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8 Replies to “More videos and links on today’s terrorist attack in Belgium”

  1. This is why the went over the apartment with such care. There will be arrests and attacks all over Europe in the next few weeks.

      • In a gun fight you shoot to stop, not wound, not kill but stop. Information is vital but not at the expense of the lives of police or intel types. You also have to watch out for suicide vests or packages with deadman switches. If the terrorist has one of them if wounded they will probably wait until the police are close and detonate. Finally if the police shoot to wound they face more law suites then if they shoot to stop.

        Sorry guys this is the world we live in, if you ever have the bad luck to get into a gun fight remember to tell the cops you were shooting to stop the attacker. That will save you a lot of legal hassle. My best friend is a retired cop, that is what he teaches to all of his grand kids.

        • I mean in this situation, taking terrorists alive for the info.
          When they’re wounded, they may be persuaded to talk or undergo surgery w/o anesthetic.

          • I know but we don’t want to lose more cops because we are trying to take them alive. Take them anyway you can and if they remain alive so much the better. Restrictive rules of engagement costs more lives then enemy tactics.

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