Australia implements a layer of sharia in the public space

A series of signs designed to promote a new Sam Harris book were banned in Australia for “discrimination”

Daily Mail: Controversial ads for atheist author who was in famous TV row with Ben Affleck over Islam are BANNED for ‘discrimination’ – because they said it should be OK to flush the Koran down the toilet

Clearly only one of these adds got them banned. The other two would have received a number of concerned emails:

In truth the only group in a rational society would the Union of Plumbers against unnecessary blockages; who would be petitioning four flushers to burn the koran instead, against the protests of the ‘union for aerial born Ink Stink’ of course.

Please click over to the Daily Mail link at the top. This item has its own post as I hope to read a discussion in the comments on it later. This bodes ill for Australia, if they ban adds like this. There is no excuse that makes sense to me for banning them but there is a reason and the reason cannot be said without running over the narrative like a dogs tail with an SUV. And that is, it will most certainly cause muslims in Australia to lash out violently, probably causing deaths and certainly giving political advantage to groups who feel islam is non missable with classical civilization. And we can’t have that truth gaining traction, can we?

Eeyore for Vlad.

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9 Replies to “Australia implements a layer of sharia in the public space”

  1. Where are thge guts the Aussies showed through out WWII and the Cold War, their contigents in Nam were some of the beavesd and now the politicians are betraying everyone in Australia that ever wore a uniform in defense of freedom.

  2. Every country needs a Donald Trump who can speak the truth and weather any political, news media and economic blockade the-powers-that-be can throw at them.

    • That they do, there is Geert adn Marine and whats his name the man that did such a good job speaking out this week. Now if the other nations will find their men on a white horse (no matter what their sex) we will be better off.

  3. “Sam Harris, born of a marriage between one man and one woman who are descendants of a combination of two bacterial DNA…”

    Oh it’s true. How offensive to Herslam and Hislam.

  4. The OT is a historical record of the Jewish people living in one of the most violent regions of the world. It was violent then, as is now. To blame the OT as a cause for wars, is like blaming a history book for all the wars that are described within it.

  5. Appeasers are cowards. Appeasers would rather give in to the bullies and make criticising Islam illegal than face the possibility of being hurt by an aggressive violent Muslim male. The reason you can’t talk sense to them is that they are too busy shaking in fear and peeing their pants to be able to even listen to the truth. Disgusting! They should be ashamed of themselves…

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