Czech independent news claims the Czechs and Slovaks take EU to court, consider leaving the EU.

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A small Slovakian town held a vote on accepting refugees; 97 percent said no.

The next act of the European refugee crisis will unfold in little towns like this one, where hundreds of Syrian war refugees are coming to live in a village that just voted by overwhelming numbers to oppose their stay.

Over the past few days, the first of 500 Syrian asylum seekers arrived to take up three-month residency at a state-run dormitory in the center of town.

Last month, as locals watched the news of streams of migrants winding their way through Europe, the village held a special referendum: 97 percent voted to oppose reopening the Slovakian government’s refugee facility.

“We’re not haters,”said Zoltan Jakus, one of the organizers of the vote. “But I think this will end badly.”

(There is no way it cannot end badly. Islam gives three options. Slavery, conversion and paying 20% to the Caliph, or war. None of them ever end well. In fact the beginning and the middle suck as well. Recommend starting the fight early and doing it well for least possible bad in the equation)

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3 Replies to “Czech independent news claims the Czechs and Slovaks take EU to court, consider leaving the EU.”

  1. 500 migrants? Putting half a battalion of mujaheddin in a town of five thousand should spell its doom if the ragrants all get cranky at the same time.

  2. The young man says it is the “prelude” to One World Government.
    I would say it is the implementation of OWG, but without the explicit announcement of it.
    It is OWG in action.
    This is what it looks like.

    And as I wrote several days ago, the baltic states, Poland, the Czech Rep., Slovakia, Hungary, and Croatia all need to leave the EU. And it they’re concerned to have economic trading among just themselves, free, so to speak, let them form their own union — if they can agree on how to handle immigration, understanding that immigration is the PHYSICAL tool being used to exert power over them to give up their nations, culture, and identity.

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