The pieces are all moving into place. The actions and policies of all players are consistent. Denial is futile. Resistance is not: Links 2 on Oct. 21 – 2015

1. Geert Wilders in Australia

(Ruptly TV does odd video here where you see Geert but his voice was filtered out and you only hear a few communist agitators trying to shout Geert down at a press scrum)

2. Interesting brief interview with ‘migrant’ in Germany who feels the best thing is not to let in more migrants to Germany till they can guarantee a standard of living to all the ones already there. Perhaps Germany should have done that for its own people before letting in anyone?)

3. Mob of Afghans attack new arrivals at over-crowded Lesbos camp with sticks as Europe’s worsening weather and tighter border controls force more migrants to head for Greece

Violence erupted at an over-crowded refugee camp in Lesbos today as dozens of new arrivals were attacked by a mob of Afghans wielding sticks.

Greece has witnessed a surge in migrant arrivals in recent days amid fears of worsening weather and closing borders inside Europe, the United Nations and Greek authorities said.

The UN refugee agency said it had registered a clear ‘spike in arrivals’ that left some 27,500 packed on Greek islands by Tuesday morning.

A high-ranking Greek police official told AFP that of the 8,000 people who landed in Greece on Monday, 5,000 crowded onto the already overwhelmed island of Lesbos.

(I want one of those)
(Another sure sign that democracy is dead as politicized non-science is actually not debatable and any policy leaning left on it must be obeyed or you are ostracized. If an idea is not discussable, then you do not have democracy. Its really that simple.)

6. WATCH: Migrants Torch OWN Tents In Protest At ONE DAY Wait For Processing

A huge blaze swept through a migrant camp in Slovenia today after angry migrants set fire to their tents in protest at their treatment. Women and children were evacuated from the camp in Brezice, on the border with Croatia, as firefighters battled the fire.

The migrants were reportedly angry at delays in registering them and moving them on to the Austrian border in less than 24-hours, witnesses said.

They also complained about a lack of food, water and blankets, it was reported by the BBC.

(Wow these people really should speak to their travel agent! Next year they should try North Africa or Venezuela or better, the now so fashionable ‘stay-cation’ the rest of us use due to lack of money and the fact that the rest of the world has turned to crap)

7. What the invaders did to their own site in Lesbos Greece

(The Greeks manage to pick up after themselves. Everyone else does. If you can’t find a dumpster you can at least pile all the trash up in one remote corner or organize the area in some way to make it habitable. I don’t understand why consistently, the invaders destroy everywhere they are unless the media plays it all as part of a victim narrative, even when its what they do to themselves.)

8. Muslim teenager beaten, humiliated and tortured to death by her family in England.

(The details of this murder are too awful even to clip and paste. But this part is the actually important aspect in terms of policy and understanding)


“Shahena was a vulnerable young person. She suffered abuse and violence at the hands of her own family. The regime of brutality and extreme violence was so deeply embedded and feared, that she could not risk the results of any form of complaint to the outside world,” said Mr Trimmer.

He went on: “You will hear she had spoken to school friends on what happened to her. When they tried to complain on her behalf, she was obliged, for fear of worse to come, to deny what she had said to those school friends.”

(Multiculturalism is an oxymoron)

9. Australian Islamic Leader: Syria Will Become Graveyard of Russian Czars and Infidel West

10. Islamist Parents Who Tried To Join Isis Can Keep Children And Passports, Judge Rules

(Joining the EDL, or saying something demonstrably true about islam however, that can cost you your children in the UK today)

A couple of committed Islamists and keen followers of radical Imam Anjem Choudary who attempted to take their children into a war zone and join ISIS, will be allowed to keep their passports and young children a family court ruled yesterday.

In the first ruling of its kind, Sir James Munby, the most senior family court judge in England and Wales, said the family will have their passports returned as parents Asif Malik, 31, and Sara Kiran, 29, posed no threat to the welfare of their children – daughter Zoha, seven, and three sons Essa, four, Zakariva, two, and Yahya, one.

Sir James said they had “put the incident behind them”, The Times reports.

Mr Malik was photographed outside Regent’s Park mosque last January holding a placard which read: “Muslims will destroy the crusade and establish the Islamic state!” and outside the Lebanese embassy in May last year with one stating: “Stop Terrorism Against Sunnis… Islamic State Is The Solution.”

Thank you M., Nash Montana, Buck, Gates of Vienna, Richard, and many more.

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5 Replies to “The pieces are all moving into place. The actions and policies of all players are consistent. Denial is futile. Resistance is not: Links 2 on Oct. 21 – 2015”

  1. You are right, the pieces are in plays and to quote Sherlock Holmes the games afoot, for some this is the game of thrones and for others the name is the game of survival. Denial is indeed futile but that won’t stop those living in the liberal dream world. If it helps you can thin of this as evolution in action, the human race is being culled of those who can’t adapt to the changing conditions, which will cause the average IQ to raise a fraction of a point.

    9 – This man is ignoring the fact that the Moslems n Afghanistan had the backing of the US, this and President Reagan building a missile defense system that drove the Russian bankrupt rying to match are what drove the Russians from Afghanistan. Since Obama has come close to bankrupt9ing the US and the leftist in charge have bankrupted Europe there will be no superpower to fund the opposition to Putin’s colonization of Syria. (Yucki ask your Russki what the chances are that Putin will get some Cassocks or others to move to Syria to provide a local militia?)

    Speaknig of bankruptcy it wasn’t that long ago that Greece was being bailed out of bankruptcy because they have borrowed and spent more then their tax revenue could repay. Now they are having massive numbers of freeloaders moving into their nation demanding food,shelter and money. Now they are facing bankruptcy again and much sooner then their mortgage holders thought, Since the lenders are in countries that are having trouble feeding, clothing and sheltering the illegal migrants in their nations it is unlikely Greece will be bailed out again.

    I will stick with the cap that says Army, or follow the orders of the dermatologist and wear a boonie to protect the top of my ears from sunburn.

    • A lot of the people are afraid to resist because of the number of Moslems in the world. Yes there are a lot of them but that isn’t as much of an advantage as most people think, The allies in the invasions of Iraq an Afghanistan used firepower to make up for the numerical inferiority and Russia is now doing the same thing. The quality of the troops, the quality of their training, the quality of their leadership and the quality of their weapons are what matters, now how many you are fighting. Despite the numerical inferiority that the US had in Nam we had the war won until the Dems threw away the troops sacrifice and refused to rearm the South. This is going to be proven in Europe when the Europeans finally decide to fight for their nations. The major problem the west faces is the way the left will try to stop the west from using tactics that will defeat the Moslems.

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