German comic piles on the mockery of Erdogan

This is how people should respond to totalitarian demands not to criticize or in any way do anything that may offend the powerful.  If more had this man’s wit and wisdom the problem would have been solved before it ever started.

Thank you Oz-Rita for the rapid translation and find of this great clip

For those who have’t followed the history behind this event, I will post a link to a timeline on it later today. For the moment, a search of this site or even the BBC link here.

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5 Replies to “German comic piles on the mockery of Erdogan”

  1. Very Good.

    This disproves the statements that the European have lost their courage and will to fight for freedom.

    The resistance in Germany is growing and the leaders are showing up to defend their culture, nation and freedom. Everyone needs to see this video.

  2. Thank-you, Rita, dynamite!
    This work of yours has to be consumed piping hot. Keep those collaborators’ feet to the fire.

    Ever time I look at this ~ Erdowie, Erdowo, Erdogan ~ he looks more evil. Pictures of him standing in front of the crescent-image show his devil’s horns to perfection.

  3. well BONO bonehead, perhaps you may be able to stand by this comic in order to show all dangerous geopolitical and religious/ socialist ideologues how to laugh together and be peaceful. Looking forward to you taking his place on the gallows of stupidity ,hate, and ignorance! Him? I respect. You?..not so much.

  4. If the German comedians had any balls they would begin an all-out defense of freedom of speech by attacking Erdogan. How does that go in the classic Kirk Douglas flick: “I am Sparticus!” A spontaneous defense of Western values uncowed by the-powers-that-be is what is required now in Europe. Screw the news media, the government, the political parties – they’ve ALL gone over to “The Dark Side.”

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