Germany: 45-year-old “refugee“ rapes 12-year-old African boy

An original translation by Carpe Diem with much thanks

From De Bild

Das Flüchtlings-Camp in Otterndorf

On Wednesday evening a 45-year-old “refugee“ raped a 12-year-old African boy, also a “refugee“, in a camp in Otterndorf near Cuxhaven (Lower Saxony). BILD newspaper reports, the offender is an asylumn-seeker from Pakistan or Syria (probably a Pakistani who claims he’s Syrian). According to the newspaper there has been an attempted rape of a child, also a boy, in the same “refugee“ camp only ten days ago. Police confirmed both incidents.

In the current case, a group of 20 “refugees“ had already surrounded the 45-year-old offender near the washing rooms, when security took note of the situation. Police then took the man into custody.
The 12-year-old boy has been taken to hospital.

In case of the attempted rape ten days ago, the offender is already been released from custody.

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  1. The German government will do nothing about this rape or the attempted rape, and once the “refugees” are let out of the camps and the rapes of German children start they will do nothing.

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