Slovakian PM Fico Intensifies Anti-Refugee Rhetoric

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From this German news service

The incidents at Cologne NYE have also influenced the refugee debate. The Slovakian Prime Minister Fico now has declared that he will not let any more muslims into his country. He sees the European Welcome Culture as an utter failure.

As a reaction to the incidents in Cologne, Slovakia has announced, that they will not take in any more muslim refugees “The european multicultural society has failed”, explained Robert Fico, Slovakia’s Minister President. His administration will not tolerate muslim communities in Slovakia.

The Prime Minister feels all his positions to be confiemd. He sees his hard line stance about asylum- and refugee politics as correct. After the Cologne incidents there is simply no alternative, Fico explains: “We do not want that Slovakia will have to endure a similar predicament as Cologne. That someone who lives and thinks completely different can just go and harass our women openly in public.”

A Multicultural Europe is not Conceivable

It borders to a lunatic imagination that refugees with a different religion could be integrated easy. The European Welcomeculture has failed – the Social Democrat Fico says. “The Slovakian administration is convinced. The thought of a multicultural Europe is simply not feasible. It is fiction. It can’t be transformed into real life.”

He says there is a clear connection between the wave of refugees, the attacks in Paris and the violence in Cologne. That the EU has gravely, underestimated the risk. He has, therefore, always been against and defended his position on the compulsory refugee quota coming out of Brussels. And it is this clear path that he will pursue in the future as well, and moreover, “we will on a voluntary basis not make any supporting decisions which would allow the development of a muslim community in Slovakia.”

Only 169 Asylum Requests in Slovakia

In the past few weeks Slovakia only received 149 Syrian Christians from an Iraqi refugee camp voluntarily. Apart from that the small EU country has so far barely been affected by the refugee crisis.

In all of the year 2015 only 169 refugees were applying for asylum. Eight of these applications were granted. Slovakia had filed a complaint at the European Court in Luxembourg against the compulsory refugee quota in the dispersement of refugees in Europe.

At the beginning of March Slovakians will vote for a new Parliament. According to poll studies the Social-Democratic party of President Robert Fico can safely rely on their reelection. And mid-2016 Slovakia will take over the EU council presidency in Brussels


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  1. PM Fico ought to extend an invitation to Donald Trump as a backlash to all the leftists in the UK that want the government to ban the Trumpster from visiting.

  2. Slovakia vows to refuse entry to Muslim migrants

    Responding to the sexual assaults in Cologne and Hamburg, Slovakian Prime Minister Robert Fico has reiterated his aim to allow no Muslims into the country. According to reports, some of the attackers were refugees.

    Fico rejects creation of compact Muslim community in Slovakia

    IN ORDER to keep Slovakia safe, the creation of a compact Muslim community in the country must be prevented, Prime Minister Robert Fico said at a press conference on January 7, adding that this would happen if the mandatory quota system on migrants was applied.

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