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  1. Brussels Terror Cell Was Plotting to Blow Up a Nuclear Plant

    When Belgian police apprehended Salah Abdeslam on Friday, March 18, they prevented what could have been the single most devastating terror attack in history. Abdeslam’s arrest triggered the Brussels terror network to downgrade their plans, quickly attacking soft targets at the airport and metro.

  2. Malaysia Detains 15 More Suspected Islamic State Members (abcnews, Mar 24, 2016)

    “Malaysian police have detained 15 more suspected Islamic State members, who police alleged planned to launch attacks and tried to obtain chemicals to make bombs.

    National police chief Khalid Abu Bakar said in a statement late Thursday that the 15, aged between 22 and 49, included four women, a police official, an airplane technician, a mosque cleric and a student.

    Khalid said the 15 were detained over three days from Tuesday in Kuala Lumpur and six other states. He said they had allegedly received orders to launch attacks in the country from a Malaysian man who had joined the Islamic State in Syria.

    The arrests followed Tuesday’s bombings by Islamic militants in Brussels that killed 31 people and injured 270 others.”

      • He is right, the police and the intel types have had their hands tied, and we are now paying the price. Now we have to worry about the terrorists and about a backlash that will remove too many protections of our civil rights.

  3. 6 Arrested in Brussels Police Operation after French Raids Foil Planned Terror Attack (abcnews, Mar 24, 2016)

    “Six people have been arrested in a large police operation in Brussels, a Belgian prosecutor said Thursday night, as two suspects in the deadly Brussels bombings remain on the loose.

    The six arrested were detained for questioning, a Belgian prosecutor said in a statement. The decision of whether to charge them is expected to be made tomorrow.

    Belgian Interior Minister Jan Jambon tweeted earlier in the evening that five people had been arrested.

    Several houses were searched in Brussels, Schaerbeek and Jette, the prosecutor said. The police raids were conducted in connection with the Brussels terror attack investigation.

    News of the raid came shortly after raids in northwest Paris foiled a planned attack, French Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve said….”

  4. CNN Guest: ‘White People’ Can’t Understand Islamic Culture

    While discussing how to handle Islamic jihadist terrorism, political commentator Rula Jebreal claimed “white people” cannot understand Islamic culture.

    As a guest on “CNN Tonight” with Don Lemon on Wednesday, Jebreal argued for funding Islamic integration into society when she went after Buck Sexton, a former CIA analyst.

    “I don’t know, Buck, if you speak Arabic,” Jebreal said to Sexton. “And clearly, you talk about terrorists, but you need to understand the culture. You need to understand the language. You need to understand what is appealing — what is the message that ISIS actually is selling in these prison cells. And what they are selling online.”

    Sexton responded, “Respectfully, I served in Iraq and Afghanistan targeting people that were doing beheadings, that were building suicide vests. I mean, so I was doing that at a very specific level.”

    After a period of crosstalk, Jebreal said, “With all due respect, white people like yourself who doesn’t understand the language, doesn’t understand the culture and doesn’t even know the religion —”

    Sexton cut in, “I don’t know what that has to do with trying to prevent people from blowing up buses and trying to annihilate —”

    Jebreal replied, “As I said, respectfully …”

    • Typical leftist racism, if we can’t understand their culture they can’t understand our and thus their criticism is not valid. This argument has been used to make the liberals feel guilty and the rest of us feel anger since they are saying we are too stupid to understand.

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