To report or not to report. That is the question. To prevent an attack; or be ruined with outrageous accusations: Links 1 on Dec. 4 – 2015

1. An amusing look at what one trucker in Europe did to ward off muslims in Calais from jumping on his truck on his way through

2. Devout Muslim clashed with his Jewish co-worker over religion 2 weeks before he & Pakistani wife killed 14

The radicalized San Bernardino gunman clashed with a Jewish co-worker over religion just two weeks before he and his Pakistani wife stormed an office holiday party where they massacred 14 people.

Syed Farook, 28, got into a heated argument with colleague Nicholas Thalasinos, a Messianic Jew who was identified today as one of the victims of Wednesday’s rampage.

3. ISIS starts building an air force in Libya

Islamic State (ISIS) terrorists in the port city of Sirte, located in northern Libya, are learning to fly planes using at least one flight simulator according to military officials in the strategically situated North African state.

The sources were quoted by the London-based Arabic Asharq Al-Awsat as saying they aren’t sure how a civilian plane simulator, and apparently a fighter jet one as well, got into the jihadists’ hands in Sirte, the birthplace of Libya’s former dictator Muammar Gaddafi who was deposed in 2011.

“It’s a modern simulator, which apparently arrived from abroad,” the sources were cited as saying, noting that it was roughly the size of a small car. The simulator is replete with a steering wheel to practice take-off and landing, a radar screen, and communications devices to contact the control tower.

4. 27 Muslims on trial for apostasy in Sudan: Lawyer

(Now this is an interesting article)

Some 27 Sudanese Muslims are standing trial in a Khartoum court accused of apostasy, risking the death penalty if they are convicted, their lawyer told AFP on Thursday.

The men are accused of taking the Koran as the sole source of religious legitimacy and rejecting other Islamic texts.

“The court in Kalakla in south Khartoum has started the trial of 27 defendants brought before it under Article 126 of Sudanese criminal law, apostasy from Islam,” defence lawyer Ahmed Ali Ahmed told AFP by telephone.

If convicted of apostasy, the defendants could face the death penalty under the Sharia Islamic law that has been in place in Sudan since 1983.

They are also charged with disturbing the public order, Ahmed said.

Ahmed said investigators told the court that police arrested five of the defendants on November 2 inside a market in the southern Khartoum neighbourhood of Mayo “when they were talking to people about their conviction in the belief in the Koran and how they don’t recognise” other religious texts.

He said that the remainder were arrested the next day for the same reasons.

5. Are These The Tankers Bilal Erdogan Uses To Transport ISIS Oil?

Here’s what Syrian Information Minister Omran al-Zoub said on Friday:

“All of the oil was delivered to a company that belongs to the son of Recep [Tayyip] Erdogan. This is why Turkey became anxious when Russia began delivering airstrikes against the IS infrastructure and destroyed more than 500 trucks with oil already. This really got on Erdogan and his company’s nerves. They’re importing not only oil, but wheat and historic artefacts as well.”

While we’ve yet to come across conclusive evidence of Bilal’s connection to ISIS, we would note that the Turkish port of Ceyhan is state-run and given Turkey’s extensive experience in smuggling KRG crude, it seems entirely fair to suggest that sneaking in 40,000 or so barrels of ISIS oil each day wouldn’t be that difficult a task. Indeed, given that Kurdish oil is, like ISIS crude, technically undocumented, Turkey will always have plausible deniability on its side (unless of course the oil is being moved into the country straight from Syria which is what Putin seems to be suggesting). 

6. Australia to Strip Citizenship From Terror Suspects

(Seems like about 1/2 of one percent of what they should remove from the convicted ones)

Australia has enacted laws that enable dual national suspected terrorists to be stripped of their Australian citizenship.

The government estimates that up to half the Australian militants who have gone to the Middle East to fight are dual citizens.

The Senate passed laws late Thursday that would strip citizenship from suspects aged 14 years or older for a range of terrorism-related offenses even if there was no conviction.

7. Neighbors of husband and wife San Bernardino shooters ‘noticed them acting suspiciously but did NOT report them for fear of racial profiling’

(This is an exceptionally important story I think. Perhaps more so than the attack itself. This is the legacy of Obama and a bunch of ‘Ahmed the Clock Fakers’.  The government on one hand, tells people to report suspicious things. Unless they are muslims of course. Then you have to let them carry out their terrorist act because otherwise you may get arrested or sued for racism under some other pseudonym or if you are aware of pre-terrorist behaviour and don’t report it, well these people are technically guilty of a kind of complicity aren’t they? This situation is not rare and all of us who have some degree of situational awareness need to think carefully about how to anonymously tip the authorities to suspicious behaviour by muslims or risk being sued for 15M$ and have your suspect invited to the white house while you are humiliated in front of the nation.)

The husband and wife shooters who shot 36 people in San Bernardino in Wednesday had been acting suspiciously in recent weeks, neighbors claim.

Syed Rizwan Farook, 28, and Tashfeen Malik, 27, were apparently working late at night in their garage and receiving numerous packages to their home in Redlands, California.

But according to nearby residents, they did not report them for fear of racial profiling.

It has since emerged the couple had 12 pipes bombs, a stock pile of tools to assemble explosives, 2,000 9mm rounds, and over 2,500 223 rounds in their suburban home.

Scroll down for videos

Neighbors claim Syed Farook and Tashfeen Malik were working late into the night in their garage in Redlands, California, but did not know whether to report them. It has emerged the couple had 12 pipe bombs in the house
8. Russian MP: Turkey to Return Hagia Sophia to Greece as Friendly Gesture 
(It is hard not to be a fan of Russia when you read things like this. This is the kind of thing the UK, US and Canada should be saying to the Turks)

Russian MP Sergei Gavrilov suggested that Turkey should return Hagia Sophia to the Greek Orthodox Church as a gesture of good will, in light of the refugee issue and the Turkey-Russia diplomatic episode.

“The Russian side considers it possible to remind of Hagia Sophia, one of the oldest Christian holy places and the ancient Byzantine cathedral, which is now situated in Turkey. We expect from the Turkish side a friendly step – to return the Cathedral to the hands of the Orthodox church of Constantinople. The Russian side is ready to provide financial assistance and enlist the best Russian restorers and scientists’ aid in the restoration of the ecumenical Christian artifact. Such step would help Turkey and Islam to show that the good will is above politics,” Gavrilov said, according to Russia‘s RCB TV.

(It is messed up that he is a member of the Russian Communist party however and contradictorily, some kind of Christian restoration committee)






9. Sweden plans to CLOSE bridge featured in hit TV show linking Malmo with Denmark in response to the country’s record migrant influx

The Swedish government is considering closing a world-famous bridge linking Malmo with Denmark which featured in a hit TV crime thriller to thwart record numbers of migrants arriving in the country.

However, the plan, which could see the Oresund bridge closed has been branded ‘a disaster’ by the South Swedish Chamber of Commerce president Stephan Muchler.

The structure features in the hit BBC4 series, The Bridge, starring Sofia Helin, who plays Malmo police detective Saga Noren.

(I’m thinkin the Danes will just build a new one, but only one way. Out.)
10. Tommy Robinson now to lead international PEGIDA movement.

Thank you M., ML., Oz-Rita, Shabnam, Wrath of Khan, and all. No shortage of worthy information these past weeks. For a more complete picture, please read the links under the daily links post. There are a great deal more links there, many of which are significant but did not make the main posts.


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9 Replies to “To report or not to report. That is the question. To prevent an attack; or be ruined with outrageous accusations: Links 1 on Dec. 4 – 2015”

  1. 2. Devout Muslim clashed with his Jewish co-worker over religion 2 weeks before he & Pakistani wife killed 14

    This was a Jew Wannabee
    ‘messianic Jews’ are not Jewish.

    • “This was a Jew Wannabee”

      Please, if you haven’t got the thought that the first Christian was a Jew called Yeshua (Jesus), and his Disciples were all Jewish, and the faith became practiced first in different Jewish sects from Messiah to Sage; remember, this is the age of the internet where you can look it up.

      These therefore are Jews convinced they have the real deal of their Elijah returned in the form of John The Baptist, from the Torah to the New Testament – it’s all true, and love and forgive those who trespass against them.

      However, I am curious as to where your prejudice is coming from, if it is not from ignorance, because Jews don’t need watching, only the Muslims do.

    • Let’s now explore the prejudice, and intent of the author.

      1 Let’s assume Zaba is a Mohammadan. Does he really care about what kind of Jew his cult had just killed, to debate it? No. It is to deflect the argument away from his kind.

      2. Zaba is a Socialist sympathiser offended on behalf of all Muslims?
      Then he is using rule 3 of the Alynsky Rules for Radicals to take the subject away into unknown knowledge.

      Either way, disgusting.

      • I think Jews for Jesus is a brand name. Its a particular organization with its own manifesto etc. When Victor Laszlo filmed the Free Speech event on Parliament Hill during the summer, there were also a group of Messianic Jews doing a sort of demo on the hill who were unaffiliated with Jews for Jesus and from what I was told, seemed inwardly annoyed at being asked the question for the thousandth time. Apparently also very nice people but as you can hear from the background of the Xanthippas event for free speech video, they had a keyboard player who played the exact same 4 chord song for literally 2 hours solid. If they are trying to bring Jesus back I can see how it might work just to pull out the plug if for no other reason.

      • Messianic Jews are decent, sweet and gentle souls.

        However, Jannah has no greater fury than a Muslim scorned. The employers should be sued for everything to the shirts on their backs.

  2. Thank you very much for the note about the development of an air force.

    This is certainly one of the most important reports you have posted.

    (And, a lot more important than “What is a Jew.”)

  3. Question regarding Tommy Robinson’s Pegida UK launch…is this with the consent/approval of the Quilliam society (a questionable group at best)? Or did he leave Quilliam?

    TRUMP: We Have to Make the Terrorist Families Suffer!… There Has to be Retribution! (VIDEO) via GatewayPundit
    Yes, absolutely. Consider the following…there was a time gap between the terror assault and the terrorists ultimate demise:
    About four hours after the morning carnage, police hunting for the killers riddled a black SUV with gunfire in a shootout 2 miles from the social services center in this Southern California city of 214,000 people. via YahooNews

    Where were they during that four hour gap? Who provided them sanctuary?

    Yesterday I read at Atlas: San Bernardino Jihadi’s Family: FACEBOOK PHOTOS and TROUBLING FACTS

    There are two Syed Farooks in the greater San Bernardino area.Syed Raheel Farook employed as a business taxes representative for the California State Board of Equalization and Syed Rizwan Farook, an environmental health specialist at the San Bernardino County Health Department, whom the police named Wednesday night as the shooting suspect. Adding to the confusion is that the two Syed R. Farooks are apparently brothers.

    Today, in the NYDailyNews, there are two articles placed side by side on their online page:
    NYDN: Brother-in-law of San Bernardino shooter to adopt orphaned

    Farhan Khan, the brother-in-law of San Bernardino gunman Syed Rizwan Farook, said he is “very upset and angry” with his murderous relatives — especially since they abandoned their new daughter.

    Brother of San Bernardino shooter is a highly decorated Navy veteran who was honored for good conduct

    The brother of the San Bernardino shooter is a decorated Navy veteran who was given a good conduct award, military records show.Syed Raheel Farookb joined the Navy in August 2003 and left the military four years later with accolades, a Navy spokesman told the Daily News Thursday.

    The terrorist pair left behind a six month old infant. Its easy to suspect that they spent those four hours secure with family members …saying their goodbyes …particularly to their infant. It is also reported that therre were multiple ME type men at the terrorists lair in the hours before the attack. Who were they? There are half a dozen mosques and islamic centers in the direct vicinity of this terror attack, suggesting a demographic at the ready to aid and abet this jihad, as well as provide sanctuary during that four hour period. Given the suggested demographic, how much does affirmative action hires from the islamic/islamophilic community play into the investigation?

    What spooked the terrorists to surface while authorities were still swarming the location? Or was it coordinated for best video consumption?

    JEWISH COWORKER Received DEATH THREAT Before Attack – Had Argued with Syed Farook Over Radical Islam via GatewayPundit

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