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7 Replies to “Italian vigilante group, Dec. 9 Pitchforks, warns invaders and threatens the Islamic State”

  1. when this kicks off, words & weapons will travel at lightspeed .
    these goat humpin’ paedos have never seen the kind of slaughter
    they are bringing upon themselves ..

  2. Im still waiting to see a canadian with half a ball left and resist the islamization. 99.999999% of canadians would throw their mothers in front of a bus before criticizing islam. wake up people!!!

  3. If the Islamic supremacists push hard enough, the pendulum is going to swing the other way and the politicians are going to see where the votes lie and the militant Muslims are going to find themselves looking at a lot of guys like the ones in the video. And at that moment the Infidel police and the Infidel media are going to stop always being on their side, and even the left wing politicians will be too ashamed to keep supporting them. The militant Muslims are exactly as stupid and vile as the Nazis ever were, and they are going to suffer the same terrible fate. Idiots! How can they think it will end otherwise?

    • Arrogance, that is the same thing that makes the leftist think they can make an economic and political system work when it has failed thousands of times throughout recorded history.

  4. Where the police and politicians are unresponsive to the threat, it is inevitable that the people will organize themselves into militias and vigilante groups. The only question is: After this is done, who will the police and politicians side with?

    • Ignore the politicians and concentrate on the police and military, they are the ones that are going to decide if the revolution will quickly succeed or if it is a long bloody one. The politicians will oppose the revolution until they see that they have no choice but to support it.

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