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8 Replies to “Australian jihadi carves E4E in forehead of soldier in Prison”

  1. all the more so:
    http://www.jewishisrael.org/the-subtle-war-against-israel-by-moshe-feiglin/ Mar-31-2016
    also published as
    A judicial proceeding raises him [a terrorist using a knife] up to the level of a partner in the discussion, and thus, his claim must be evaluated. Maybe we really don’t have the right to live…We’ll let the judges decide.
    There are situations and planes upon which the court has no place. War is clearly such a situation. The war in which we currently find ourselves is the most difficult and subtle of all of Israel’s wars.

  2. As you said this is what happens when you treat a war as a series of crimes, if we don’t start fighting this like a war we won’t survive as free nations. Something is going to happen to wake the world up to the fact we are fighting a war of survival, and given what one jihadi captured in Europe was packing it will probably be an attack by some very nasty bio weapon. Think Bubonic Plague or Small Pox, there are other diseases that they could use but those are the ones that spring to mind.

  3. The revelations last year that the Muslim ADF and mainstream-media heart-throb Mona Shindy holds typical Muslim views should come as no surprise to anyone. Just scratch the surface (for example, by giving them a Twitter account) and all that suppressed anti-Western bile starts to spray out everywhere. Like babies with projectile vomiting, they can’t help themselves. (And all that puke makes you want to puke up right back at her, and that’s what I’m doing here.)


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