An honest news report on the events in Corsica

H/T Oz-Rita and thank you Nathalie for the translation, this report is from an internet based news site in France and is pretty much the only source of news which is factual and balanced Rita tells us, that she has found in French ‘MSM’ such as it is.

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  1. Still sans computer 🙁
    For those who understand french, TV Libertés *is an excellent source for real news out of France? I hope they survive the “STATE OF EMERGENCY” ostensibly declared by the fully corrupt socialist-extreme-left-islamophile-Qatar-Saudi- financed French govt for “security reasons” in the wake of the latest muslim terrorist attacks in Paris, but already used to silence even more some of the brave resistants. Just as mother-terrorista-merkel is bashing decent Germans with the hate-speech-club while schmusing Adolf Erdogan and his IS helpers?

    * TV Libertés also offer some outstanding hour long ono-on-one interviews with truth-tellers that have been silenced by the islamo-collaborators, basically most of the main media.

    PS should i be unable to make it here before next year, i wish you all a very happy etc and a grand THANK YOU for all your work in 2015. ?

  2. One can only hope,
    that this spreads all over France.
    My ex wife is French,
    and even her family told me to
    “Never fuck off a Corscisn”

    • The Corsicans have a long history of violence and feuds, if memory is serving me correctly the Scots are the only people who have feuds that last longer then those on Corsica.

  3. “Immigrant districts of Ajaccio”– there shouldn’t be any. A Mohammedan is no “immigrant”, he is a soldier of allah, prepared to kill and die to make Islam the law of the land. These people gotta go.

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