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  1. California thrift store removes Holocaust costume

    Holocaust-themed costume was removed from the shelves Monday at a Goodwill Store in Berkeley, CA.

    According to the report by local affiliate ABC 7, the costume was put in the store because employees were unaware of the nature of the outfit, which features a striped top and a yellow Star of David.

    The costume is similar to the type of uniform that concentration camp prisoners were forced to wear during the Holocaust.

    • The state of the educational system in the west is enough to make you cry, when I was a kid everyone know about the holocaust and how the prisoners were dressed.

  2. Opinion: The Ayatollah dreamed it, Obama delivers it

    The late Ayatollah Khomeini dreamed it; President Barack Obama is trying to deliver it: the end of Pax Americana.

    The topic was at the center of a daylong seminar in Tehran last week attended by ambassadors from Bolivia, Cuba, Ecuador, Nicaragua and Venezuela, plus a number of Islamic Iranian officials and scholars.

    The five Latin American nations with left-wing regimes represent one of the “clusters” that former President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad tried to organize as points of anti-American “resistance” across the globe. Another “cluster” consisted of Lebanon, controlled through the local branch of Hezbollah, Syria, under Bashar Al-Assad, and parts of Iraq dominated by pro-Tehran armed groups. The plan was to set up another “cluster” by breaking up the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) bloc through the Finlandization of some of its members while seizing control of Yemen through local Trojan outfits.

    Next month, Tehran is scheduled to host the fifth annual “End of America” conference with a number of professional anti-American figures from Europe and the US itself also expected.

    However, the timing of the exercise is puzzling. For the first time in almost a decade, the presidency, and part of the government including the foreign ministry seem to be controlled by the so-called Rafsanjani faction that has been trying to make a deal with the Americans since the late 1980s.

    • Like America Pax America is down but hopefully not out, we will raise again but we will haveto wait and see what the world will look like after WWIII,

  3. Extremists no longer welcome

    The Arab world’s silence during this recent wave of terrorism, led mostly by knife-wielding Palestinian teenagers, is deafening, and it represents a certain lack of support for the Palestinians.

    The Arab nations seem willing to leave these radical elements to deal with the mess they have cause by themselves. This time, the wave of terrorism not only fails to represent the Arab struggle against Israel, it fails to represent even the Palestinian themselves.

    The Arab world’s roaring silence is actually commendable. In the past, the slightest of incidents in Judea and Samaria, let alone on the Temple Mount, would have been enough to see masses take to the streets. Now these streets are empty, even in places prone to unrest like Cairo or Amman.

    Arab media has also marginalized the story, toning down the rhetoric, with the exception of the Qatar-based Al Jazeera, where incitement is a reflex. Even Ankara is reluctant to chime in. Arab media outlets have all but refrained from condemning Israel over the current unrest, and it seems that this time, it is in their best interest not to fan the flames.

    • This is because of ISIS and the Iranian activity, the Arab nations are not wanting to support anything that will help Iran reestablish the Persian Empire, just as they will not help Turkey in its quest to reestablish the Ottoman Empire. These facts have to be takeninto consideration when we talk about the Arabic actions or in-actions, but we always have to remember that no matter how much they seem to be helping us they aren’t our friends, they are acting in what they see as their best interest and not ours.

  4. Refugees refusing to leave bus in ‘too cold’ Sweden to be removed (theguardian, Oct 29, 2015)

    “Swedish authorities were called on Wednesday to remove a group of refugees who have refused to get off a bus after being taken to a village three days ago, saying it was “too cold” and isolated.

    “There are 14 people inside and around the buses who don’t want to move into the [asylum] centre,” Migration Agency spokeswoman Maria Lofgren told AFP.

    They were part of a group of 60 Syrians and Iraqis brought by bus on Sunday to Limedsforsen, close to the Norwegian border, to a village of wooden chalets where they were to stay while their asylum claims were assessed.

    “The bus company has called the Swedish Enforcement Authority,” Lofgren said. The authority acts as bailiffs during evictions.

    “We have asked for them to be evicted,” said the head of the Westin Buss transport company, Kenneth Johansson.

    The group refusing to get off the bus have complained about being in a forest dozens of kilometres from the nearest town, and many of them have demanded to be taken to a big city, or even to Germany.

    “It’s not totally in the middle of nowhere. There is a shop and buses,” Lofgren said.

    The Migration Agency says the country is receiving so many refugees – 10,000 a week – that structures set up to deal with them are being overwhelmed and it is beginning to erect tents to house some of the arrivals.

    “With the number of arrivals continuing to increase, the accommodations we can find are further and further away from the big cities,” Lofgren said, adding that cases of people refusing their relocation sites were still rare.

    Sweden, with a population of 9.8 million, expects to receive up to 190,000 asylum applications this year, putting it among the EU states with the highest proportion of refugees per capita as the continent struggles with a massive number of displaced people.

    But the country’s long, dark winter, where temperatures can fall as low as -30C, is a major challenge for people moving from warmer climes.”

  5. Anybody following the Iran Lobby, Washington D.C.? Then please EXPLAIN this one to me:


    Siamak Namazi, an Iranian-American citizen who helped establish a pro-Tehran lobbying group in America, has been arrested in Iran and imprisoned indefinitely.

    Mr. Namazi was visiting family in Tehran when he was arrested by Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) soldiers and sent to Evin Prison, according to Iranian media reports.

    The detention center is infamously known for its horrific mistreatment of prisoners. The facility is noted for its routine “beatings, torture, mock executions, and brutal interrogations,” experts have said.

    As the 5th American citizen now held hostage by the regime, Namazi joins the Washington Post’s Jason Rezaian, former FBI agent Robert Levinson, Christian pastor Saeed Abedini, and former U.S. Marine Amir Hekmati.

    Namazi has been described as one of the “intellectual architects” of the National Iranian American Council (NIAC), a Washington, D.C.-based lobbying group that has been accused of working in support of the regime in Tehran.

    He and NIAC Director Trita Parsi founded the organization as a way to continuously lobby for the removal of sanctions against Iran and to promote Iran’s foreign policy, while combating the pro-Israel sentiment in America, according to documents from a Cyprus convention that featured the two men.

    Both Parsi and Namazi have strong connections with the Iranian regime’s President, Hassan Rouhani, and its foreign minister, Javad Zarif. The two have continued to actively communicate with members of the regime. Recently, Parsi was seen traveling with Iran’s delegation during the final stages of the Iranian nuclear deal talks.

    • Yeah I read that through a couple of times yesterday.

      Today it appears they have arrested 4 other high profile Iranians. One can only suspect that these men are accused of doubling for non-Islamic agencies. US or Israeli or something. In which case I would bet it was the Obama admin who turned them in given revelations on his admin’s history with traditional American allies and established American enemies.

    • House of Bribes: How the United States Led the Way to a Nuclear Iran

      Executive Summary
      The Iranian nuclear deal is a full capitulation to Iran’s terrorist mastermind Mullahs, and the latest in a series of betrayals of the American people and allies by the Obama administration. At the highest level of the administration, Barack Obama’s Senior Advisor, the Iranian-born Valerie Jarrett, prioritized rapprochement w the terror state. Throughout the process and negotiations, she had the backing of billionaire investor (and Obama-backer) George Soros, and his multi-headed network of tax-exempt foundations. Their efforts were driven by deep-rooted anti-Semitism and personal greed.

      Meanwhile, since the mid-1990s, a small but very connected Iranian lobby (funded, in part, by George Soros) has been laying the groundwork for normalizing relations with Tehran. Operating through a variety of non-governmental organizations and political action committees, the lobby courted Democrat and Republican politicians. With the election of (Soros-backed) Obama in 2008, the Iranian lobby had very receptive ears in the White House. International business interests were courted and effectively bribed with access to Iranian markets, until finally the deal was realized, approved, and sealed by a vote of the United Nations Security Council.

  6. I may be a tad hyper on this one. Lee Smith led me off on this tangent years ago, and his enthusiasm is contagious. Here’s a pair of his backgrounders from 2010:

    Agents of Influence, Part I. IRAN’S MAN IN WASHINGTON
    How Flynt Leverett and wife, Hillary Mann Leverett, became leading advocates for doing business with Tehran

    Agents of Influence, Part II. THE IMMIGRANT
    Trita Parsi, the second pillar of the U.S. Iran lobby, wants to the be the public face of Iranian-Americans

  7. Nato ‘plotting to send 4,000 soldiers to Russian border’ as tension with Vladimir Putin increases

    Thousands of soldiers could be sent to the Russian border by Nato as tensions with Vladimir Putin increase.

    Bosses of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization are considering placing troops across Poland and three other Baltic states, according to sources quoted in the Wall Street Journal.

    Tensions have been ramped up ever since Russia annexed Crimea from Ukraine last year.

    The development has thrown Ukraine into a chaotic state of civil war.

    Former US Ambassador to Ukraine Steven Pfifer said that reports of Nato considering sending soldiers is a sign that Russia is now viewed “not as the partner we’d hoped for over the past 20-odd years, but more as a potential adversary”.

    • What aer they trying to do, cause Putin to dye laughing? 4,000 men are not going to stop any move Putin makes, they are simply sacrificial lambs to appease people who are saying NATOis doing nothing, they are proving the point so many make for so long, the American military was NATO and now we have a President that is destroying the US military and the NATO countries have nothing to take their place. Every time Obama pulled troops out of Europe the European nations should have started training more troops, instead they followed Obama and cut their small forces. This incredibility stupid policy is coming home to haunt everyone and the politicians who implemented it will have the blood of millions on their hands.

      • I don’t think Putin will start a war with Western Europe until he can claim he is liberating it from the Moslems, then he will try and hang onto the East the same way the USSR hung onto Eastern Europe after WWII. This means he will have to wait until the fighting in Europe gets real bad before he makes his move and then he has to consider the nations that have a large amount of private firearms ownership, these nations will be the ones the Moslems will have the hardest time taking.

  8. After Russian strikes, Syria’s newly displaced scramble for shelter

    BEIRUT (Reuters) – As his family crammed alongside strangers into a small, exposed makeshift tent in Syria near the border with Turkey, Mohammed Musa slept outside in the mud through the first heavy rainfalls of autumn.

    A week earlier the 24-year-old, his wife, child, parents and siblings fled their home in southern Aleppo province with just the clothes on their backs, after Russian warplanes and Syrian helicopters pounded their village in raids whose intensity they had never seen in four years of conflict.

    He described the conditions in an interview with Reuters held via internet from a displaced people’s camp in Idlib province. A local aid worker sent photos and videos from the camp.

    The family joined the 120,000 Syrians who the United Nations says have been displaced in the four weeks since Moscow’s air force joined the war on the side of ally President Bashar al-Assad.

    • It would be smart for Putin to offer sanctuary to the various minorities that ISIS has kicked out of Syria and Iraq, I wonder if/when Putin will do this.

  9. Syrian opposition, rebels not invited to Vienna talks

    BEIRUT (Reuters) – Syria’s main political opposition body and representatives of the armed opposition have not been invited to international talks on the country’s war, an opposition politician and a rebel leader said.

    The Syrian government in Damascus has meanwhile yet to issue any official comment on the meeting in Vienna on Friday that will bring together about a dozen countries including Saudi Arabia and Iran, which back opposing sides in the conflict.

    The Syrian opposition has objected to Iran’s participation in the talks – the first time it has attended such a meeting on Syria – because of its military support for President Bashar al-Assad.

    George Sabra, a member of the Syrian National Coalition, told Reuters the failure to invite Syrians showed a “lack of seriousness”. Asked whether the coalition had been invited to the talks, he said: “That didn’t happen.”

    “It is a big weak point in the meeting, because it will discuss the issues of the Syrians in their absence.”

    The talks will include regional opponents Saudi Arabia and Iran.

  10. Members of Iraq’s ruling coalition threaten to withdraw support for Abadi’s reforms

    BAGHDAD (Reuters) – More than 60 members of Iraq’s ruling coalition will seek to withdraw parliamentary support for Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi’s reforms if he does not respond within 72 hours to their demands for wider consultation, parliamentarians said.

    Growing political tensions could undermine efforts to tackle an economic crisis and form a united front in the war against Islamic State militants, who pose the biggest security threat to Iraq since the U.S.-led invasion that toppled Saddam Hussein in 2003.

    Members of the State of Law coalition delivered a letter to Abadi on Tuesday urging him to consult more widely before ordering reforms.

    A meeting with the premier scheduled for Wednesday night was canceled after lawmakers decided to wait for a written response from Abadi, they told Reuters.

    “If we do not get a written answer, the next step will be going to parliament and pushing for a decision to withdraw the authorization for reforms from Prime Minister Abadi,” said one lawmakers from the bloc, who declined to be named.

  11. U.S., Chinese navy chiefs to discuss South China Sea on Thursday

    BEIJING/WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The Chinese and U.S. navies are set to hold high-level talks over tension in the South China Sea after a U.S. warship challenged China’s territorial assertions in the disputed waters this week.

    U.S. chief of naval operations Admiral John Richardson and his Chinese counterpart, Admiral Wu Shengli, would hold an hour long video teleconference on Thursday, a U.S. official said.

    A spokesman for China’s Ministry of Defence said Wu would present China’s “solemn position on the US vessel’s entry without permission” into waters in the Spratly archipelago in the South China Sea.

    Both officers initiated the meeting to discuss recent operations in the South China Sea as well as naval ties, the U.S. official said. It will be the third such video teleconference between the countries’ naval chiefs.

    • China does’t want an open war yet, they want us to be tied up in the Middle East so they can have a free hand, they hope we will negotiate rather then split our forces and fight them at the same time we are fighting in the Middle East and probably having a guerrilla campaign going on inside the US.

  12. China adopts two-child policy

    BEIJING (Reuters) – China will ease family planning restrictions to allow all couples to have two children after decades of a strict one-child policy, the ruling Communist Party said on Thursday, a move aimed at alleviating demographic strains on the economy.

    The policy is a major liberalization of the country’s family planning restrictions, already eased in late 2013 when Beijing said it would allow more families to have two children when the parents met certain conditions.

    A growing number of scholars had urged the government to reform the rules, introduced in the late 1970s to prevent population growth spiraling out of control, but now regarded as outdated and responsible for shrinking China’s labor pool.

    For the first time in decades the working age population fell in 2012, and China, the world’s most populous nation, could be the first country in the world to get old before it gets rich.

    By around the middle of this century, one in every three Chinese is forecast to be over 60, with a dwindling proportion of working adults to support them.

    The announcement was made at the close of a key Party meeting focused on financial reforms and maintaining growth between 2016 and 2020 amid concerns over the country’s slowing economy.

      • I will stick my neck out and say that this is preparation for WAR because no family is willing to expend their only child as an instrument of State policy. The possibility of having more than one means that it might be possible to increase “patriotism” because a family will be able to propagate their genes into the future if one is killed.

        Edward Luttwak explains that advanced societies have lost a willingness to wage war because of the falling birthrate and “related expectation of families that all their children will survive.” The lost of one child in war in traditional societies in the past was treated as not being unusal.

        PRC is building up their family size for nationalistic reasons of future combat support.
        (War in a Changing World
        By Zeev Maoz, Azar Gat)

  13. Egyptian woman’s dire warning to America: ‘Wake up, or be wiped out’

    An Egyptian woman writing under the pen name Magda Borham has composed a lengthy letter to Western countries, warning them of the immediate danger posed by Islamic invasion via “immigration.”

    Having lived in Egypt for more than thirty years, she states, “Nobody else in the world knows Islam and the mentality of Muslims more than those who have suffered by having Islam as a part of their life.

    If you listen to the cries of the Copts of Egypt, the Christians of Syria, Iraq, Sudan, Pakistan and all the other Muslim countries you will hear the descriptions of the horrors of Islam.

    See and feel the tears of the minorities in every Islamic society. These tears will tell you the true stories of Islam. Hear the blood of the ex-Muslims pounding. It’s their blood that is shouting out every single second asking the rest of the world to “Wake up!”


  14. Turkish opposition newspapers blocked after TV raids

    Two Turkish newspapers critical of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan failed to appear on Thursday, a day after riot police stormed their sister television stations and forced them off air.

    The action has provoked alarm among Turkey’s Western allies and global rights groups over the state of media freedom just days before the country’s most crucial election in years.

    Riot police firing tear gas and water cannon stormed the Istanbul offices of two television stations linked to a bitter Erdogan rival and pulled the plug Wednesday, triggering brawls with staff and demonstrations in Istanbul.

    The spectacular raids targeted the media operations of the multi-billion dollar Kozi-Ipek conglomerate, which is accused of financing US-exiled preacher Fethullah Gulen, a one-time Erdogan ally turned arch-foe.

    The group’s two stations, Bugun TV and KanalTurk, remain off air while its two newspapers, Bugun and Millet, were prevented from appearing Thursday after court-appointed administrators moved in.

    Millet published the front page of what would have been its Thursday edition on Twitter with a photograph of a bloodied press card and the headline “A bloody putsch”.

    Bugun editor-in-chief Erhan Basyurt, who was sacked along with two reporters, said they were initially informed there were technical problems preventing the paper from being printed.

    “Then they told us we could not print, that there was a written ban.”

    Critics accuse the government of trying to quash dissent ahead of Sunday’s vote, which opinion polls say is unlikely to deliver Erdogan’s Justice and Development Party (AKP) the clear victory it so desperately desires.

    “The government has shown today what will happen to this country if we do not put a halt to this oppression on Sunday,” Eren Erdem, a lawmaker with the opposition Republican People’s Party (CHP), said on Twitter.

    Turkey is holding its second election in five months after the AKP, which has dominated for 13 years, lost its majority in a stunning election setback in June.

    Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu failed over the subsequent weeks to form a coalition, forcing a new election, but opinion polls are predicting little change from the June outcome.

  15. New poll finds nearly 1/3 of college students think First Amendment is ‘outdated’

    Free speech for me but not for thee. A newly commissioned poll suggests that a majority of American college students approve of campus speech restrictions, and nearly a third believe the First Amendment is “outdated.”

    The poll, conducted by McLaughlin and Associates, was commissioned by the William F. Buckley Jr. Program, a Yale University organization that describes its mission as promoting intellectual diversity on campus. It asked undergraduate students around the country their views on a variety of free speech topics.


  16. Support Gone Astray: The Responsibility of Arab Culture in the Continuation of the Pal Tragedy

    While presented as resistance, some Palestinian militants are engaged in the commission of abject injustice, not a realization of justice. Knifing a bystander is not the means to regain lost rights. Brainstorming creative means to harm the innocent in no way equates to supporting the oppressed. And aggression against these innocents – men and women, young and old – is not an act that bestows honor on the perpetrators, their supporters, or any culture that finds these acts praiseworthy.

    Arab media is saturated with solemn declarations that Israel should be eliminated. Virtually all Arab media jubilantly welcomes the killing of any Israeli. It is only reasonable to expect that this attitude results in an Israeli hardening of position and action as a response.

    There is a need, now long overdue, for an honest reconsideration of the Arab approach to the Palestinian cause. Arab culture must address the fundamental question of whether it conceives of a place for Israel in the Arab region. Currently, the disagreement in Arab culture vis-a-vis Israel is between the proponents of its elimination through active “resistance” and the advocates of waiting for its extinction through passive “moderation.” Either way, there is no room for Israel.

    The end result is an Arab culture that calls for death and prides itself on murder as long as it is inflicted on the other.

    • The double standard is alive and well in the US President being a Moslems ahs nothing to do with the gov siding with Moslems an against Christians.

  17. MEMRI TV – Saudi TV host Abdulellah Al-Dosari recently praised Allah for the death of some 300 Iranians in the recent Hajj stampede in Mecca. “Praise be to Allah, who relieved Islam and the Muslims from their evil,” he said. “We pray that Allah will usher them into Hell for all eternities.” The statements aired on the Saudi Wesal TV channel on October 3, 2015.

  18. Christian Kidnapped Before Wedding and Forcibly Converted
    In a sad but typical story in Pakistan, Nabil Bibi was kidnapped less than a month before her wedding. She was most likely raped and trafficked.

    In a sad but typical story in Pakistan, a Christian girl about to be married was kidnapped, forcibly converted to Islam and married to a Muslim man.

    Nabil Bibi and Sajid Masih from Changa Manga, Pakistan, a small town close to Lahore, had planned to marry in November after a year-long engagement. Less than one month before the wedding, Bibi was abducted by a Muslim man named Allah Rakha. After a long search for her to no avail, Bibi’s fiance, her father and other family members lodged a complaint with the police.

    One month later, the police had reportedly failed to act on the complaint.

    Two weeks ago, a number of men showed up at Bibi’s father’s house and presented him papers documenting Bibi’s conversion and her marriage to Rakha. Able to locate the address of Rakha’s house, Bibi’s fiance, her father and two cousins went to Rakha’s house and asked to meet with Bibi.

  19. ISIS Blows Up Prisoners Tied to Palmyra Columns
    ISIS has blown up many of Palmyra’s famous ruins and used others as a backdrop to horrific execution videos. This was a combination.

    The Islamic State executed three prisoners in Palmyra by tying them to ancient columns and blowing them up. News of the killings came from the head of the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, Rami Abdel Rahman.

    In an unusual break with the Islamic State’s gruesome protocol, no pictures or videos of the executions were released. Residents of the neighboring modern city were not summoned to witness the killings as in the past and there is no information as to the identity of the prisoners. A local activist reported, “ISIS has prevented anyone from heading to the site.”

    Since the Islamic State conquered the ancient city last May, it has wreaked destruction on some of the world’s most ancient treasures.

    Palmyra, a designated UNESCO world heritage site was home to some of the best-preserved Roman ruins in the world, mixed with Greek and Persian architectural styles. ISIS has blown up many of the famous ruins and used others as a backdrop to horrific execution videos.

  20. Iran Sentences Poets to 99 Lashes, Long Prison Terms
    Fatemeh Ekhtesari and Mehdi Musavi, had both published writings that were approved by Ministry of Islamic Guidance and were thus legal.

    After receiving lengthy prison sentences for their writings, two Iranian poets are to receive 99 lashes each for shaking hands with members of the opposite sex.

    The poets, Fatemeh Ekhtesari and Mehdi Musavi, both published writings that were approved by Ministry of Islamic Guidance and were thus legal. That did not prevent the Iranian justice system from extracting confessions from the two reportedly under duress and convicting them for “insulting the sacred” and sentencing Ekhtesai and Musavi to 11 and a half and nine years in prison, respectively.

    The lashing decree came after Ekhtesari shook hands with male participants at a poetry event in Sweden. Shaking hands with a member of the opposite sex who is not an immediate family member is a crime in Iran defined as an “illegitimate sexual relationship short of adultery.”

    The news comes amid the announcement that executions in Iran – which include executions of minors – are at an all-time high over the last 30 years. Whereas in 2014, Iran put to death 700 people, to date in 2015, 800 people have been executed with the year expecting to pass with more than 1,000 executions.

  21. Hookwinked: Khamenei’s Conditions Gut Nuclear Deal
    Contrary to the media’s announcement that the Ayatollah approved the nuclear deal, Khamenei set 9 conditions that basically gut the entire deal.

    Contrary to the international media’s announcement that Iran’s Supreme Leader had finally approved the nuclear agreement between Iran and the world’s powers, Ali Khamenei has outlined nine conditions to his acceptance that basically change the entire agreement.

    The conditions were detailed in a letter written by Kahmenei to Iranian President Hasan Rouhani and translated to English and published by the official Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting authority.

    An analysis of the letter provided by the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI) shows, “The set of conditions laid out by Khamenei creates a situation in which not only does the Iranian side refrain from approving the [agreement], but, with nearly every point, creates a separate obstacle, such that executing the agreement is not possible.”

    MEMRI also notes that “in his introduction to the new conditions, Khamenei attacks the U.S. and President Obama with great hostility, and calls for Obama to be prosecuted by international judiciary institutions.”

  22. Muslim Religious Leader says “Muslims have the Right to Kill anyone who does Not Respect Islam”

    \Well, so much for that whole “Religion of Peace” stuff.

    A video recently surfaced of an interview with a so-called “moderate” Muslim cleric on a Norwegian TV show. The video has gone viral because it shows an Islamic leader in the West being honest about what Islam teaches when it comes to non-Muslims.

    In response to questions about Muslim violence against non-Muslims, Mullah Krekar tells Norwegian TV that not only is it okay for Muslims to kill non-Muslims, it’s actually required by Qu’ranic law. Further the imam says that “Muslims have the right to Kill anyone who does not respect Islam.”

    Host: For someone who burns the Koran, the punishment, according to Islam, is death, is that correct?

    Mullah Krekar: If you burn the Koran, which is an insult, then the answer is clearly yes.

  23. Journalist Stoned by Muslim Gang on the Streets in… SWEDEN?

    A few months ago GOP presidential candidate Bobby Jindal was derided by the media and leaders in Europe for openly discussing Muslim “No Go Zones” in major European cities. His liberal opponents in the media (and in Europe) argued that these “no go zones” were pure fiction and did not actually exist. Jindal never backed down, but his reputation among middle-of-the-road GOP voters was damaged and his campaign hasn’t ever been able to recover.

    Fast forward to today as we near the end of October. A new story has broken on the international news wire and it’s about one of these supposedly “nonexistent” no go zones. Valentina Xhaferi, a journalist in Sweden, was attempting to report on a story about police in Stockholm being pelted with rocks any time they came near to a Muslim no go zone in a subub of the city called Tensta. Apparently, more than 70% of the people living in Tensta today are foreign born and the vast majority of the locals are Muslim.

    The journalist and her cameraman had just finished setting up their equipment and were preparing to begin an interview with a local who had agreed to speak, when another man approached and angrily asked why they were filming. After a terse conversation he stormed off, but returned a few minutes later with a gang of Muslim men.

    “Then he became very, very angry and said he’ll get stones and show us what stoning is. When I saw that he was armed with a stone I just wanted to get out of there,” the journalist told Swedish media. Around this time more men appeared out of the subway and joined in the fray. Fortunately, the camera was recording the entire event and even captured the moment that the men attacked, kicking the camera to the floor and shouting insults at the journalist and throwing hot coffee on her cameraman.

  24. Turkey: Kurds Threatened Before Election

    In Turkey’s election on June 7, the pro-Kurdish party came in third, evidently thwarting the plans of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan to attaining the supermajority of 367 seats to be President-for-Life — or Sultan. In an apparent attempt to rectify this supposed miscarriage of the democratic process, Erdogan called for another, snap election on November 1, seemingly to try once again to get his permanent Sultanate.

    Recently, presumably as a “message,” Turkish officials released a jarring video — part of which appeared to have been filmed from inside the police vehicle — that showed the body of a Kurdish protester, shot dead, being dragged through darkened streets behind a police vehicle by a rope tied around his neck.

    The men in the video, all believed to be police officers, can be heard swearing at the body. One of the men is congratulating his colleague on shooting dead “the terrorist” — who just so happened to be a relative of Leyla Birlik, a deputy of the pro-Kurdish Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP) in Sirnak.

    The victim being dragged was a 24-year-old actor, Haci Lokman Birlik. He was murdered by Turkish security forces during clashes with pro-Kurdish groups in circumstances that remain unclear.

  25. ‘Sentencing Reform’ Kills Cops
    Pro-crime politicians must be held liable for their crimes.
    October 28, 2015
    Daniel Greenfield

    NYPD Officer Randolph Holder was shot and killed last week. But the bullet that murdered him had been fired years ago. And it was the Democrats of the New York State government that took the shot.

    The trigger had been pulled in 2009 when New York lawmakers passed drug crime “reforms” that targeted mandatory minimum sentences, a particular obsession of the pro-crime lobby, and allowed drug offenders to bypass jail.

    Governor Paterson, who had used cocaine and whose close associate was a former drug dealer whose scandal would play a role in the governor’s downfall, claimed that sentencing reform would “Give judges the discretion to divert non-violent drug addicted individuals to treatment alternatives that are far more successful than prison.”

    Senate Majority Leader Malcolm Smith, New York’s first black Temporary President of the Senate, who would later be busted by the FBI on corruption charges, promised that the reforms would “Reverse years of ineffective criminal laws.”

    Senator John Sampson, the first black Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, who would be indicted for embezzlement, claimed that drug laws had “decimated communities and destroyed lives” by locking up criminals. Assembly Speaker Silver, currently facing trial for mail fraud, said that the reforms would take advantage of “more effective and less costly alternatives than prison.” Senator Shirley Huntley, who would later be sentenced to prison for stealing money from a charity for public school children, praised the law for giving “families and communities a fighting chance.”

  26. The IRS’s Ongoing War against Tea Party Groups

    President Obama’s IRS is still holding nonprofit applications from conservative and Tea Party groups hostage even now, years after the IRS targeting scandal first made headlines.

    It is yet more proof that even after years of bad press arising from the sordid saga, the Internal Revenue Service remains a powerful instrument of political repression in the hands of Obama, who apparently treats the agency as his personal fiefdom. Always on the hunt for new ways to disadvantage his political adversaries, Obama is also now moving forward with a fresh campaign of political intimidation against nonprofit groups that strikes at the heart of the American democratic process.

    The relatively incurious mainstream media has never shown much interest in Obama’s serial acts of malfeasance even when those activities have gotten people killed. Without much help from journalists, House Oversight Committee investigators uncovered the specifics of the unlawful IRS conduct despite billowy smokescreens of official obstruction worthy of Third World banana republics.

    Obama’s plotting comes after the administration officially absolved the targeting ringleader, the now-retired IRS tax-exempt organizations division chief Lois Lerner, a hyper-partisan, left-wing Democrat, last week of criminal wrongdoing for illegally subjecting right-of-center activist groups to intrusive scrutiny and wildly inappropriate processing waits. Cheered on by Rep. Elijah Cummings (D-Md.), a reliable Obama attack dog, the exempt organizations branch brutally harassed conservatives like Catherine Engelbrecht, leader of the Houston-based good-government group True the Vote. Other federal agencies joined in the harassment campaign, subjecting Engelbrecht’s family business to unexpected audits, inspections, and fines.

    The decision to do nothing about the thuggish, criminal actions of Lerner isn’t all that surprising. This is what Barack Obama does. He uses taxpayer resources against his enemies in an effort to rig the system against them. This is the pious Chief Executive who maintains with a straight face that his IRS is not tainted even by “a smidgen of corruption.”

  27. US Immigration Officers Get Whole 8 Days of Training to Screen Syrians
    Why even bother? Just rubber stamp them like we did the 9/11 hijackers.

    You might be worried about ISIS’ warning that they are smuggling in terrorists as refugees. You might be worried that many of the so-called refugees are Muslims who hate America and that we’re setting ourselves up for another Boston Marathon massacre.

    But fear not. Government employees with a whole 8 days of training are on this.

    Leon Rodriguez, director of U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, said later that his agency compares the biographical information of refugees with various law enforcement and intelligence databases to check for terrorist and illegal activity. USCIS officers train for eight days to gain knowledge of the situation on the ground in Syria that allows them to conduct security screening with refugees seeking resettlement in the United States.

    Well 8 days of training. I assume that’s enough time for government employees to memorize a few basic trivia questions about Syria to his the “refugees” with. Said migrants, even if they aren’t Syria, still probably live in the region.

  28. Did Hillary Clinton Pressure Israel to Admit a Hamas Supporter?
    Did Hillary Clinton pressure Israel to allow in Chomsky?

    Noam Chomsky is an icon of the left. He also pals around with Holocaust deniers and furiously denied the Pol Pot Cambodian genocide. These days he looks like one of those elderly Nazis you see sitting in the dock. And that’s probably where he belongs. He’s a cretin on the best of days and he has few enough of those. And he of course hates Israel and likes Hamas.

    Interviewed on Lebanese television, Chomsky gave further insight into his political allegiances. “The policies of Hamas,” he insisted, “are more forthcoming and more conducive to a peaceful settlement than those of the United States or Israel.”

    Visiting Gaza in October – shortly before the latest rocket attacks on Israeli towns and cities – Chomsky spoke at the Islamic University, an institution established by Hamas founder Sheikh Ahmed Yassin and recognized as a training ground for the Hamas leadership. Bestowing intellectual legitimacy on this terrorist front by attending an “international conference on languages and literature,” he also received an honorary doctorate for his anti-Israel activities, and rewarded his hosts by demanding an end to the blockade of the Hamas enclave. His words having met with the approval of the terror masters, Chomsky was granted an audience with none other than the Hamas prime minister, Ismail Haniyeh, who hailed his “courageous positions in support of the Palestinian people.”

    So Israel didn’t want him to enter the country. Sidney Blumenthal, in between emailing Hillary rants from his unhinged son who has called for the destruction of Israel, disagreed.

  29. New Jersey Man Who Tried to Help Organize ‘Small Army’ of ISIS Fighters Pleads Guilty

    A 24 year-old New Jersey man who tried to help organize a “small army” of ISIS fighters in the Garden State and New York pleaded guilty Thursday to terror-related charges.

    Alaa Saadeh was part of a group of men who were trying to support the ISIS terror group. Saadeh admitted he gave money and credit cards to other members of the group to try to help them travel to Syria. He and others in the group watched ISIS propaganda including beheadings and other killings by the terror group. His brother, Nader Saadeh, was among the group charged in the scheme.

    Saadeh pleaded guilty to conspiring to provide material support to ISIS in Newark federal court before Judge Sarah Wigenton.

    He is set to be sentenced Feb. 16 and could face up to 15 years in prison.

    His defense attorney said Saadeh does not plan to cooperate with prosecutors as part of his plea deal.

    Saadeh is the second man to plead guilty in connection with this New Jersey cell. In September, Samuel Topaz admitted he wanted to join ISIS. His lawyer said if members of the group had failed to get to Syria or Iraq on their own, they had discussed an alternate plan of buying guns inside the US and targeting the White House and other landmarks for an attack.

    In the past year, the FBI has arrested 7 men in all from New York and New Jersey for their alleged ties to this homegrown, ISIS-inspired terror cell. Officials have said the investigation is ongoing.

    Officials have said the parents of Alaa and Nader Saadeh were deported more than a decade ago in connection with an alleged credit card fraud case. The Saadeh children were allowed to stay with custodians in New Jersey because they were US citizens, officials said.
    New Jersey Man Pleads Guilty To Plotting To Provide Support To ISIS

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