Islam’s effects felt at every level of the decay of classical civilization. US still baffled and scrambles to find motive for San Bernardino jihad attack: Links 1 on Dec. 4 – 2015

1. Reporter claims voter fraud supporting the claims by Nigel Farage

2. Eritrean opportunists not satisfied with free lodgings at vacation resort in the Swiss Alps. Demand their stuff back and refuse to leave the bus

3. ISIS planning to target UK ‘in weeks’: Spy agencies intercept plot of Paris-style attack

(Calculating the efficacy of the “spy agencies” I would say this puts the attack sometime in January and probably closer to Vancouver or Cleveland)

The terrifying message came as a terrorism analyst said he had been told about the threat by a senior European terror official.

In a chilling warning analyst Paul Cruickshank said the insider told him “there’s intelligence that has been obtained by European security agencies that ISIS in Syria and Iraq is aiming to hit the United Kingdom next”.

(Of course if they just closed down the mosques and charged people with conspiracy who preach or take part in sermons about jihad and conquest and Islamic manifest destiny there would be no attacks at all. But that would require looking at the ideology and not being “baffled by the motives” anymore. DM report here)

4. Police launch court action in an attempt to block an anti-Islam rally planned for the 10th anniversary of infamous Cronulla riots

(Are the Police now deciding who gets to speak and who doesn’t in Australia? When do the statues of Stalin go up on Cronulla Beach?)

Police are seeking an injunction in NSW Supreme Court to block a proposed anti-Islam rally to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Cronulla riots by Party for Freedom.

And the Sutherland Shire Council will go to the Human Rights Commission on Monday to seek an injunction against the rally planned for Don Lucas Reserve in Cronulla, in Sydney’s south, on Saturday December 12.

Shire Mayor Carmelo Pesce told Daily Mail Australia he would not tolerate racism and violence which he believed would be the outcome of the rally going ahead.

‘That’s not what the Shire is all about… It’s just and excuse to come here and use the Shire as a backdrop to push their political views across.

(Note to the Shire mayor: All protests and demonstrations are about pushing your political views. All of them.)

5. ISIS spreading ‘flesh eating bug’ across Syria as a result of ‘abominable acts’ by dumping rotting corpses in the streets

ISIS is responsible for spreading a flesh eating bug across Syria according to the Kurdish Red Crescent.

Human rights workers have said that more than 500 cases of Leishmaniasis disease have been reported in Syria over the past 12 months.

Dilqash Isa of the Kurdish Red Crescent, said: ‘As a result of abominable acts by ISIS that included the killing of innocent people and dumping their corpses in streets, this is the leading factor behind the rapid spread of Leishmaniasis disease.’

Human rights workers claim that a deadly flesh-eating bug, pictured,  is spreading across Syria,  file photo

Human rights workers claim that a deadly flesh-eating bug, pictured,  is spreading across Syria,  file photo

The World Health Organsiation has complained that the country’s health service has collapsed as a result of the bitter civil war.

A Syrian Kurdish fighter claimed: ‘We did not have knowledge about this deadly disease before. We have been fighting on the battlefield for almost four years and this disease basically generated from embattled areas of Tal Hamis, Hon and Qosa.’

The US State Department tweeted a link to the original story carried on

(More contemporary photos of disease patients at DM link. It seems like islam finally manifests itself as it is on the outside as well now)

6. Up in smoke: ISIS oil convoy is obliterated by Russian air strike in Syria days after Putin said Turkey was buying it from Islamists

An Islamic State oil convoy was completely destroyed by a Russian air strike in Syria – just days after Russian President Vladimir Putin said Turkey was buying it from Islamists.

Video footage captures the moment plumes of thick black smoke billow from the truck after it was hit by an aircraft.

In the clip firefighters struggle to keep the blaze under control as flames engulf the lorry, which was targeted in the northern outskirts of Aleppo province.

(If the Turks are not buying it, then this should be no problem for them)

7. San Bernardino Attackers Left Remote Controlled Bomb at Party

Authorities said there were three pipe bombs tied together in a bag at the scene, and the design indicated that suspects Syed Farook and Tashfeen Malik appeared to believe their initial attack would draw a heavy law enforcement and emergency personnel response and left behind a device that would cause still greater casualties. […] The attackers had also prepared metal pipe bombs of the type used by the Tsarnaev brothers after the Boston Marathon bombing. San Bernardino Police Department Chief Jarrod Burguan said Thursday at a press conference that 12 pipe bombs were found at a residence in nearby Redlands. Though there is no known link between the Boston and San Bernardino incidents, the California attackers and the Tsarnaev brothers seemed to be using designs found in multiple issues of Inspire magazine, the on-line publication of al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula.

(And yet the administration is still baffled about the motive I bet. Videos at link which contain actual information)

8. Syed Farook Wrote Of Spending His Free Time At Mosque And ‘Memorizing The Quran’

Syed Rizwan Farook was heavily involved in his local mosque and focused his energies on memorizing the Quran, he wrote in a short-lived dating profile in 2013.

“I spend much of my free time in the masjid,” Farook, then 28, wrote on his profile for the dating site, He also enjoyed “memorizing the quran and learning more about the religion,” he added.

9. CNN: San Bernardino shooting: Attacker pledged allegiance to ISIS, officials say

(Video at link)

nvestigators think that as the San Bernardino, California, attack was happening, female shooter Tashfeen Malik posted a pledge of allegiance to ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi on Facebook, three U.S. officials familiar with the investigation told CNN.

Malik’s post was made on an account with a different name, one U.S. official said. The officials did not explain how they knew Malik made the post.

(There is news about this woman. Apparently she doesn’t exist anywhere under that name and in fact, her name is a man’s name and one who is a hero to Islam for his conquest of Al Andaluz Spain. More on that when I know more)

10. San Bernardino muslims describe jihadi as nice person while the rest of the community goes all French and scrambles to find the ‘motive’.

Thank you Buck, Maria J., M., Pym Purnell, Richard, Maria J., 
And much more to come shortly.


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  1. The use of rotting corpses that died from some disease as bio weapons was common during the Roman era and the Medieval period since Islam has locked the Arabicized cultures in that period their use shouldn’t surprise us.

    • Not sure it was common against their own people though. I would have thought they would have spread the diseases to the enemy. I remember reading once how black plague victims had been catapulted over city walls during sieges by, was it Ghengis Khan? In this case you have an ‘if allah wills it’ culture which figures that since its 100% in the hands of the all invasive allah that it cant make any difference what they do with the bodies. Its a small miracle they arent all dead already. Guess its a matter of time.

      • It was Genghis among others, the use against their own people is a little extreme (sarc) but don’t forget that there was one ISIS commander that was cannibalizing the dead so I try not to be surprised by any cruelty by ISIS people.

  2. The world needs to face the fact that Islam does not need to be reformed, it needs to be destroyed. Let’s face facts. Islam is a bad religion. Islam teaches wrong values like vengeance and prejudice and deceitfulness and blaming others and paranoia and cruelty and self-deception. Just look at how unhappy the Muslim World is today – their religion simply does not work. The Quran has barely a spiritual word in it, and is nothing but an instruction book for setting up a very evil empire for the benefit of a very small group of oligarchs, like the Saudi tribe or the mullahs of Iran. Islam is a big, awful, terrible mistake and must be undone, rejected, and forgotten…

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