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6 Replies to “Cars burning in Sweden”

  1. The Muslims will continue to turn up the heat until the Infidels become so stressed that they will start to entertain the idea of giving in to the peace of Islam, just so they can live their daily lives. It’s no coincidence. This is the basic “Plan A” of Muhammad.

    Soon we will start converting to Islam in ever-increasing numbers while women start routinely going out in hijabs for reasons of basic safety. If we don’t fight back sharply against Islam, it really is going to take over the world. A couple of years from now the nightly car-burning report will be as routine as the weather and sports. Then the Muslims will turn up the heat another notch. It always works, by the way…

    Islam is not a religion, it is a crime…

    • Soon we will start converting to Islam
      Who are you calling “WE“, White Man?

      That's a Lone Ranger joke. When he and Tonto are surrounded, the Ranger discovers Tonto has gone native on him.

      • Can’t you just picture a forlorn pouting little white girl looking all hard-done-by because her parents “just don’t understand” about her conversion to Allah’s little death cult? “Please don’t touch me, Mother. You’re hands are unclean…”. And can you imagine trying to argue with her when her every sentence now begins with, “Imam says…”? The sneaky buggers could literally steal your children right out from under you and there’s nothing you could do about it. Do you think they haven’t thought of that?

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