The West responds to genuine threats from Islam by making up defenses against the pretend version of it they cling to for sanity’s sake: Links 1 on Oct. 29 – 2015

1. Threats made against Ottawa Canada Catholic schools and a suspicious package found causes the closure of two schools for the day

(The Ottawa Citizen article which does contain an unstoppable auto-play advert, does not contain any information about the nature of the threats whatsoever. In the experience of this site however, if the threat is from a group that can be spun to appear ‘right wing’, ‘conservative’ or ‘islamophobic’ the nature of the threat is publicized immediately)

Ottawa police tweeted that they are investigating “suspicious threats” made against several Ottawa-area high schools at three school boards. They would not say which schools are under investigation or the nature of the threats.

(And thats all they wrote)

2. Denmark is to make taking mandatory sex education classes a pre-requisite for migrants before they can receive state benefits, as part of an ongoing shake-up of immigration law in the country.

Reacting to statistics which show migrants are almost three times more likely to rape than ethnic Danes, the government has announced its intention to package sex education into language courses now taken by migrants. A majority of MPs are ready to vote for the measure.

(The results of this program will never be published because it is a conceptual failure from the start, just like the stat that muslims are 3X more likely to rape than ethic danes.

The true number is probably closer to 100X but that can never be said, even though the Norwegian chief of police a few years back actually admitted that 100% of all rapes in that country that year were from foreigners who are almost certainly all muslim. That would make the percentage greater than locals something like ? % more. But its also a conceptual failure because it operates on a false premise. That somehow if muslims just know to ask they might get what they want without raping a woman. In fact the rape is the point.

They do not wish to give women, and Kufar women a hundred times more so, the power to deny them what they want. Denmark like every other non-muslim state still thinks its cheaper to live in the delusion of their own reinvented version of a peaceful islam than it is to admit the facts and deal appropriately with them. The longer that equation runs however, the higher the cost grows when and if it ever turns around. Not just with this issue, but with any issue where the preferred methodology is pretending things are one way when they are in fact another. Bacteria Vs. evil spirits for example likely cost lives in the hundreds of millions and likely still cost thousands monthly across the 3rd world)

(Lastly, Breitbart crashes my browser now every time. Does anyone else have this problem?)

3. Please watch this video carefully.

(Double standards are clearly policy with the Obama admin.)

4. ‘Terror threat is the highest I’ve ever seen,’ says MI5 chief: Britain faces unprecedented risk from ISIS and Al Qaeda fanatics

(Analysts I have spoken to, said that they believe that there will be an attack of some proportion, at least as big as the attack on Charlie Hebdo and likely much larger, before the end of the year as its the end of the 10th year of the OIC 10 year plan to force Western nations to implement blasphemy laws of Islam across the world. They have been quite successful at doing so, as we saw in the previous post of Australia and if they pull off this attack or get sufficiently close to it to create the desired effect, will likely get what they want)

FirefoxScreenSnapz009Britain faces an unprecedented terror threat from Islamic State and Al Qaeda fanatics plotting ‘mass casualty’ attacks over the internet, the head of MI5 warned last night.

In a rare public speech, Andrew Parker said the Security Service thwarted six UK terror attacks in the past year and several overseas.

But he warned: ‘We can never be confident of stopping everything.’

The director-general of MI5 said the threat from jihadis was on a scale he had never seen in his 32-year career.

And he warned there was now a ‘greater ambition’ among terrorists to carry out mass casualty attacks in Britain as the threat showed ‘no sign of abating’.

‘It may not yet have reached the high water mark,’ he said.

In only his third speech since taking up the job in 2013, Mr Parker said terrorists were using a ‘bewildering array of devices and digital platforms’ to plot attacks, admitting MI5 had to carry out computer hacking against terror groups to access their communication networks.

He said internet firms also had an ‘ethical responsibility’ to help tackle terrorism.

5. Anti-terror squad seizes BBC Newsnight journalist’s laptop after he was in communication with ISIS fighters in Syria

(wait, a BBC journalist working with Islamic State fighters? Who would believe that other than anyone with a metabolism that can read)

Police have seized a laptop belonging to a BBC journalist who is in contact with Islamic State fighters in Syria.

Officers obtained an order under the Terrorism Act from a judge that was served on the corporation and Secunder Kermani, a journalist on BBC2’s Newsnight.

Mr Kermani joined the current affairs programme last year and has produced a series of reports on British-born jihadis.

Officers obtained an order under the Terrorism Act from a judge that was served on the corporation and Secunder Kermani (pictured), a journalist on BBC2’s Newsnight

Officers obtained an order under the Terrorism Act from a judge that was served on the corporation and Secunder Kermani (pictured), a journalist on BBC2’s Newsnight

According to the BBC, the police seized the laptop to gain access to communications between Mr Kermani and a man in Syria who has identified himself publicly as a member of Islamic State.

The extremist, who featured in Newsnight reports, was not a confidential source

(Next thing you know, they will be arresting the main face of the CBC for Cosbying a number of young women!)
5. This is the newest report I can find on the car that drove into the gates at the Belgium military barracks a couple of days ago. The man has been arrested, and there is no name given, no motive and the media is trying to deconstruct, as it always seems to do these days, the initial reports which give weight to the event. Was the car packed with explosives? All early reports confidently say it was confirmed. Now its either they don’t know or it was’t. The longer we wait, the less we know. Much like that exploding building in Minneapolis)
6. The Muslim equivalent of a Hallmark card

7. Egyptian woman’s dire warning to America: ‘Wake up, or be wiped out’

(This might be a good time to mention that another little expat Egyptian woman, Bat Ye’or also warned the west in book form a number of times the exact same message. She wrote these books decades ago and her predictions have pretty much come about exactly as described. People don’t listen till the perceived cost benefit gets so high for them personally that they do something. By then its usually too late. After all, how did those 50 + countries become islamic? It wasn’t from persuasion and it wasn’t from reading koran and thinking, ‘Yeah we want us some of that!’. It was ‘jihad jihad jihad all the way down’)

She clarifies what few Americans understand: Islam is a totalitarian political ideology that rejects the basic principles of freedom and liberty cherished by Americans and protected by their Constitution. In fact, Islam, she maintains, is the clearest and most present danger to America’s future existence.

She explains the suffering of minorities, like herself, a woman who has lived through Egypt’s transformation into an Islamic country. She writes:

Like so many others I have been burned by this transformation. This transformation has seen me witness and experience Islam turn my home country to ruins and its followers are now threatening to bring the same fate to your own country.


8. Here is an older video from a month ago today. But the editor did a good job of highlighting some of the facts that the MSM has been carefully editing out of the public discourse about the UMI event.

9. Christian Kidnapped Before Wedding and Forcibly Converted

In a sad but typical story in Pakistan, a Christian girl about to be married was kidnapped, forcibly converted to Islam and married to a Muslim man.

Nabil Bibi and Sajid Masih from Changa Manga, Pakistan, a small town close to Lahore, had planned to marry in November after a year-long engagement. Less than one month before the wedding, Bibi was abducted by a Muslim man named Allah Rakha. After a long search for her to no avail, Bibi’s fiance, her father and other family members lodged a complaint with the police.

One month later, the police had reportedly failed to act on the complaint.

Two weeks ago, a number of men showed up at Bibi’s father’s house and presented him papers documenting Bibi’s conversion and her marriage to Rakha. Able to locate the address of Rakha’s house, Bibi’s fiance, her father and two cousins went to Rakha’s house and asked to meet with Bibi.

Thank you Buck, M., Richard, Oz-Rita, and many more.

The company that makes a brain wash for those who report on the daily atrocities, normalcies and activities of muslims acting in accordance with islamic cultural and religious norms stands to make a decent amount of money. Cause just reading and blogging this stuff makes one need a solid shower on the inside.


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9 Replies to “The West responds to genuine threats from Islam by making up defenses against the pretend version of it they cling to for sanity’s sake: Links 1 on Oct. 29 – 2015”

  1. A mind version of a mouth rinse would be nice, every day I read about the islamics activities, A mind rinse, much like a mouth wash would be nice.
    You can keep the brainwashing though.

  2. With regard to Breitbart: I’ve seen a number of people say that they’ve had problems viewing it. The trouble is all the programs that that site has running simultaneously. There apparently is a (free) program called AdBlock – I’ve not used it myself – which can cut out the side programs at sites like Breitbart and prevent one’s browser from crashing.

  3. As a periodic reader of history (just now studying 13th and 14th Century squabbles between the English and the Scots) I’m struck by the take-no-prisoners approach evinced among the majority of combatants. . . .
    At any rate, invaders need to be permanently silenced, that is, if they get uppity and betray their true intentions, as these yobs from the nether-reaches have clearly done.
    Roll over and you get walked on first, then murdered second.
    Which is it to be?
    My compassion ends at the border, at my front door, within my circle of friends and family.
    Anyone else coming at me to hurt me and my family will not be long among us.
    And Merkel, et al, well — from He who establishes governments to work out His purposes, I’ll let Him — as is due Him — inflict vengeance upon those who have usurped their authority to rule as most benefits THEIR PEOPLE.

  4. (Lastly, Breitbart crashes my browser now every time. Does anyone else have this problem?)

    Breitbart uses up a huge amount of memory and CPU, eventually crashing the browser. Its all those side programs that need killing. Adblock helps but takes a while to identify what needs stopping.

  5. “Make love not rape”

    Love without commitment, is rape. Love has never been about the consensual, affirmative-sex that snatches at the illusion of satisfaction, something that took billions of years to create a sense of fulfilment in the brain, to arrive at in poverty and then wear a crown.

    The turning of rape into the status of “what the right hand possesses” for the Underachivers of Islam; or rape into the possession of the Sense of Self that is lacking in all citizens of Communism. Both are rampant sex-abusers, these Princes and Princesses, looking later – after the degradations of the night before – for the conquest of virgins of innocence and purity, for the real-thing they can never find to take back and repair their loss.

    For Muslims, they are offered a 72-harem of untouched houries in Heaven to quench their darkened hearts. For Socialists, the removal of gender to unite with the victims for a victimless crime. Peace when there is no peace.

    “Love is meaningless. Meaningless is love.”. That is all they have, when they consume the body and discard the soul in the pursuit of gratuity in a hate-crime enslavement.

    On these separate Earths the female will become Bishops and Directors, ‘to do no more harm’ and the male will become niqab-checkers ‘to do no more harm’. While their heavens await them.

    • The African with HIV having sex with a baby to cure himself, the European inculcating herself into the identities of celebrity-month victims.

      Muslims can never ever rape what their right hand possesses. Blacks/Homosexuals can never ever be racist/sexist.

      Those intimidated in childhood into becoming peace-seeking frozen half-brains – believers who cannot even think up a thought-crime without a sense of terror befalling them – will ban the writings of Sam Harris on billboards as their heads are probed and entered by this good doctor.

  6. I don’t know what is worse, the continued atrocities of the Moslems or they continued delusional thinking of the liberals, both have combined to create a perfect storm of violence that is going to change the world. A change that was preventable if the politicians and social theoreticians had been smart enough to understand what happened during leading up to WWII and not tried to destroy all nationalism, patriotism and religion.

    The Darwinist can consider what is happening to be a culling of the human race with the people who are incapable of facing reality being removed from the gene pool.

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