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12 Replies to “Two short clips of Marine Le pen leaving court on charges of saying true things about islam”

    • Hi Richard, a long story short:

      About 5 years ago, when masses of muslims OCCUPIED the streets of Paris doing their head-down-arse-up “prayers” DESPITE and AGAINST THE LAW which had been passed by then and forbade “prayers” in the street, Marine LePen likened it (in very mild lingo) to an “occupation” suggesting that even though they had no Panzers and guns like the Nazis had during their Occupation of France, this was still a “kind of occupation”.

      Of course the vested dark interests immediately schlepped her before the Courts – yet even the PROSECUTOR dismissed these trumped up charges.

      Now, 5 years later, there are some regional elections coming up in December, where Le Front National, the Party that Marine LePen leads is tipped to win quite a few seats, they have dusted this old story up again and some pseudo “Associations against Raaaaacism” , highly financially supported by the taxpayer, who are doing the dirty work of this corrupt socialist Government, are taking her to court again.

      It will come to nothing, but is the way these dirty people do their political fights. As, under Taubira(*) the so-called “French Justice System” is also fully corrupt, this charade will get some traction among the 5th Column, ie the media and the dirty halls of French Justice with their truly Nazi-like methods to silence political oponents. That’s all.

      (*) It is Taubira, the grotesk Justice Minister, a rabid anti-white Racist, a proven liar, married to (or embedded with I forget which) a muslim, interfered with the judgement against her criminally implicated son, and much more, who is behind this outrage as she is behind many rather suspicious things that are happening in France, one of these things being the unexplained mystery why she became and still is “Minister of Justice”, when France has nearly ceased to be a “Rechtsstaat”.

      Whoops, sorry that was longer than I intended.

      Marine LePen would be my choice for next President of France, she has a spine and recognises what is the greatest global danger at this moment.

      • The left always plays the race card in their fights, that is why I was wondering how much of a racist she is. From given what I knew before your post I was supporting her for President of France since the world needs someone in authority that will fight for Western Civilization.WWIII is heating up and next summer is gong to be critical if civilization is going to survive.

  1. Is this what France is coming to? A political leader inciting hatred against a particular community on the lines of Hitler inciting people against the Jews is let go scot free?

    • No, that is what France became when it let muslims preach koran as truth and instructions. Telling the truth about islam isn’t incitement. The hatred towards islam people feel is the healthy person’s reaction to what islam actually is once they know.

    • “Is this what France is coming to? A political leader inciting hatred against a particular community on the lines of Hitler inciting people against the Jews is let go scot free?”

      Suleiman, you never mentioned the names of “A political leader” and “a particular community”. But you did mentioned the pressure-words, “Hitler” and “Jews”.

      I congratulate you therefore, on another Saul Alinsky piece of writing, like trying to defend “how many times do you beat your wife?”. You attacked Marine Le Pen with the implication, and thus cast the assumption, that she is against everyone, exactly like Hitler.

      I didn’t realize however, Muslims were being accused of a One World Order conspiracy, that they controlled the banks and the media, ….that ISIS is homeland where all Muslims could return to be free from persecution to live in peace…

      Oh, hold on, you’re kidding right, Hitler sided with Muslims and not the Jews: http://www.inthenameofallah.org/Quran%20&%20Mein%20Kampf.html

      And Muslims are going out, returning from their new Homeland, into the belly of the Socialists that the Communists created through playing the pampered self-righteous* Useless Idiots in The West. http://www.amazon.com/American-Betrayal-Assault-Nations-Character/dp/1250055814

      I suppose, if were unlucky, we will have to appreciate Islamic gallows humor… or find a Zion for ourselves.

      *Can’t Cook, Won’t Cook. Edward Frame is a graduate student at the New School for Social Research.

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