Palestinian attacker of Danish police officer yelled “Allah hu ackbar” and had IS sympathies

An original translation by Liberty Dk.

From Jyllands Posten in Denmark

The 25-year-old Palestinian who today was arrested for attempted the murder of a police officer in Sandholm, was possibly inspired by the Islamic State and the motive for the stabbing may therefore be terrorism.

A statement by North Zealand police this evening.
Various clues found during the investigation indicates that the arrested 25-year-old stateless Palestinian, may be radicalized and have sympathy for Islamic state, police said.
The investigation of the case will therefore try to uncover further leads regarding this suspicion.
Extra Bladet learned that the 25-year-old shouted ‘Allahu Akbar’ when he attacked the 56-year-old police officer working in the National Police Immigration Center. It means ‘God is great’.
“I won’t comment on that. There are details in this investigation, we won’t yet discuss. But we have found evidence that the detainee is radicalized and has sympathy for the Islamic State”, said Chief Superintendent Magnus Andresen, North Zealand police to Ekstra Bladet.
Is perhaps mentally unstable
Police also believe that the alleged offender may be mentally unstable.
The 25-year-old has been known in the asylum system since 2013 and he has been residing in the Departure Centre Sjælsmark since July this year, where he is waiting to be sent out of the country.
The Palestinian man will be presented at Elsinore court where a charge of attempted murder will be levelled. The police will require closed doors in the court as it cannot be excluded that there may be co-perpetrators at large.
“We are working on the hypothesis that this is a radicalized person and so of course we must investigate the possibility that there may be other persons involved”, says Magnus Andresen.
Arrested in Sjælsmark
The 25-year-old was arrested at 10:05 in his room in the Departure Centre Sjælsmark, where he lives. Police would not say how police found tracked him down. His room was searched and this led apparently to the suspicion of radicalization.
Chief Superintendent Magnus Andresen would not comment on whether police found terrorist propaganda and the like in his room, but says:
What we found in his room suggests that he is radicalized and has sympathy for the Islamic State.
The police now know that the perpetrator of the stabbing illegally procured access to the police building in Center Sandholm and apparently waited for the policeman to arrive for work.
The 56 year old arrived for work shortly before 03:30.

We know that the perpetrator illegally gained access to the police building, said Chief Superintendent Magnus Andresen. He would not say whether the offender had actually broken in.
The 56-year-old officer was surprised that there was light on, and first thought it might be the cleaning staff. He was attacked from behind and stabbed once with a knife, and a battle with the Palestinian man ensued whereafter he was stabbed twice more. The officer was hit in the shoulder, arm and neck.
During the fight, he hit the stabber several times and the and the 25-year-old has probably suffered some injuries, which he is now being treated for at the Institute of Forensic Medicine.
Apparently, the 56-year-olds was unarmed as he had just met for work.
After the terrorist attack on February 14 in Copenhagen a general order is that officers should always be armed when they are in service. But when they come to work, they must first retrieve the gun, which is locked in a weapons locker.


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