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6 Replies to “Jeppe Juhl, Danish journalists describes the fall of Sweden”

  1. That man is good, The future he sees for Sweden is what all Western nations are headed to if something isn’t done, I don’t think it is too late to save any nation but as he points out it may not be possible in a democratic nation, Eeyore has many times warned about the coming strong man rule, and in nations as far as gone as Sweden this may be the only way to turn back the invasion. I hate to say this because strong man rule always leads to major problems, not as major as conquest by Islam but major problems.

      • A lot depends on the November elections and there is a lot of talk about what is needed if the wrong person wins the election. If Hillary wins the strong man is the only solution, if any Republican wins the left revolts and the LSM covers for their actions. No matter who wins there is probably a civil war, welcome to my nightmare.

    • To clarify, Mr Juhl said the problem cannot be solved in a democratic way and I believe he’s alluding to the block voting of Muslims where they can punch far above their weight that way and in that way, would never vote for their own expulsion; they are here for conquest!

      • You are right, the Moslems and the left will dominate any election, probably though fraudulent voting, and if my some miracle the patriots win they will resort to violence. However he could be referring to the very large probability that the Moslems will take the weapons from the Mosques before any election can be called. Once the weapons come out they will refuse to abide by any vote and will try to win my military force.

  2. Hopefully this is in Gates of Vienna blog. I am currently on my next essay for them Jihad in the Hadith. At least we have gun rights when the Muslims start getting out of hand in America.

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