IG-Metall demands the firing of employees who show hostility to foreigners

An original translation by Nash Montana, showing the new fascism and authoritarianism now sweeping Germany to crush dissent of a far left wing, deconstructionist agenda.

From Donaukurier

The IG Metall demands a non-compromising procedure against xenophobic employees. Firms should fire anyone who makes openly racist and xenophobic commentaries on the internet.

The IG Metall demands a non-compromising procedure against xenophobic employees. Firms should fire anyone who makes openly racist and xenophobic commentaries on the internet, so says the new IG-Metall boss Jörg Hofmann in an interview with Deutschlandfunk. The companies can expect approval of such actions from the Worker’s Union.

“Whoever hates? Fired”, “Everybody has to understand that.” It can’t be just accepted, when racist vulgarities split entire workforces, he says.

Hofmann also warns to not play domestic germans and refugees against each other. “The longtime unemployed person here has the same entitlements and chances for assistance as the refugees who come here.” In this non-discriminational approach is also included that refugees who are less qualified, still have a right to a minimum wage of 8,50 Euro. Dumping wages because they’re refugees are barred.

[Ed: Notice no definition of race is given, so that a person can lose their job, home and family based on a rational opinion about a pernicious ideology. Also that ‘refugees’ (sic) are given the same opportunity for work as legal tax paying Germans. Insane. And also likely not true, the system likely tilts towards muslims and if not now, soon]


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13 Replies to “IG-Metall demands the firing of employees who show hostility to foreigners”

  1. I hope they shoot him! Fucking old stinkbag. Who ever hates. Can you imagine how braindead ore calculated evil they are. Moslims and everything which is in that neighberhood are the haters!
    Saying with a pokerface i`m against discrimation of gays, women and jews, and then collaborate with exactly the rotten scum which is doing that is schizo, and when somebody gets anywere near that sick double standard starting the mantra of calling out racisme!? Any mean to get rid of that kind of filthy turd is allowed.

    • Quite right.

      But we must be careful about saying such things on a Canadian-based blog.
      Now that the enemy is taking over the government, we have to be careful to avoid the thought police.

      I’m sure Eeyore will give us guidelines if they become necessary.

  2. Him and what army is going to patrol social media looking for “haters”? Or are they going to go back to Soviet days where neighbors and co-workers snitched on each other? Maybe he could offer rewards. What an odious man. He longs for Stazi days…

  3. OMG.
    Well, migrants will be cheaper work force than native Germans, therefore it is in some way better for German businesses.With cheaper work force they can compete with China and USA. On the other hand native Germans will be against paying wages (even minimal wage) to migrants who will work worse then they do, therefore one have to stop opposition to introduction of such workers to Germany. How can one stop it? Simple, one have to put new laws which will prohibit xenophobic and racist speech on the internet and elsewhere.. And the punishment for such speech will be lost of jobs. What will be xenophobic/racist speech? Any speech which will be against migrants, immigrants, asylum seekers and refugees..
    Majority of Germans do have their families, their cars, their homes and with lost of jobs they will loose cars, homes, good vacations and so on and so forth.
    It will be efficient, because Germans do like their comfort therefore they will not speak. Will go silent.
    BTW. Not many of them have weapons.

  4. Germany should make it easier for refugees to work: Airbus chief

    Germany should make it easier for refugees to find work, even if it means giving them part-time work and low-paid jobs, the head of European airplane maker Airbus said on Sunday.

    In a guest article to be published in the daily Sueddeutsche Zeitung on Monday, Airbus chief executive Tom Enders argued that Germany should be more “pragmatic” and open up its labour market to migrants.

    “We ought to have the courage to deregulate to a degree only seen so far in the United States,” Enders wrote.

    “It may seem hard to imagine now. But in the US, migrants are integrated successfully because they are allowed to work very soon after their arrival.”

    Enders called for exceptions to be made to Germany’s new minimum wage rules and for greater flexibility in limited-term contracts.

    “Hundreds of thousands of young people in the refugees centres should not be condemned to sitting around and doing nothing. They will only find an entry into the labour market if we open it up and make it flexible,” Enders wrote.

    “It is better for them to enter the labour market by way of mini-jobs or low-paid jobs than having no work, living on welfare and being condemned to idleness and frustration,” Enders argued.

    German industry has so far always insisted the arrival of a million refugees or more could be positive, given the country’s rapidly ageing population and the ever-growing shortage of qualified labour.

    But sceptical voices are starting to be raised about the potential costs of the huge influx to Europe’s biggest economy.

    While a lot of economists predict positive effects for the labour market in the long-term, some experts agree that the number of refugees could actually push the official jobless figures in Europe’s powerhouse economy higher in the short-term.

    Many of the new arrivals do not speak German and their qualifications do not necessarily match the needs of the market, where engineers and IT specialists are particularly in demand, critics say.


    Airbus boss Tom Enders calls on Germany to open up labour market to refugees

    Germany should deregulate its labour market and create more lower-paid jobs to help refugees find work and integrate better into society, the head of Europe’s largest aeropace group Airbus said on Sunday.

    Germany expects at least 800,000 migrants to arrive this year alone, almost 1 percent of the population, many of them fleeing conflicts in Syria and elsewhere. Politicians and economists have warned the influx will push up unemployment in Europe’s biggest economy.

    “We must have the courage for deregulation in the way that so far we know from the United States,” Tom Enders, a German, wrote in a commentary for the Sueddeutsche newspaper.

    “That seems hard to imagine. But there, you see a successful integration of migrants who are allowed to work soon after they arrive,” he wrote.

    Germany should make exceptions for the minimum wage and offer more flexibility with short-term contracts, he said.

    “If the threshold for entry into the labour market is too high, the integration of immigrants in society will fail,” Enders wrote.

    “It is better to enter the labour market with mini-jobs or low-paid jobs than not at all and to be condemned to social security, doing nothing and frustration.”

    Some economists have argued that the influx of migrants could provide skilled labour, especially in some areas where there are shortages such as engineering, and boost economic growth.


  5. ” IG Metall (German: Industriegewerkschaft Metall, “Industrial Union of Metalworkers'”) is the dominant metalworkers’ union in Germany”… in a world where YOUR UNION demands you be fired for resistance to “The New World Order,” eventually only you and your AR-15 will stand before the abyss.

      • Yeah, but if you have an AR-15 (The only gun I trust to work in all combat conditions such as DuPage County, IL in -25 degrees is the HK-91, but nothing wrong with having both.) you can repeat this classic scene from “The President’s Analyst” (http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0062153/) where V.I. Kydor Kropotkin hands an AR-15 to Dr. Sidney Schaefer:

        ” Look, you want to save the world? You’re the great humanitarian? Take the gun! ”

        Dr. Sidney Schaefer: [firing machine gun] “Take that you hostile son of a bitch! “

        • On by retirement I can’t afford more then one combat gun, I will take the 14 either large or small, I trust them to do the job without jamming, something the 15s I am familiar with may not do. The only time I ever had a 14 jam was when a sergeant cleaned it for an IG inspection and I didn’t have time enough to put more oil on the bolt before my turn on the firing line.

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