BREAKING: ANTIFA attack PEGIDA Denmark demo in Copenhagen, Tommy Robinson hit

Copenhagen PEGIDA march

Copenhagen PEGIDA demo around 10:00 AM ET

According to the organizer of PEGIDA Denmark, Tommy Robinson spoke, gave a great speech, and during the march was hit by an ANTIFA member, who typically instigate the violence at these marches which tends to make one wonder who, if any, the fascists really are, and Tommy gave back a solid defense.

Police are at this time dragging away violent PEGIDA ANTIFA attackers. This is live now as I just got a call from the march with a live description of events. CFTCJ has a videographer on site. Video should be available later here. YT may have alt sources now.

Tommy R in CopenhagenPEGIDA Denmark Jan 23 crowd

Thank you HC and TG


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8 Replies to “BREAKING: ANTIFA attack PEGIDA Denmark demo in Copenhagen, Tommy Robinson hit”

  1. It amazes me how many leftists openly want there to be Muslim rape gangs stalking the streets and cars burning in the background and fireworks going off and sirens wailing and dogs barking and huge crowds of rioters surging into the police lines and water cannons and teargas. And at the center of it all they stand posed, looking as cool as Che Guevera in the poster, with a hot revolution-babe on each arm, a great beard, perfect hair, a beret, and an AK-47 in their noble hands. That is their idea of the coolest possible way things could turn out and it’s what they all secretly long for and have been working toward their whole lives. They are perfect, quintessential losers who belong in jail…

  2. The hatred of self, the hatred of Christianity and the lack of critical thinking leads them to think Islamic supremacy will give way to their self delusional culture in spite of 1400 years of insulation and in breeding as if a 70 IQ with no impulse control is going to work at a Mercedes factory.

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