One of the French Train Heroes stabbed 4 times and a whole lot more: Links 2 on Oct. 8 – 2015

1. Radical leftism fueling the rise of the ‘far right’ in Germany

2. Paris train hero stabbed at bar

(The recent college mass shooting was, purely by coincidence of course, and where people were shot to death based on their Christian faith, where another of the heroes from the French train shooting was enrolled. Pay no attention though. Just a coincidence. Ask an actuarial. UPDATE: Stabbers are two adult Asian males

French train attack hero Spencer Stone is repeatedly STABBED while defending a female friend as police search for two adult Asian male suspects

  • French train attack hero Spencer Stone was stabbed in Sacramento early Thursday
  • He is in stable condition after being stabbed in the heart and lung while outside a bar with a female companion
  • ‘It is believed that the victim was out with a group of friends when a physical altercation led to the victim being stabbed,’ said police
  • Police say Stone was with a male friend and three female friends when he was stabbed and are looking for two Asian male syspect
  • Initially police did not believe that Stone, 23, would be able to survive his injuries and began treating the case as a homicide
  • Stone was one of the three Americans who managed to take down a gunman as he opened fire on a Paris-bound train this past August


Details of the stabbing early Thursday are unclear. The suspects, described as two male Asian adults in white T-shirts and blue jeans, fled the scene in a 2009-2012 dark Toyota Camry, police said at a press conference.

“The assault does not appear to be a random act; it’s believed to be related to a night-club incident,” police said. Police have ruled out terrorism

3. Roseburg shooting vics and families do not want Obama to come to the funerals or visit the families

4. Muslim Migrants Flooding Croatia like Tsunami

(If there was an evil version of the Benny Hill theme I would be tempted to do it for this video)

5. SWEDEN BURNS: 1000s of migrants torch Capital

It is supposed to be the model multicultural state. But Sweden is facing problems of its own after gangs of immigrants spent a fifth consecutive night rioting in Stockholm.

Officers are battling to keep the capital under control after hundreds of cars were torched, a police station set alight and fire services kept from a major blaze by a stone-throwing mob of youths.

To make matters worse, rioting has now spread to Sweden’s two other major cities, Gothenburg and Malmo.
The disturbances, which have lasted longer than the riots in England in the summer of 2011, started last week after police shot dead a foreign-born pensioner who threatened to attack them with a machete.
Left-wing activists came forward to accuse police of racism – a charge strongly denied by the Stockholm force.

6. Integration chief: “Refugees see work as a ‘punishment’”

7. Fins attempt to solve muslim raping of local woman problem by teaching courses at UMI reception centers that explain that in Finland, raping women is not allowed and generally frowned on. 

8. BBC Player: Are the Saudis funding the Islamic State? Rather, did they till it turned on them?

(This player seems to work here in Canada without use of a VPN in this instance)

9. Some migrants tok over a government building in Germany

Thank you Wrath of Khan, Buck, M., Nash Montana, Oz-Rita, Ox AO. and many more and much more to come shortly.

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  1. The failure of the left to take care of the citizens of the Western nations is feuling the raise of the patriotic right in all nations, and part of the problem is that the left has allowed the Moslems to infiltrate an army into all western nations. The rioting and building takeovers are just the beginnings, they will bring out the military equipment and attempt coups in all western nations,

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