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1. Yemen Officials Say Talks to Push Al-Qaida out of Aden Fail

Aden’s governor, Gaafar Mohamed Saad, issued a ban Friday against carrying weapons in the streets. The decree, which went into effect Saturday, stipulates security forces would immediately confiscate illegal weapons.

Officials and witnesses in Aden said al-Qaida has held large armed parades in the city in the past two days. Washington considers al-Qaeda’s Yemen branch to be the most dangerous offshoot of the terror network.

Ahmed Hashem, an Aden resident, said locals supported the weapons ban. With so many weapons in the streets, “we now cannot even tell who is al-Qaida, who is Islamic State, who is just a thug and who is from the resistance (against the Houthis),” he said.

2. 4 Women Suicide Bombers Die in Northeast Nigeria, Kill 1

Four women suicide bombers blew themselves up in northeastern Nigeria Saturday, killing one other person and wounding 10, when civilian guards prevented them from entering the city of Maiduguri, said an official.

The women blew themselves up when they were stopped for a body search by self-defense fighters on the outskirts of the city, said Sani Datti, spokesman of the National Emergency Management Agency.

3. ;Virginity Tests’ Forced on Swedish Girls Revealed in Undercover Footage

4. “Real change”? Why Power Corp, China (and maybe even Jean Chretien) are “back in the drivers seat” after Trudeau win

5. Report: US Spied on Israel, Prepared to Destroy Israeli Bombers to Protect Iran









In an explosive report we learn that ever since 2012, the United States has been spying on Israel in order to prevent the Jewish State from attacking suspected Iranian nuclear sites, according to Friday’s Wall Street Journal.

The White House had sent an additional aircraft carrier to the region after learning that Israeli aircraft had flown into Iranian airspace in what U.S. officials feared was a test run for an attack on Iran’s Fordow plant. The carriers had attack aircraft on board prepared to respond to any Israeli attack on Iran.

If that wasn’t enough to strain the conceit that the U.S. is Israel’s strongest supporter, U.S. officials also revealed to the Journal that Israel was responsible for the assassination of Iranian nuclear scientists.

Several U.S. officials also claimed that Israel wanted to strike Iran in 2012, and that the United States pressured Israeli officials into retreating.


Thank you Wrath of Khan, Nash Montana, Oz-Rita, LLC., and many more, While this post was being composed, info has been coming in about Austria. there is a lot to post but the formal translations and videos aren’t ready yet. So I am posting the gist of them below as I get it just because I feel its too important to wait for a formal post. But that will come.

For those of you that have not seen either of the two most recent episodes of South park, here is a scene from one of them which continues the theme of the totalitarian an irrational nature of political correctness. What happens to reality at the end of this episode is pretty much what Western governments and various GONGOs are doing to it world wide.

A little ditty about political correctness

Nash tells us that there is serious issues afoot in Austria. Below, a paragraph she relayed to us about the situation in some Austrian towns. We should have a full report with video by Monday:

Businesses have been closed down, the mall has closed for days, people are out of work, standing guard in front of their houses and businesses with guns, people being harassed and berated and houses getting broken into, everything stolen, more and more people buying guns… I don’t know what the gun laws are in Austria. But it seems this could be quite possibly the place where the first shots will be fired.

Really bad things are afoot everywhere now. Horrifying.


One Austrian Facebook post:

Spielfeld turning into Nickelsdorf on Steroids.

Spielfeld on the Steiermark looks like a war zone. It’s not just that thousands of invaders push into Austria, no, they believe that they arrived in Germany.

Apparently a lot of the ‘refugees’ thought that Austria is Germany, and they wander about aimlessly, and they keep asking the same questions: “Train station? Speak arabic? Germany, where?”

They storm into people’s gardens and play areas and mark their territory with the usual… garbage and feces.

One facebook user writes:

“It is enough! Spielfeld is in a state of emergency! Our mall Wieser has been closed for days. The entire area along the border, all businesses have been closed! Business owners are standing guard on front of their businesses and gave off warning shots and carry pepper spray to defend their stores. Nobody knows when they can get back to work. Everything is dirty. The streets, the autobahn, and the train tracks are full with people. The citizens have begun to buy guns en masse. All of this is reminiscent of a war zone. How is that now WE and OUR existence is in danger???”

This is the copy of the Facebook user comment from Spielfeld:

Austria FB post


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7 Replies to “Skip the news stories and cut to under the thank you all… Link 1 on Oct. 25 – 2015”

  1. 3 – Why are they saying this is Christians who are doing this? It is the Moslems that insist on honor killings of the girls aren’t virgins.

  2. 5 – Does this surprise anyone? We all know Obama is working against Israel and anyone else fighting the Islamic conquest of the world, one of the reasons he has been purg9ing the military is to get rid of the officers who would balk at attacking Israel. This is also why the left has added Christianity to their hit list, the report on forced virginity tests in Sweden shows that the reporters are actively against Christianity with their attempts to push the idea that if it middle eastern Christians pushing the virginity tests.

  3. Austrain gun laws, They are more liberal then I thought they would be:

    Guns are currently divided into five categories:

    Category A – Forbidden weapons and military weapons
    Military weapons:
    Automatic Weapons
    Semi automatic rifles not approved for civilian use
    Forbidden weapons:
    firearms disguised as other objects,
    fast collapsible, shortenable or demountable firearms,
    shotguns with an overall length under 90 cm and/or a barrel length under 45 cm,
    weaponlights for rifles
    brass knuckles
    Totschläger (translation missing) (a flexible baton with a metal ball at the end)
    Stahlruten (translation missing) (a slightly flexible baton)

    Licenses to own category A weapons are available but rare, for example pre-ban grandfathered pump action shotguns – these are then added like normal category B weapons to the Waffenpass/Waffenbesitzkarte. Carrying permits for these kind of weapons are extremely rare.

    Category B – Weapons requiring permission: Semi automatic long weapons for sporting and hunting, repeating (non-pump action) and semi automatic shotguns and weapons shorter than 60 cm in overall length (for example pistols and revolvers, but also bolt/lever/pump action rifles under 60 cm overall length). Semi automatic long weapon models are required to be verified as civilian-legal before this category applies to them, otherwise they are considered category A. A permission can either be a hunting license, gun ownership license (“Waffenbesitzkarte”, for sporting, collecting and self-defense at home or work) or a carry permit (“Waffenpass”, for carrying a loaded weapon outside of the owner’s home or workplace), with the ownership license being the most common way to category B gun ownership.

    Category C – Weapons requiring registration: Break action rifles and all repeating rifles (i.e. bolt-, lever- or pump action). All Austrian citizens aged 18 or over can freely buy and own this type of weapon, but ownership has to be registered at a licensed dealer or gunsmith within 6 weeks of purchase (Typically, if bought in a store, the store registers them after doing the required background check). Now also includes break action shotguns (former category D).

    Category D – other Weapons: Break action shotguns. All Austrian citizens aged 18 or over can freely buy and own this type of weapon, but ownership has to be registered at a licensed dealer or gunsmith within 6 weeks of purchase (Typically, if bought in a store, the store registers them after doing the required background check). This category was removed and all category D weapons are now category C weapons.

    less effective weapons – Weapons with matchlock, wheellock, flintlock ignition, single shot percussion guns, guns made before 1871, air and co²-guns. All Austrian citizens aged 18 or over can freely buy and own this type of weapon without any registration.

    Air guns and Air-soft guns are not restricted and carry in public is technically legal, though can have consequences for “public disturbance”.

    Ammo sales are not recorded and most ammo is available without a permit (Permit required for handgun ammo, i.e. 9mm, as well as some rifle ammo).

    • Since the Austrians can purchase rifles and shotguns for self defense quickly it is easy to see the shooting starting there as the small towns try to protect themselves from the human locusts that are swarming their nation looking for anything they can easily carry or use as they pas through on their way to Germany.

  4. “A little ditty about political correctness,”

    This isn’t politically incorrect – woman cannot be sexist. Women in the UK, even have their own parliament-in-waiting. *Part of the anti-defamation, Anti-Offence League.

    Imprison a mind this way… and you have the hypnotized who will even have sex with their shadows.

    The other method is for men draw an imaginary line from their creation-seed. Two women left in the world… one a retarded genetic-disease carrying pure-bred and the other an athletic intelligent mulatto. The hypnotized would rather mate with the dead.

    Both support the right to kill offensive reporters.

    • Socialism’s passive-aggression (locked-in imprisonment), ‘no males’ is just as open as Islam’s aggression, (“follow to the direction of my finger”), ‘no females’ is.

      Two evils birthing in the same place.

      Hate Speech and Blasphemy Laws. Which devil will you fantasize to let ride the life out of you in return for peace?

    • “When I turned 35 I kinda had faith crises. The guilt and fear of not conforming to my faith plus the sudden realization that I was not immortal pushed me towards Islam again. I have seen this happening to many Muslims who as they get older seem to reawaken the virus as you put it so well. In the ensuing 2 or 3 years i became somewhat devout. It was in the year 2010 when after saying my ZOHAR prayer in my office during Ramadan that something in my head said “am I doing the right thing”. All those questions that I had as a young rebel started flooding back. My research started on the web and within a few hours of reading and searching I came across your website. Needless to say I did not sleep that night as all that I knew or thought to be true was shattered. It’s almost like having a trusted loving partner cheat on you only this is deeper and more painful as one models his or her life around this belief that we have the key to the truth and therefor heaven. For quite a few nights after that I read and researched and it became clear that I was part of a cult and my beliefs were shattered. My journey to enlightenment had begun. Within a year or so I went from being a born again Muslim to someone who detests Islam with every fiber of my being. I hated the fact that I tried to impose this cult onto my wife and daughter and even to my wife’s niece.

      ‘My journey to enlightenment had begun. Within a year or so I went from being a born again Feminist to someone who detests Socialism with every fiber of my being. I hated the fact that I tried to impose this cult onto my ex-husband and son and even to my ex’s nephew’. Will the whole ‘toilet seat down’ generation ever comprehend this?

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