Knife fight at Handelskai: Five Injured

An original translation by Nash Montana

From this German news-site

Up to 50 youths stabbed and fought at Vienna’s Handelskai.

Up to 50 afghan youths on Saturday evening sought out an outnumbered group of Chechen background and brutally attacked them with knifes and metal pipes. “Two attempted murders and five dangerous cases of bodily harm were filed”, said police spokesperson Paul Eidenberger on Sunday.

Acute mortal danger for two victims

Two of the victims were under acute mortal danger. One social worker who was witness to the brutal attack, said that the attacked group was greatly outnumbered. That’s how it happened that some of the victims at the Youth Club were attacked by five people all at the same time. The suspects inflicted stabbings in the stomach area, the chest area, backs and faces. The trigger for the attack, according to Vienna Police, were among other things a dispute that was carried out on Facebook between the two groups.

The investigations at this point are led against unknown suspects, because most of the offenders fled when the police arrived at the scene. The whole attack didn’t last more than two minutes. Besides knifes most of the young participators – according to Eidenberger their age is from 15 to 25 – also used wood slates (me: no doubt pulled out from their beds in the refugee homes) and metal pipes. Part of the fight took place in front of the building.

Six attackers arrested

Six members of the afghan group were caught and arrested in their attempted escape. So far three witnesses have been interrogated. In order to piece together the circumstances, video surveillance from the ÖBB (public transportation) and the Vienna Railway have been requested, since the crime scene is close to the Handelskai train station, said Eidenberger.

In the course of the investigation through the Vienna Office of Criminal Investigation, one blood hound and one special specially trained tracking dog were deployed as well. At this point the only weapons that could be secured were metal pipes.



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2 Replies to “Knife fight at Handelskai: Five Injured”

  1. The breakdown in law and order has started and is heading downhill like an avalanche. This will continue until the police in all German cities are overwhelmed by the number and intensity of the attacks and the German people will be left alone in their danger. Now we will discover how much the Germans and Austrians have changed from their ancestors who fought Islam and along with the Polish Knights saved the west from annihilation.

    This time the Islamic invasion has reached all of the European nations and it will be up to the private citizens to save their nations, and to push their governments to rescue their neighboring nations if/when some of them are conquered.

    This massive breakdown is going to occur in all nations and those who manage to remain free will discover that they are being forced to liberate the conquered nations or face the newly conquered populations on the battlefield. For those who doubt this prediction Islam has a long history of using slave soldiers.

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