PEGIDA in The Netherlands. Scuffles, leftists and police.

1. PEGIDA Netherlands

(The non crippled guy attacking a PEGIDA guy with his metal crutches is quite an interesting abuse of the decency of PEGIDA people I thought)

2. Anti PEGIDA

3. More of the crutch guy

4. More. a kerfuffle

(Sending this out for translation from Dutch. Hope to get a volunteer soon)


Thank you M.

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2 Replies to “PEGIDA in The Netherlands. Scuffles, leftists and police.”

  1. The tragedy I see is not Muslims against the rest, but the division within European society.

    This will not end well whichever it ends. All endings will be bad, its just a matter whether it is going to be the worst of all outcomes- Netherlands becomes Islamic or there is partition.

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