Sex-Mob also rampaged in Austria

An original translation by Nash Montana

From this German language website:

Germany is in a state of shock. Now in Austria as well victims are breaking their silence.

“One guy took my friend in a choke hold. He kissed her and licked her face.” Sabrina S. (name changed) is still in shock (see interview below). On December 26th she and her friends went to visit a new Club in the historic district of Salzburg. On their way home the young women were attacked at around 2 am by a gang of ten to fifteen foreign young men.

Warning on Facebook

The friends sent off a warning via Facebook. “To all girls. Please be very careful, if you’re walking in girl groups or alone in the Salzburg historical district.” The friends didn’t report the incident. “We just were not aware about the bigger picture and greater scope of this attack.”

Robert Holzleitner from the office of the district attorney Salzburg, confirmed: “There are many reports because of sexual attacks.” He did not disclose any detailing numbers.

The Salzburg Police has knowledge of incidents like the one Sabrina S. has experienced. Why are these incidents not reported by the victims? “Those are sex crimes. The protection of victims is very important”, says speaker of the Police Valerie Hillebrand. That there is political pressure to conceal sex crimes committed by young foreigners, is not the case.

Vienna: Another Sex-Mob rioting

Vienna also was affected. One reader reported of incidents on the Calafati Plaza at Silvester night: Young women were groped, harassed and molested by foreign men. According to the police, there are no reports filed.

In Cologne there have been made over 100 reports by victims so far. Yesterday the first three offenders were arrested. Germany is in a state of shock after the attacks were first omitted by the media. The ZDF admitted that it was a mistake, not to report about this topic from the get go.

*Victim Sabrine S.: “We were completely at the mercy of these men”

ÖSTERREICH: What happened that night?

Sabrina: We were on our way from the Griesgasse headed to the Staatsbrücke, when about 15 meters ahead of us, a group of men started to scream and began to walk towards us. Everything went so fast, and we didn’t have any time to react. But we instinctively realized that they were going to cross a red line.

ÖSTERREICH: Were you hurt?

Sabrina: I wasn’t, I was all the way in the front. But my two friends were held down by the men. They still tried to force the men to leave them alone, but it was to no avail. They were overpowered. One of my friends then was taken into a choke hold, her face disappeared in his jacket. He then started to force kiss her and he licked her face up and down. She said that at that point she didn’t have any strength left to try and free herself, she was completely at his mercy.

ÖSTERREICH: How did you manage to help them?

Sabrina: I walked towards them and I took the hand of the guy who had my friend in the chokehold, and I just grabbed his hand and pushed it away. She then managed to punch him with her fist right between his legs. But everything went so fast. And our other friend was also being held, though hey didn’t touch her as close as that.

ÖSTERREICH: Did you call the police?

Sabrina: No, because we just weren’t aware of the full scope of this incident. And we were really shook up. But once we published the whole thing on Facebook, that’s when we finally started to realize that this was a problem much larger and that so many more girls and women were affected by these attacks and went through similar attacks. Many wrote me that they too were being harassed and molested in the same spot, or by the train station or by the Makartsteg. One girl told me, that during the Silvester night she nearly got dragged away by a gang of men in front of the townhall. But some people who were passing by helped her free herself. And anyway, we can’t even give a description of the offenders.

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  1. This is exactly what I thought would happen. It’s unavoidable. Come night time, what else are large groups of young Muslim immigrants going to do come nightfall except head for the night scene, get drunk, and start harassing Western women, who they think of as sluts, and beating up and stabbing Western men, who they think of as “faggots”. This isn’t going to stop; it’s only going to get worse. We’ve seen the videos of the long columns of muscular, angry-looking men with beards and no mustache marching toward Germany. Angela Merkel has let a million raving religious fanatics into her country and the attacks have already begun. And those Muslim males always seem to be spoiling for a fight – especially when there’s fifteen of them. It’s unbelievable…

    I wonder if there would even be a refugee “crisis” if Hussein Osama hadn’t decided to illegally launch an undeclared war on Syria? Seriously. Who knows how much worse the Americans made the war by taking sides and arming the Jihadists. Who knows how many of those two hundred thousand dead are the fault of Barry Obama and his idiotic policies.

    Oh, and what part of Syria do North Africans come from?

    • Just had a fleeting thought that he might be worthy of a toast if he kills Saudi Arabia, whether intended or not. Doubtful Western Europe survives at this point other than as geography. But that’s cause so many of them have rocks in their heads. That’s not Obama’s fault though he suffers the same condition. Those to the east have not forgotten apparently.

      • In the short run they won’t survive, in the long run they will because Eastern Europe and North America can’t let western Europe become slaves of the Moslems. We need them free as much as they need us free.

    • I’ve warned people for this since September, but I was considered to be a racist and a biggot, especially by women. Ladies, enjoy the ride.

      Welcome refugees!

        • 5 possibly even 4 years ago this could have been stopped, after that the snowball was rolling down hill gathering speed and snow. Future generations of historians are going to spend generations on the exact date WWIII started.

    • This was a coordinated series of attacks, may loosely coordinated but coordinated, they attackers weren’t bored young punks hunting excitement, this was a test of the police and public reactions. Because of the timid responses the attacks will grow in number and intensity until a full scale war breaks out.

      • I agree this is daesh testing the waters give women those sprays teach them defence moves someone should come up with a spray dye that won’t wash off so the daesh perpetrators can be caught send me back they are not refugees this is what u get when idiots like liberal Merkel say come all are welcome

        • I prefer the Texas way. Just shoot the bastards in defense of self or others. Save the taxpayers a lot of money for incarceration, trial,etc. And

          pour encourager les autres (To “encourage” the others)

          • Cat I agree with you that is the best way but Germany is one of the nations with real nasty gun control.

            Eunice most mace sold in the US has UV dye in it, it is invisible until under a black light.

  2. I wondered what mittle European mass delusion was like. Sad to see. These girls parents should have warned them they’d have made choice white slaves a few centuries ago.

      • Black, brown, red and yellow slaves too. They aren’t very picky, except they, like their Prophet, piss be upon him, like ’em young.

  3. What’s that deafening sound? Oh, right, the sound of German and European media not reporting Muslim crimes until forced by social media. Talk about complicit. There should be a class action.

  4. … and also in S W I T Z E R L A N D –

    Zurich police investigate New Year sexual assaults, no link to German cases

    R E U T E R S ZURICH, Jan 7 – About six women in Zurich have reported being sexually molested and robbed during New Year’s Eve celebrations after being surrounded by groups of men, police said in a statement on Thursday.

    Zurich police said the attacks resembled incidents in Germany on the same evening but that they did not know of any concrete links between the cases.

    About 90 women reported being robbed, threatened or sexually molested at New Year celebrations outside Cologne’s cathedral by young, mostly drunk men, police there said.

    Additional incidents, but on a lesser scale, have been reported in Hamburg.

    Zurich police said initially there were about 24 separate reports of theft at celebrations along the city’s lakefront. Follow-up investigations showed several cases involved women being fondled on top of their clothing, they said.

    A total of about six women now say they were sexually assaulted after entering a “crowd of multiple men with dark coloured skin,” police in the biggest Swiss city said in the statement on Thursday.

    In Germany, police described the suspects as looking from “the Arab or North African region”.

    Racial tensions are on the increase in Germany and in other parts of Europe due to an unprecedented influx of refugees and migrants in the past year, many of them fleeing war and poverty

    • In German –

      Halbes Dutzend Frauen haben Anzeige eingereicht
      Auch in Zürich kam es zu Sex-Attacken an Silvester

      ZÜRICH – An Silvester ist es in mehreren Städten in Deutschland zu zahlreichen sexuellen Belästigungen gekommen. Jetzt haben sich in der Schweiz mehrere Frauen gemeldet, die Ähnliches erlebt haben.[…]

    • The hell there is no link, the identical crimes happening at the same time in many different locations, that spells organization. The Moslem reaction is going to be as interesting as the reaction of the police and the public. It is looking like a lot of the public needs another slap or two to wake them up.

    • Possibly a bad move on the part of the “Arab/North African” types. The Swiss have guns, real assault rifles, full auto capable .The older men have Battle Rifles. Provided by the government. They get ticked off enough, and this is likely to do it, they’ll use ’em. They have military training too.

      Go Schweizers.. as soon as we get rid of our Mussulman sympathizer, we’ll have your back..not that you’ll need us.

  5. G E R M A N Y – C O L O G N E –

    The Telegraph – Suspects in Cologne sex attacks ‘claimed to be Syrian refugees’

    […]Ministers have said there is no evidence asylum seekers were involved in the violence.

    But the leaked police report, published in Bild newspaper and Spiegel, a news magazine, claims that one of those involved told officers: “I am Syrian. You have to treat me kindly. Mrs Merkel invited me.”

    Another tore up his residence permit before the eyes of police, and told them: “You can’t do anything to me, I can get a new one tomorrow.”

    A local newspaper reported that fifteen asylum-seekers from Syria and Afghanistan were briefly held by police on New Year’s Eve in connection with the sex attacks but were released.

    The Express newspaper quoted an unnamed police officer who said his squad had detained several people who had “only been in Germany for a few weeks”.

    “Of these people, 14 were from Syria and one was from Afghanistan. That’s the truth. Although it hurts,” he said. […]

  6. I show my 14 yr old daughter these reports and I told her years ago to stay away from muslims or Africans. If this continues local men will patrol the streets ( they definately would in Glasgow) .
    It is sad to say but this sort of shenanigans will wake many people up.I continue to flabbergasted though by peoples niavety!

    • Europe has been peaceful for over 60 years, that takes a lot of the edge off of situtational awareness and off of the combat skills now needed. I grew up watching the old WWII movies (Brit as well as Yank) and reading the autobiographies of people who fought in WWII. They taught me a lot about how the world really works, but starting in the 60a over here and possibly earlier over there the schools stopped teaching the facts.

      • Richard, your military strategy perspective strikes me as right on the money. It was a test and a push.The organizers are analysing data and reactions right now, planning the next test and push. Is this not their way, after all, to push the limits of our sensibilities, our laws, our fears? Whether these young combatants received their orders through the Imams, or through electronic transmissions or through other means it is inconceivable that the authorities were not aware of this plan. Save for the Finns, why the inaction and why the lack of help for police? Many questions…Maybe they want to test how far they can push before we refuse to submit. The longer it takes us to stand up the further we have to fight back to restore what we had.

        • My Dad fought with ‘Mad Mitch’ in Yemen in the 60’s . He told us from a very young age that muslims wanted to take over the world but I didnt believe him until I picked up the Koran 15 years ago.I was guilty at a young age of cultural niavete. No longer.As Eeyore says himself and many regulars on this site are saying to themselves ‘ told you so!’
          I wish it wasnt true.

          • I can’t think of his name but there use to be a very popular author that wrote true historical novels. The history in them was true and most of them were set during the fight against the Islamic conquest.

        • And the more civilization we will lose, I am not talking about the rules the left put in place to make it hard for us to defend ourselves but rather the true civilization that grew out of the Renaissance.

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