Another attempted bombing in Belgium and tons more misery inflicted courtesy of Muslims following Islam: Links 1 on March 25 – 2016

1. Were Brussels jihadis trying to make a RADIOACTIVE BOMB? Expert says ISIS may have been plotting to steal nuclear material – as 11 power plant workers have their access revoked amid fears of ‘insider help’

(Now what could those 11 had in common with the Belgian jihadis I wonder…)

The Brussels terrorists may have been plotting to make a radioactive bomb after it emerged 11 nuclear power plant workers have had their site access revoked amid fears of ‘insider help’.

Jihadi brothers Khalid and Ibrahim el-Bakraoui had secretly filmed the daily routine of Belgium’s nuclear programme chief, before they blew themselves up at Brussels airport and on a Metro train.

It is thought the brothers’ spying operation was possible preparation for a kidnap plot to force him to let them into one of Belgium’s two atomic facilities. However, it is likely they switched targets to the less well-guarded airport and Maelbeek Metro station after authorities became suspicious.

The terror cell responsible for the Paris and Brussels attacks was planning to attack an unidentified nuclear power station or try and steal materials from it for a 'dirty bomb'. Pictured is the power plant in Doel, Belgium

The terror cell responsible for the Paris and Brussels attacks was planning to attack an unidentified nuclear power station or try and steal materials from it for a ‘dirty bomb’. Pictured is the power plant in Doel, Belgium

It emerged last night that 11 workers at the Tihange nuclear power plant, 40 miles south-east of Brussels, have had their access badges withdrawn – leading to speculation the bombers may have been seeking insider help.

2. Oliver North on the fight against the Islamic State

3. US State Dept fails to say if ISIS must be pushed out of Palmyra or not

4. Police conduct more raids in Brussels. (But not between 5:00 and 9:00 am)

5. ANOTHER terrorist attack in Brussels. This time it didn’t work however.

Armed police shoot man ‘carrying a bomb in a rucksack after he takes a woman hostage’ at Brussels tram station as they swoop on terror suspects linked to ‘imminent attack in France’

A woman was taken hostage by a suspected terrorist at a tram stop in Brussels today, witnesses say.

Police shot the suspect as part of a fresh swoop to thwart an ‘imminent attack’ on France.

A second suspect was also shot in the raid, which began in a flat nearby in the Schaerbeek area of north Brussels.

Dramatic footage shows police coaxing a child away from the injured suspect who was shot in the leg at the tram stop amid reports he was carrying explosives.

Belgian prosecutors confirmed the man was linked to a planned attack in France, foiled by the French authorities last night Thursday.

Eyewitness videos show the incident unfolding at the tram stop where the ‘neutralised’ suspect dropped the bag, which was then investigated by a bomb robot.

(Videos at DM but will find and post here in later post)

Two explosion were heard at the start of the operation in the neighbourhood of Schaerbeek, north Brussels, and Belgian media said one man had been 'neutralised'.
Pictures reportedly taken at the site shows armed police hiding behind a car and appearing to shoot a man at a tram stop in Schaerbeek

Thank you Wrath of Khan, Buck, Richard, M., and many more.

There is a lot to write and research today. But I hope to get caught up as well as several more languages in the Orban Rosetta project which now numbers 10 languages I believe. Much thanks to many hard working translators that put an extra special effort into this one, as PM Orban used very precise and even somewhat Churchilian language and most translators worked hard to try and preserve that poetic aspect to the translation.

More to come today indeedy.

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  1. 1 – The picr\tures of the nuclear plant show two large structures with steam raising from them, these are the cooling towers for the non radioactive water that drives the turbines. The steam is from humidity that is hitting the hot pipes. The reactors are the small buildings with dome shaped roofs.

    • Thanks Richard for that info.
      I am reminded when the Sun TV channel was in operation they analysed an “environmental” commercial that implied that the steam was “smoke” I think it was a segment by Ezra.

      • You have no idea how p—-d the engineers got over the reporting on nuclear power plants. The reactors have walls a minimum of 6 foot thick that is impregnated with lead, then there is a thick stainless steel vessel inside. the radioactive liquid never leaves the reactor but the water flows in and is heated to over 2500 degrees Fahrenheit that is then feed to the turbine. There is a screen to stop the larger particles because they would damage the turbine blade, they are run through the cooling tower and turned back into water to be feed back into the reactor and heated.

        The tour we got was fascinating and I doubt that anyone who took it will forget anything said.

  2. 11 power plant workers had their access revoked! Does this mean they actually hire Muslims? Good heavens! The Europeans are in denial.

    • That’s my guess, they had Moslem engineers working at the plant. I hope they are inventorying all of the radioactive material.

  3. # 3 State Department does not say anything, but I read that at the moment USA and Russia bomb together ISIS at Palmyra. That means high level of coordination and that was probably decided quite some time ago.

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