Busting climate liars and teaching muslims not to rape and steal as if they only do it because they didn’t know it was wrong: Links 3 on Oct. 8 2015

1. ‘Learn our language, no cycling on the pavement and don’t steal vegetables’: German mayor draws up a list of rules for newly arrived refugees

(Yes all you need to do is explain it to them. Like the Finland initiative to explain to muslim illegals that raping women is unappreciated. They just didn’t know that you see)

  • German mayor issues bizarre set of rules for newly arriving migrants
  • Warns migrants not to eat food before buying it in supermarkets
  • He also orders new migrants to ‘treat women with respect’ and cycle safely
  • German Jewish community warn of anti-Semitism threat from refugee
  • They described Merkel’s refugee policy as allowing ‘sworn enemies’ of Israel to settle in Germany
  • Central Council for Jews in Germany call for refugees to follow local values
(Because where they came from stealing food from stores was perfectly normal)

2. US Defense Sec. explains that the US will create a special non-deployed force which they feel will scare Russia away from doing things. Also they warned Russia to expect casualties and more.

3. More on the poisoning of dogs in Mexico. There seems to be one person in jail already but the name doesn’t seem to be out there in either English or Spanish media. Curiouser and curiouser.

4. Germany: Four injured after fire at refugee shelter in Bavaria

5. Video alleged to be of the stabbing of Stone, one of the 4 Paris train heroes

6. Saudi prince accused of sexually abusing multiple women at three-day party ‘flees $37m Beverly Hills mansion’ after he was bailed for just $300k

(And they say that we have a “rape culture”. I believe that the lyrics to the official Saudi National anthem are, “He who rapes and runs away, gets to rape and never pays)

A Saudi prince accused of sexually abusing several woman during a raucous party at his lavish Beverly Hills mansion has allegedly fled while on bail.

Majed Abdulaziz al-Saud, 29, was arrested last month after women accused him of ‘despicable’ sexual conduct during a three-day celebration – including forcing a woman to perform oral sex.

He paid a $300,000 bail bond to get out of jail while investigations continue, and is due in court in Los Angeles on October 19.

Majed Abdulaziz Al-Saud, 28, a Saudi prince, was charged with forced oral copulation after neighbors say a bleeding woman was found trying to escape from his Beverly Hills home (pictured)

Majed Abdulaziz Al-Saud, 28, a Saudi prince, was charged with forced oral copulation after neighbors say a bleeding woman was found trying to escape from his Beverly Hills home (pictured)

But according to neighbors, the prince is nowhere to be seen. Speaking to The Times of London, several people said that al-Saud had not been seen anywhere near the rented home, which is a gated, hilltop compound complete with a swimming pool.

7. No more mosques, Sharia law or Muslim refugees’: Pauline Hanson releases her One Nation political manifesto on Facebook – and gets 16,000 likes

In the wake of last Friday’s fatal terror attack in Sydney‘s west and subsequent raids controversial politician Pauline Hanson has declared she will seek to stop mosques, Sharila law and Muslim refugees, if elected at the next Federal poll.

The One Nation party leader has already won significant support within a day of posting her hard-hitting manifesto to followers: ‘No More: Mosques, Sharia law, Halal certification, Muslim refugees’.

The Queensland Senate candidate placed the message on Facebook and it has been ‘liked’ by more than 16,000 people in just over 24 hours.


8. Prime Minister’s office delayed intake of Syrian refugees, report says

(Video at site. Caution: The video would give one the impression that sanctimony is on sale for 75% off in Canada for the next minute and forty two)

OTTAWA — The issue of Syrian refugees exploded back on the election campaign Thursday following a report that the Conservatives delayed the intake of vulnerable refugees from war-torn Syria in the spring after the prime minister’s office got directly involved in processing immigration files.

The Globe and Mail reported Thursday that the Prime Minister’s Office intervened in the processing of Syrian refugees and declared that all applicants referred by the United Nations would require Harper’s approval.

More at CBC

9. Victoria police will guard mosques after warnings about rightwing protests

(Someday, in a time far away, when the public remembers how Greek thought works, cause and effect, reason based conclusions and so on, the security apparatus of state will realize that the more mosques there are, the more that the public has to be protected from them and not the other way around)

Victoria police will step up security around mosques and have advised worshippers to give notice of any community events at the weekend, amid warnings they will be targeted for protests by rightwing groups.

Fringe groups including the United Patriots Front are planning to return to Bendigo on 10 October for protests against plans to build a mosque in the town Self-styled leaders in the movement have also warned of protests at mosques elsewhere as part of a “global anti-mosque protest day” on Saturday being organised by US-based groups.

10. Ted Cruz bust a left wing activist group disguised as a scientific climate group quite nicely.

Thank you M., Tundra T., Nick V., and so many more and yet more to come!

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  1. So, Hillary Clinton has got to know that she’s not going to be the President of the United States. Ted Cruz is just one of about a half-a-dozen people the Republicans have got who would probably do a great job as POTUS. I love the way Cruz made that lying Sierra Club smarm earn his $400,000-a-year paycheck, although no leftist will ever see the clip. I’ve never heard one of those monkeys argue the facts about climate change, they always talk exclusively about the number of people who believe it, as if that’s a logical argument instead of a perfect example of circular thinking. They never want to talk about the Vostok ice-core samples or the satellite data or the ocean buoys or the hockey stick graph or the Little ice age or anything.

    Come to think of it, Hillary probably hates the idea of being President anyway and will simply enjoy living the rest of her life as the grand dame of the Democrat Party and the #1 member of the international elite, along with her husband. Her life makes 5-star look like slumming. Her remaining years will be unimaginably great, but she won’t be President.

    Besides, it’s the Republicans’ turn. The Americans almost always alternate from left to right and this year will be no exception…

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