Daily Mail succumbs to sanitizing the Islam out of terror stories?

Yesterday we posted one of many Daily Mail stories, this one about a man who was stopped on a train because he had an umbrella that had a handle that looked like a Samurai sword.

The article is here and the main photo from the article is below:

An astute reader of this website, KrayThaTruth, had read the story when it was first published and made a comment about the photo, which he screen grabbed. His comment   was not published. But he noticed that when he went back to the story later, they had zoomed in on the photo to crop out the top.

To see the photo as it was before it was changed, click the read more tab please.

aroow tard hat London

Quite a surprise. If it had been any other media outlet but the Daily Mail this would be par for the course. But for the Daily Mail to indulge in Islam scrubbing, well I guess the pressure on media must be higher than we thought.

Scrubbing islam out of terror-2

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  1. A story that should have been about a potential terrorist carry out a “dry run”, has been manipulated to create a “victim status” for muslims.

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