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7 Replies to “TV Interview with chief of German police union”

  1. I am always amazed by the reasonableness and the intelligence of German union officials. Compare that guy to Ontario CUPE leader Sid Ryan and there is simply no comparison. Sid would be 100% in the Muslim camp and disingenuous as an eel. That German actually knows what he is talking about and seems to have done all the necessary research. I’ve never seen that in a union official before. Canadian unionists are generally angry Marxist first – everything else, second…

  2. They do need to separate the Christians and other non Moslems but other then that there is no realistic way to identify and separate all of the various groups.

    Ever since WWII the left has worked to lessen the consequences of breaking the law, now we are seeing an invasion of people who expect massive punishment for crimes and consider our criminal justice systems to be slaps on the wrist. I don’t want the west to return to the barbaric practices of the past but I don’t know what else the Moslems will respect.

  3. I guess I just don’t see what everybody else sees in this interview.

    To me it is most obvious that Christians and single women with children etc, need to be separated and have their own living spaces.

    But he claims that’s a sign of helplessness.

    Instead he is calling for “special protection” for these groups, christians, families, children. How is he gonna specially protect them when they have to live within this muslim abuse 24-7. He wants increased police security, I get that, and I might agree, but he will never be able to position ENOUGH police in every camp to prevent muslims from harassing and raping women and children, and harassing and kicking around Christians.

    There simply are not enough officers!!! And how is he going to stop corruption among these officers if muslims pay them a certain amount of money to look the other way???

    Christians, women, the abused, need to be separated. They deserve to have their own safe spaces. He believes in the power of the law… It’s nice and it’s very german but it’s not realistic. They can’t be everywhere at all times.

    Just my opinion. I took away something entirely different from watching and translating this. But at least I know I did a good job, and didn’t in any way let my own personal opinion cloud the translation 🙂

    • You have it in one, and he is even worse ! ! ! !
      That guy wants to continue the party of multiculture, pepper pot the settlement of the refugees and he is to be part of ruling the roost.
      He does not want to slow or stop immigration. He believes in it and only needs more resources reinforcement and “qualified” officers.
      Qualified with guns? Qualified in Nicolai Sennels, Robert Spenser, Vlad Tepes?
      does he fear that his police force are not indoctrinated enough with “paneuropean union society philosophy” No he wants them unquestioningly qualified more.

      There is much more I can add to each section of that speech if you check gov

    • I agree. They shouldn’t be placed together.

      The Muslims should be deported so they can defend their own people and provide for their own vulnerable ones. Or die trying. Not such a radical idea.

      ~~ Thank-you so very much, Nash, for all your great translations. You open a window and give me a fresh perspective. Such work is vital to our survival.~~
      You, Me, Us. The Good Guys,
      from Yucki, YankeeKafir

      Rita, too ~ of course ~ always. And Johnnyu. And Kathy. And everybody else who slogs through translation muck.

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