Italian Newspaper: “Let’s expel Islam from our lands.”

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From the il Giornale Italian News Site

Islam and its God are incompatible with our civilization, have the blood of our children on their hands and are not satiated. This is the problem. The rest is just chit-chat.
Other attacks, more deaths. Now not even surprise attacks, arriving out of the blue, but they respond blow for blow, as in a war because Islam has declared war on the West. Enough with the lies of “mavericks” talking about moderate Islam, about possible dialogue.

A few hours after the arrest of the beast Salah in Brussels, a member of the terrorist commandos who saw action in Paris four months ago, Islamic volunteers blew themselves up yesterday at the airport and in the metro of the Belgian capital; they were already armed and on alert. They filled their bombs with nails to cause more harm. They do not stop; they will not stop. They are not desperate; they are the bourgeoisie of Islam that some have called “integrated”, whom we are supposed to trust.
Islam and its allah are incompatible with our civilization, have the blood of our children on their hands, and are not satiated. This is the problem. The rest is just chit-chat.
They abuse the misunderstood principle of Western tolerance in order to undermine Europe where their ancestors failed in 1571 at the Battle of Lepanto, the last barrier to the Muslim fleets planning the annihilation of Christianity.

Yesterday’s dead, like those of past years and previous months are victims not only of ISIS but of tolerance. In the name of welcoming egalitarianism and do-gooding, no one protected them, today as in past decades, when Belgium, the first country in Europe, opened its doors to immigration without rules and limits.

We will meet the same end if we do not say, hopefully still on time, Enough is enough! Enough with Boldrini [Laura Boldrini, President of the Chamber of Deputies], enough with the recipes of the Left, enough of priests and bishops who betray the Gospel, mayors, principals and teachers who deny the problem and trample on the Constitution which was drawn to defend us, with judges who legalized lawlessness. Enough with the welcome of “absolute value” of politicians — unfortunately, not just the Left — that falter.

We are saving, nourishing and nurturing our enemies. Although they may be “moderate” and not handle bombs, they will be the breeding ground, providing protection and complicity to those who man the bombers’ network. They have to stay put, they have to return to their own homes. This is not racism, it is self-defense.

[Editor: There is blow-back from this article. We hope to translate/subtitle soon. H/T M. Also please see this related Gates of Vienna article from 2015]

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  1. I hate to say it but this is probably the only way western civilization can survive, we have to decide if we are going to tolerate intolerance or if we are going to live free.

    New Hampshire has the motto of “Live Free or Die” this comes from General Stark’s statement during the revolution, “Live Free or Die, death is not the worst evil”. We have been forbidden to learn the history of or nations and our civilization, now is the time to learn what the left has forbidden us to learn so once again we can Live Free.

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