who still think that life was good for non-Muslims under Islamic rule in Spain, they should try reading some of the non-Muslim scholars of the age like Moses Memonadies (sp) for one.

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  1. Moshe ben Maimon
    M?s? ibn Maym?n
    Moses Maimonides
    ~~ or, lovingly, the acronym ‘RAMBAM’: “Rabbeinu Moshe Ben Maimon” => “Our Rabbi/Teacher Moses Son of Maimon”)

  2. “The blades of grass will win out [and break through the concrete] in the end”. The optimism of Robert Spencer’s closing remarks surprised me: it was a surprising and encouraging conclusion to an interesting (and excellent) presentation.

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