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14 Replies to “Geert Wilders Parliamentary debate on Islam in Europe – post Paris attacks of 11- 13”

  1. Andrew Neil declares Western Civilization is better that Islam:
    “‘Evening all, and welcome to This Week. A week in which a bunch of loser jihadists slaughtered 132 innocents in Paris, to prove the future belongs to them rather than a civilisation like France.
    Well I can’t say I fancy their chances. France: the country of Descartes, Monet, Sartre, Rousseau, Camus, Renoir, Berlioz, Gauguin, Hugo, Voltaire, Matisse, Debussy, Ravel, Saint-Saëns, Bizet, Satie, Pasteur, Molière, Zola, Balzac.
    Cutting edge science, world class medicine, fearsome security forces, nuclear power, Coco Chanel, Château Lafite, coq au vin, Daft Punk, Zizou Zidane, Juliette Binoche, liberté, égalité, fraternité, and creme brûlée.
    Versus what? Beheadings, crucifixions, amputations, slavery, mass murder, mediaeval squalor and a death cult barbarity that would shame the middle ages.
    I think the outcome is pretty clear to everyone but you. You will lose. In a thousand year’s time, Paris, that glorious city of lights, will still be shining bright as will every other city like it. And you will be as dust, along with the ragbag of fascist Nazis and Stalinists that previously dared to challenge democracy and failed.’”


    There’s one little problem with this little-boy argument of blowing in the wind, ‘my culture is bigger than yours,’ motif, and it is that I bet all those forementioned would have be imprisoned for breaking the European Human Rights laws.

    For they both feast of the spoils of the Fascism for God or Socialism for Culture – and the love for the free soul and spirit they both crush.

    Tommy Robinson faced Andrew Neil’s Big Government-Directed Society head on in 2013: http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=opy5fXrTGEA and found it another character assassination for the collective, and a degrading, dehumanising experience.

    This shagger has no right to quote great men that are nothing that he represents. IMHO.

    • Polarising the outward man and the inward man is what needs to be seen.

      “What did you do during the war for minds and hearts, daddy?”

      “I left my country on a false passport to enter a foreign country to support the imminent cause to wake people up, to prevent young people going to be killed in hotels, bars and concerts – and the government imprisoned me”

      “But you broke no UK laws! You don’t need a passport to get out, that’s Communism”

      “That’s Socialism, and it’s come to pass to claim the people they now leech off, the higher-rate tax beneficiaries for being wealth-producers, are all their friends. Blowhards!”

  2. God bless you Mr. Wilders and the Netherlands and all of her leaders and people and all other nations of the West. Where Islam is found there we find death and all kinds of evil, if not soon, then later when the devil gains more power. God the Holy Trinity have mercy on all of us and protect us and His Bride, the Church, from all evil. John Stefan Obeda

  3. I think Mr Wilders is a very very courageous person, but I do notice that at times he is not the best when in debate, when the question of allies came up I would have pointed out how many Arab nations are left in the coalition bombing the Islamic State (ISIS), zero, I would have pointed out that Turkey bombed the Kurds fighting ISIS, I would have pointed out that Turkey was accepting oil from IS and not doing anything to stop it, I would have pointed out that they were treating ISIS fighters in Turkey, I would have suggested that our allies are not even policing those people who are funding the ISIS, and finally one of our own allies Saudi Arabia recently defined anyone not being a Muslim in their country was a terrorist.

    The simple point is that ISIS are following the Islamic ideology as laid out in the Qu’ran and that many Muslims chose not to follow it because they have screened out the nasty bits, credit goes to them, but the issue is that Islam is an extreme ideology and people have to understand that.

    • “many Muslims chose not to follow it because they have screened out the nasty bits,”

      This is the definition of those in Socialism, Christianity and Sexual Erotism too. Their objectivity isn’t there, but instead live for a warm fuzzy embrace of Perfect Love, that their ‘spiritual’ leaders of Democrat, Priest and Pedophile fully take advantage of to posses the interests of their ‘flock’ to cater to their needs and legislate they not be offended to wake up.

      These Born Agains, escaping from the pain of reality with a prayer of surrender and Afffirmation to the Saving Grace – that from now on must be sustained by glorification and worship, fed from the hands of an annointed.

      This locked-in syndrome of denying contradiction – maintains its self-preservation through living a peaceful mindscape.

      Told repeatedly that the Unbelievers are heretics, inferior, mischief-makers who should be subdued, because they will lose their promised extension-pack of Eternal Salvation – that already works by taking them away from their present miserable lives of unresolved conflicts in pride and inferiority resentments – by forcing kuffar to acknowledge the righteousness of their own subjugation. For all dhimmis go through exactly the same belief system of submission as a Muslim: to Allah and Muhammad or The People of The Book to The Muslims themselves. A tribe of little Gods, that when you remove their Sultan of the sword from over them, all the vices of Hell immediately spill out and the neighbors that they lived friendly among for decades are sent for a short while messages of surahs of how great the Koran is, and when rejected, to submit, pay the jyzia or die. The Muslim is a walking time bomb, as are anyone induced into the trances of salvation away from their own fears. This includes the violent Socialists and Sexsquirrels.

      And if someone knows your automatic moves to fight, flight or stand like a tree, they are the Communists, Mohammadans and Pedophiles that walk among them freely.

      They will go straight through the heart of Belgium as they’ve always done.

      • The key point in this conflict is whether those people who have screened out the nasty bits move with Islam or against Islam, I think in the main they will go with Islam, but the West has been living in fear that the majority of Muslims especially those in the West will go with Islam and their entire strategy has been to try to avoid that, but in itself making it worse.

        Crunch time is 2016, you understand it obviously, so many people do not, but I can say that more and more people are starting to get it, even those that sit there singing Kumbya or Imagine…, and if they do not they will be dragged screaming to that realisation, the clock is ticking.

      • DaffersD: “The key point in this conflict is whether those people who have screened out the nasty bits move with Islam or against…”

        To move with the flow or against? Do what the Koran and hadiths actually say in the holy advancement of abrogation or to make them what you actually want them to say? Either way, you’re toast as an apostate.

        And with all those citizens of Multicultural Diversity with all their energy wrapped up in reactive ‘flight, flight or stand like a tree,’ one tap is like a bolt of electricity.

        If you then go onto to harrass and intimidate your populations with Hate Crimes to rob them of the tools to fight, Isolation Prisons so they cannot turn and run away and Stonewalling to have their dreams replaced; going with the census will be the only shrug they believe they had left.

        They will become disturb by the demon on the right and on the left, the halal and the haram life, abstinence and indulgence, fascination and abhorance for the life of Muhammad until they are sick and trying to tell you something about the condition of the human soul.

        The New Koran:

          • If it is a clever skit, it is brilliant in observing the traversing of the mental health issues of Mohammadism into the mesmerizing voice of The One Prophet and then The Left into the voice of the Collective that both lead to extreme addiction and violence; or the guy seriously is in trouble experiencing a dysfunctional corpus callosum process of inhibition and drifts between both states of mind heavily susceptible and influenced by the mass-delusion that is Islam and Socialism.

            The poor guy’s then creating music for distraction to be drawn out of one monotone hell of the left-hemisphere into the uncontrolled infinitely-multicultural voices of the other.

            Employing Drum and bass, the backbeat, ‘if you can use it,’ for focus.

            From Super Male to eventually super Female natured.

            • The mentally-ill copying the behavior of the lowest religion, society and race, for their conflictless lives look so beautiful to their own. Ask Liam Neilson.

            • And is it all acting? That is the point.

              Islam, Socialism, Ghetto-dude, Sexsquirrels… are all an act to hide fear.

              And no one to let them out, for these who became copycats and separated from the original in everyone and themselves, to become vile despots.

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