Trump Tweet, Church attacks in Paris, much more: Links 1 on Feb. 21 – 2016

1. Nigeria: People Detained by Military Disappear in Northeast

(Its almost like Nigeria is handling the war with Boko Haram like its a war or something instead of like a traffic fine like the West does)

First come the whispers, then accusations loud enough to raise alarms throughout Nigeria’s northeastern villages ravaged by extremist violence. Next, people accused of being Boko Haram are rounded up, sometimes by the military, sometimes by a civilian self-defense force. Many are never seen again.

The murmurs exploded into a rare open-throated protest recently when a teacher and two middle-aged farmers were taken away in Duhu village. Women who knew the men insisted they did not belong to the Islamic extremist group, and marched to a nearby military base to demand their release. Instead, the men were shot to death and their bodies were dumped outside town.

Nigeria’s military denied ever detaining elementary school teacher Habu Bello and farmers Idrisa Dele and Umaru Hammankadi last month. But several villagers told The Associated Press that they watched as the men were led away by uniformed soldiers who accused them of being Boko Haram fighters.

2. Killer of female journalist murders his wife in Balkh prison

(How sweet. In that uniquely Islamic way)

A suspected killer of a female journalist in northern Balkh province of Afghanistan has reportedly murdered his wife inside the prison.

According to the local government officials, the victim (suspect’s wife) visited the prison to meet her husband who has been serving in connection to the murder of a journalist since last year.

The provincial security chief Abdul Raziq Qaderi said the incident took place on Thursday and the suspect was looking to commit suicide as well after killing his wife.

He said the man used a rope to strangle his wife to death and was on the verge of hanging himself as well when police arrived and prevented him.

3. While its true that on the Egypt, Syria, Lebanon, Jordanian side of the border there are no exact analogues of this boy below, I do hear that there are several hundred aspiring rocket scientists on the Gaza side of the wall.

4. After several hours work editing, I think the Stephen Coughlin interview pat II on the CVE is now much improved with a lot of significant proofs of claim added to the dialogue.

5. Norway:Horror as ‘group of migrants film themselves raping male teenager at asylum centre’

The 19-year-old Syrian was attacked at a Norwegian reception centre by four male migrants he knew before arriving in the country, according to police.

The teenager was hospitalised after the alleged incident, where he was also hit and kicked.

The alleged rapists, three in their 20s and one in his 40s, have been charged with rape or complicity to rape and grievous bodily harm (GBH) or complicity to GBH.

Police attorney Lise Dalhaug said: “Police have questioned all of the accused at length and a legal questioning will also take place.

Norwegian migrant centreGETTY FILE PICTURE

The accused migrants [not pictured] have been remanded in custody on three occasions

(On the plus side, the Norwegians have a great team for the rape Olympics this summer!)
6. 100 Riot In Migrant Reception Centre, Triggered By Woman’s Refusal To Wear A Head Scarf

11 people were arrested yesterday following a riot involving Syrians, Afghans and Iraqis which broke out over a dispute involving a Syrian woman refusing to wear a head scarf.

Those arrested following the riot at a migrant reception centre in Moorslede quarter of Leopoldsburg, Belgium, have now been removed, reportsHet Laatste Nieuws. Red Cross spokeswoman, An Luyten, confirmed: “The four that were part of the core portion have been transferred to a detention centre. The seven others are individually housed and distributed in other reception centres in Flanders.”

The trigger for the riot, which saw the migrants using chairs, broomsticks and rubbish bins on each other, was a dispute over a Syrian woman’s refusal to wear a headscarf, reportsFlanders News.

7. Best Trump Tweet?

8. Britain First day of action in Bradford – Activists and cars attacked!

Britain First held a successful day of action in the heavily-Muslim town of Bradford, in Yorkshire.
Bradford is well known as a hotbed of Islamic extremism and colonisation.
Around 40 Britain First activists gave out 1,500 newspapers during the afternoon in the town.
The police soon started to harass our activists issuing us with Section 12 and 14 notices.
They then issued Section 35 notices which meant we were to be immediately escorted out of the area of West Yorkshire completely.
After the day of action ended, some of our activists were attacked by local Muslim extremists and suffered injuries and criminal damage to their vehicles.

9. Attacks on churches are increasing, says French interior minister

Religion is under attack in France, according to Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve.

In an interview with La Croix, Cazeneuve said that attacks on Christian places of worship and cemeteries had gone up by 20 per cent in 2015, with 810 recorded. Anti-Muslim attacks had tripled since the January 2015 attacks on Charlie Hebdo and the Jewish kosher supermarket, he said, and while there was a five per cent decrease in anti-Semitic attacks they remained at a high level.

Cazeneuve said the “cardinal notion” in dealing with social divisions was “respect”. “In the trial that we experience, the Republic must embody this notion with calmness and strength,” he said. “Respect is expressed by secularism [laïcité], which guarantees the freedom to believe or not to believe, and therefore when the free choice of religion is made, also ensures that it can be practised freely.” [..]

Asked how he would counter imams who used violent language, he said he had deported 40 “hate preachers” and self-appointed imams and that 45 mosques and other places of worship had been searched under emergency powers, with 10 of them being closed. He paid tribute to the “remarkable work” of the president of the French Council of the Muslim Faith, Anwar Kbibech.


Thank you Wrath of Khan, M., Rachel L. Richard, Marji W., and all.

There is a lot more coming and some of you may notice how much got done in the wee hours EST. Today will also be a busy day. Please watch the Jeppe video on Sweden and the arrest of a man in the Netherlands for wearing a pig shaped cotton hat. We have stepped into the world of the distopian future with the greatest information technology of all history and the highest amount of restrictions on what information you may know or express world wide of all time. Your choices are getting clearer and the consequences of those choices becoming more imminent. Just so you know.


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17 Replies to “Trump Tweet, Church attacks in Paris, much more: Links 1 on Feb. 21 – 2016”

  1. Dear Vlad Tepes blog,
    would you kindly stop promoting Britain first.
    They are a far right offshoot of the BNP who are well known for begging for money from patriots.
    They stage these videos in the full knowlege that the Old Bill (Police for you non English folks) will protect them.
    They are left wing fascists trying to pass themseleves off as right wing.
    What ever that means, to me it’s about the rights of the individual vs. an oppressive state tyrany.
    Even Tommy Robinson warned about this group prior to his departure from the EDL FFS!

    Please, for the love of all that is divine,
    don’t give these fuckers oxygen.

    • I understand and thank you for that clarification Buck. I know you know whats going on there. From this side of the pond, the temptation is to support anyone or anything that is doing something. The fact is, each wave of decent people we ignore or do not support WILL lead to a wave of less decent, less nice people who will try next. Sooner or later you will get real nazis that will burn us all as collaborators if we don’t goose step in their ranks. The UK made a huge mistake when they took out the EDL with subterfuge. That was a genuine grass roots of the right folk. PEGIDA likely also is.

      My fear is that Britain First is the best that is left. I know that some of our readers are supporters of them. And if they post something of genuine interest, a video where an event takes place which is true and important its difficult not to post that. But Buck please feel free to restate your message. I think you are correct and it needs to be known.

      • There’s this:
        British Jews say ‘no thanks’ to nationalist group’s support
        Britain First, a far-right party that opposes ‘Islamization’ of UK, claims to be dismayed that Jews are considering leaving the country

        The far-right nationalist group Britain First is reaching out to support the UK Jewish community, but British Jews are not keen to accept the gesture.

        Britain First decries what it calls the Islamization of the UK and describes itself as “a patriotic political party and street defense organization.”

        In late January the group conducted a “solidarity patrol” in support of Jews living in Golders Green, a northwest London neighborhood in the borough of Barnet with a large Orthodox Jewish community. In a video made by the organization to document the patrol, its leaders cited anti-Jewish passages from the Quran and expressed their “heartbreak” over the fact that rising anti-Semitism is causing increasing numbers of the 300,000-strong British Jewish community to consider emigrating.

        According to the results of a poll released just prior to the “solidarity patrol,” almost half of British Jewish respondents said they fear they have no long-term future in the UK or Europe. Another survey showed that anti-Semitic views were common among British citizens. Earlier this month, the Community Security Trust, an organization monitoring anti-Semitism in the UK, reported that 1,168 anti-Semitic incidents took place in 2014 — more than double the figure from the year before. Another 500 incidents involving anti-Israel hostility occurred over the past year.

        • Dear yucki,
          I think you know my credentials regarding Israel, the Jewish people. BUT, sometimes I really DO despair of some who purport to represent the Jewish diaspora. They so often seem to be biting exactly the hand that feeds them: eg: Geert Wilders: a loud, consistant and faitfull defender (at his own costs often because with that he offers an additional flank to the nasties) of Israel and the Jewish People. When he was NEARLY banned from coming to Australia (a concerted and nearly successful effort to not grant him a visa) he got support from quite a few….but certainly not from those who were “representing” the Australian Jews. These either sided with the mob who called him a “hate preacher”, or did the St. Peter thing, before even the Rooster crowed 3 times.
          My personal motto is: “S’allier ce n’est pas s’aligner !” (unsatisfactorily translated it means something like: To ally yourself with someone does not mean to align yourself with them).
          Sometimes I wish Jewish people were just a little more pragmatic !!! Especially in these time.
          With sincere apologies I now descend from my soap box and stop pontificating 🙂

          • Among the Jews that I know it is understood that Stephen Harper is an extreme right wing born again Christian lunatic embarrassment to the Canadian People, and that any affection he shows toward the Jews is only him trying to fulfill the prophesies of the Book of Revelations so that everything will be in order for the Rapture. I can’t talk them out of it. They simply will not allow the possibility that Stephen Harper simply likes the Jewish People. They won’t hear of it. If Steve had his way it would be all swastikas and crosses everywhere you look, and that’s final!

            • Well I don’t know that many Jewish people. But the ones I know were both admirers of Stephen Harper and appreciative of him. Seriously. At least the vast majority of the small segment of that community I know.

              It is certainly true however that the Jewish community is about as divided as the general community between cultural Marxists to one degree or another and rational conservative/classical liberals. But when Jews are a certain way, the general population tends to attribute it to their Jewishness as opposed to their membership in the Human race.

              Sometimes this is justified, like, I dunno, going to a Synagogue as one example or maybe even Chinese food on a Sunday night. But politically they are about the same as the general pop.

              Ever see the movie, The Believer? It has a great scene about that when the guy is raising money for the Neo-Nazis. He explains that Jews are hated for sticking to themselves and for butting in where they don’t belong. For being tight with their money and showing off their wealth all the time. The fact is, in most case, Jews are like everyone else but people like to make them a repository for everything they hate about themselves and their species.

              To be honest, if I was from another planet, I think I would be calling home for a lift about now.

      • I am with Eeyore….even moreso – no surprisehere!
        A friend told me about PEGIDA – who are mercilessly defamed: If PEGIDA does not survive and even win, then the REAL Nazis will replace them.

        I would be more at ease with a Tommy Robinson led EDL, but that is not to be. And since “Britain First” (although a little rough for my taste) have openly and forcefully stated their support for the Jews and Israel, they won me. Today it seems to take even more courage to do that than to make mild disapproving sounds against the islamisation of the West.

        • I didn’t know they had done this, the name still bothers me because of the history of groups with similar names being Nazi fronts.

      • The name scares me because of the possible connection to the America First group that worked to keep the US out of WWII. Yes I know Lucky Lindi was a member (Lindbergh) and I know that despite FDR refusing to let him serve in the Army Air Corps he did a lot of work helping the US win the air war. Despite this there is a lot of evidence that it was at the least a semi Nazi front group.

        I also know about the supposed Lindbergh family in Nazi Germany, the fact that he had a German mistress doesn’t mean he was a Nazi.

  2. Since it’s clear the enemy has occupied Bradford, if I were King Arthur, I’d send in my knights to annihilate everyone who will not bow to Christ.

    I’m not kidding.

  3. # 9. : Bernard Cazeneuve – the French Interior Minister – is an unadulterated little bastard and the Kaiser of Hypocrites.

    It is HIS orders that silence French patriots with all the dirty waters available to a corrupt government: Inacceptably violent and concerted police force against them, (you have seen the arrest of the ageing General Piquemal…on direct orders of this poison dwarf), taking them to the cleaners by PERSONALLY suing them for mild carricatures, he personally is suing Riposte Laique not only once but twice and will bring them down yet, at least financially. He not only kisses the feet of Qatar/Emirates endorsed islamists but fellates them (if I’m angry I tend towards pronographic vocab ! ) He visits mosques (and encourages their building) even more than Hussein Obama does. As to the Judeo/Christian character of France, here is what this hypocritical creep had to say:

    His quote translated reads:
    “Evoking the Christian roots of France is to distort history which has made France increasingly nauseating.”
    Bernard Cazeneuve, Minister of the Interior and of Religious Affairs on RTL 5.8.2014

    HE is the enemy within, and one of the creepiest – and that is saying something in Hollande’s government.


      Cazeneuve (the Interior Minister) schleps Riposte Laique before the courts because they called him an “islamo-collabo” (collaborator with islam”. This was based on direct quotes from this creep:
      “Ce n’est pas un délit de prôner le Djihad”
      It’s not a crime to promote Jihad

      “L’islam n’a rien a voir avec les tueries de Charlie Hebdo”
      Islam has nothing to do with the killings of Charlie Hebdo

      And the quote about the “nausating Christian origins of France”…I cited above.

  4. 4- If I am to understand the CVE correctly, and without repeating what Coughlin says, Islamic jihad is enabled by the Left whenever we are impolite. This absurd, ridiculous little social act may be responsible for the downfall of western civilisation. For when we are impolite in the fashion of speaking truthfully we may perceive hurt feelings from the jihadist, and this is intolerable. Perfectly in keeping with the recent video regarding the feminization of society, the MB piggybacked their coined word islamophobia on the Left’s back, hoping it would do for them what it did for gays–offer a cloaking device to nefarious political and social subversion–all because of the stereotypical feminine quality of trying to avoid hurt feelings. A weapon of mass destruction (jihad) based on the disarming and confusing point of the CVE spear. So it is that the MB attached itself to a Left that it will assuredly behead the first chance it gets.

    It is not to disparage women that a positive quality of theirs–sensitivity– is cited here in a negative light. It’s just a generalization and I think everyone gets it. But to seem insensitive or offensive for what one has said is not a gentleman’s trait and therefore it controls the gentle man. How astute was the MB. Now our dictionary is being rewritten. Now our freedom is eroding and now our future is threatened. Just because we don’t want to appear badly mannered and accused of such? Am I correct? Only now the Left has become so emboldened by the absence of meaningful resistance to their tactics that they will enshrine any verbiage of the “outlawed” dictionary as unlawful in the CVE and 16-18. And that will be that, so to say, unless and until a most “impolite” war of violent resistance clears the stench in the air.

    Are military analysts and bureaucrats and politicians and opinion leaders and army generals all neutered by this little slight of hand? Apparently. They will be what their mothers taught them to be which is polite and well-mannered little boys? And they are standing around now, scratching their heads and their balls wondering what the heck is going on here? These trained warriors and killers? That indelible imprint of our mothers telling us how to behave is behind this? The complete inversion of Truth by a meaningless, micro act of deference to a twisted fashion of kindness?

    Or maybe I’m just being ridiculous.

    Does this mean that the next great man leads the west to victory over our enemies because he disliked his mother and doesn’t worry about his bad manners? Or simply that his stronger, kinder father was his model? Or that the great woman who saves us is somehow immune to feminine accusations? I’m way over my head with the pop psychology but Coughlin’s logic takes us here, don’t you think? Did the jihad look over at us one day when the first woman burned her bra circa 1965 and say hey guys, check that out, stick a fork in the western male ’cause he’s done? And then all they had to do was find a way to exploit what the Left was building, which was an army of eunuchs bitched into submission by their newly enpowered women. Snickering, the jihadists waltz in under the umbrella of “niceness” as it rains paralysed western males. Their words wear suits and ties while their minds’ eyes wage unspeakable acts of violence. For now. (Insert cartoon here)

    I know I’m being ridiculous because you can’t make this stuff up.

    In the name of Counter jihad I propose Offensiveness 101. Mild acts that don’t pull the emasculated western man too far from his comfort zone. The MB correctly diagnosed our inability to suffer the embarrassment of saying the “wrong” thing. Perhaps they understand it so well because the Muslim world could be described as one colossal ego problem, from where I sit. So an experiment at first. A word here, an awkward silence there. It won’t kill us. Questioning that which is taken for granted, perhaps, like why can’t my son throw snowballs in the school yard any more? Or why does the female principle forbid tree climbing? Why is bullying disallowed yet growing up in a violent society still permitted? Telling our boys what we know is right even if our wives or girlfriends don’t get it. Then expand from there. Get bolder as we gain confidence and become more comfortable with discomfort. Push the envelope back as they push. Teach our boys who are now marginalized by the education system. Teach them to be men by reminding ourselves that we are still men.

    Ridiculous, I know.

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