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7 Replies to “Hannity: Sheriff David Clarke on Donald Trump Protesters 3/14/16”

      • He reminds me of Norman Finkelstein. He has the same infuriating way of simply disregarding any reasonable argument put before him. No matter what you say he just keeps plodding back with the same left wing line of reasoning that says that anyone who opposes left wing causes is not a fellow citizen with a different point of view, but a Nazi fascist scumbag who must be stopped by any means before he can go invade Poland or build a concentration camp. This was Marcuse’s logic, it is Antifa’s logic, and it’s this idiot’s logic. What these guys are doing, basically, is saying, “Put up your dukes!”. They’re obviously not interested in dialogue, or they wouldn’t be trying to shut free speech down. They want a fight. The leftists want to see flames and bloodshed and hear the sound of machine guns and distant explosions. They want to start a war. They think the coolest thing in the whole universe is that poster of Che Guevara with the hair and the beard and the hat.

        • That is exactly what they want and a lot of people are getting ready to give them one, I don’t think they are going to like the result of the fight but they are so arrogant they think they can win no matter what. They really believe the historical inevitability BS that the Marxist preach.

    • That he is but Sheriff Clark is great, that is what we are facing, aging leftist hippies who are determined to destroy the US. Unfortunately some are vets, I met one at the VA today and he was not use to someone who counter-punched his bull back at him.

      • Let me guess. Did he say that America was only a great country for people who were rich and white? Did he say that Donald Trump was the next Adolf Hitler?

        Just think of all those left wing billionaires funding all those left wing activist to fill the ears of all those millions of people with endless anti-American/anti-capitalist/anti-white/anti-conservative propaganda. The thing about propaganda is that it works. Brainwashing actually works! Isn’t this hilarious? They’ve got millions of Americans thinking that their country is simply too evil to be worth fighting for and that no one thing is any better than any other thing, because that would be a value judgement. They are tireless. I hate them…

        • I know way too many people have drank the koolaide are going to actively oppose the people who are trying to save freedom in the world. They are the main enemy that we face and one that will be real hard to defeat.

          You were talking about the left wing billionaires, I wonder how many of the leftist foot soldiers know that the majority of billionaires in the world are supporting the supposed class war that the left is trying to create? They don’t understand that after they destroy the current nation they will all be killed to allow the billionaires and their knowing supporters to take over as the worlds rulers.

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