Man fined for racism following comment on Facebook

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from this Danish source:

The Court in Elsinore has sentenced a man fined for comparing Islam with Nazism.


‘… The ideology of Islam is every bit as loathsome, nauseating, oppressive and dehumanizing as Nazism. The massive immigration of Islamists here to Denmark, is the most devastating event Danish society has suffered in recent historical times. ”

Thursday morning these words cost Flemming Nielsen 1,600 kroner. He was sentenced to four-day fines of 400 kroner for violating the Penal Code § 266 b paragraph. 1, also called the racism paragraph. This is from a judgement rendered by a Court in Elsinore.

The accused, Flemming Nielsen, had written the words on Facebook in late November 2013.

“I have not violated the article I have been accused of. I did not mention the religion of Islam or Muslims with one word. I referred to islamists and the ideology of Islam, “said Flemming Nielsen, immediately after the verdict to

It would therefore be obvious that Flemming Nielsen should be able to appeal the verdict, which he believes has restricted his freedom of expression, to a higher court.

However, he will not be able to do this as the fine falls below the minimum limit by which such judgments can be appealed.

Flemming Nielsen wrote the words as a comment to a post one of his friends on the social media had posted regarding a residents association where the board had been overthrown by members of the extremist Muslim association Hizb Ut-Tahrir.

The Elsinore Court claimed in its judgement that Flemming Nielsen had written in general about all Muslims, not Islamists in the narrower sense, as the convicted claimed.

‘The Court has in this context interpreted the “ideology of Islam” as relating to Islam in general and not only to the extreme part of Islam.

But it is a dangerous expansion of the racism paragraph the Court of Elsinore potentially has made, says Jacob Mchangama, director of the legal think tank Justitia.

“Thus, the Court in Elsinore has taken a major step towards expanding the racism paragraph to constitute a kind of blasphemy clause which indirectly protects religions from insult. We have otherwise rejected this in this country, since no one has been convicted of blasphemy since 1946, “writes Mchangama in his blog in Berlingske’s website.


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9 Replies to “Man fined for racism following comment on Facebook”

  1. This is only going to get worse, on the one hand we have increasing censorship such as: sadly my advice did not help one little bit, those images are still blocked.
    And where possible they are prosecuting, facebook will dish up your contact details and the logs to prove you offended political correctness.
    I have been working on getting a diaspora* pod together
    Vadtepes is already there
    I don’t expect a massive exodus from facebook anytime soon, but I am providing that option to the politically incorrect who want a forum.
    this really does explain how diaspora replaces facebook,
    Still work in progress, need to get the private chat up and running, feel free to sign up, and connect your own WP blogs if you like. using something like

  2. What the flying F!!! Islam makes Hitler and his Nazis pale into a limp third place in the evil Richter scale! As they “Truth is the new Hate Speech!” Islam has been responsible for far more horrific crimes against humanity than either the Nazi’s or the Communists who trained the Nazis. The fellow should tell the pro-Islamist judge to shove his fine up where the sun don’t shine!

  3. The man is being fined for expressing his honestly-felt opinion about the ideology of Islam. You’re supposed to be able to do that in a free Western Democracy. That judge has just cancelled freedom of speech in Denmark. Now you can be fined if anybody decides they are offended by what you say, whether it is true or not, which means that nobody has the right to free speech any more. That judge is a %$%^& traitor!

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