Geert Wilders’ opening remarks in court on speech crimes charges.

While I would like to have had the Victor Orban speech as a ‘sticky post’ for today also, so much of such importance is taking place that i had to let it slide down the timeline. For anyone who has not seen the speech, please click here and watch it.

If it is a criminal offense to suggest alternates to government policies, how in the universe can you call yourself a democracy?


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10 Replies to “Geert Wilders’ opening remarks in court on speech crimes charges.”

  1. When those Dutch leftists see Geert Wilders they see a blond-haired Waffen SS officer with a luger in one hand and a riding crop in the other, and they do not feel the need to be “fair” with such a monster. I don’t know if they really believe that, but they say that they do and that’s all that matters. Unfortunately, there is no combination of words, no matter how artfully they are arranged, that can reach such leftists. They need to be bodily picked up by the mob and dragged out of the legislature.

        • Here is another one, if you are 17 and not a socialist you have no heard, if you are 30 and still a socialist you have no brain.

          I was taught that socialism was stealing from childhood so I never was one.

          • One of the many reasons my parents never let me visit Israel when I was little.
            But mostly because girls wore shorts. I didn't wear slacks until college and never with my family.

  2. And if those judges are not at least a little moved by such a powerful, well argued, thoughtful and passionate speech, then I’m not sure they’re fully human.

    • The question is what it is they actually are there for. If this is a totalitarian it job on Geert it doesn’t matter what he says to them. That will only matter to us and possibly posterity if indeed there is a future that contains real information about the past.

      If they are there to pass fair judgement based on the evidence and rule of law, well they wouldn’t accept that the charges themselves would be allowable in a democracy I wouldn’t think.

      • if indeed there is a future that contains real information about the past
        The absence of that may be the worst outcome. Not even so longterm.

        Look how fast they’ve rewritten the history of modern Israel: from 1967 to today. They invented this artifact of “Palestinians” and there’s no going back.

        The altered maps in textbooks, the misrepresentations and flagrant violations of international law. The campaign on the part of Euros, by means of their toxic NGOs and relentless media persecution, to delegitimize the only Jewish state.

        And the slander and libel has been an enormous success. It’s overwhelmed the fragile immune system of the majority of Diaspora Jews who are not religiously observant. Very sad, when history yields to the Big Lie.

        Sorry, way OT.

        • Israel isn’t the only place that this has been done to, they have written all of the good the US has done out of the history books, and ignored all of the crimes of the left.

          Any group of movement that has to lie about their opponents to get their way is one that thinking people should avoid at all costs.

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