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6 Replies to “Today in Copenhagen…”

  1. The actions of these people prove they are unable to live within a democracy. Moslem countries are only peaceful when they have a tyrannical dictator backed up by secret police. Give Moslems freedom they resort to mob violence and total disregard of the law.

    • The Islamists are working on the theory that if they make things bad enough people will welcome an Islamic strong man that can stop their crime spree.

  2. We have seen things like this in France, they are setting up an enclave where their law runs, they will then use the enclaves as sanctuaries to flee to as they continue their conquest of Sweden.

    • A Palestinian arrested in Denmark after firing at Ashura mourning ceremony

      Police in Demark arrested a Palestinian for opening fire at Ashura mourning ceremony in Copenhagen on Saturday, according to Nabaa’ News Agency.
      An informed source told Shia Waves Agency earlier that an unknown militant opened fire at a mourning ceremony the Danish capital.
      It’s noteworthy that many European countries witnessed increasing participation in Ashura ceremonies despite takfiri threats.

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