Some exposes on the Planned Parenthood videos, the migrants and their values etc. Links 2 on Sept. 26 – 2015

1. An interesting perspective from a Hafiz, (someone who has memorized the koran by heart) on the current migration crisis and the culture of the people finding their way here.

2. Bill Mahar on Ahmed the Clock Faker

(Al of these people seem not to know he was arrested for his belligerence and in fact was arrested for a hoax bomb. A separate change to having a bomb)

3. News video on the planned parenthood video exposes

Thank you M., Buck and many more and much more to come. Sporadically, but will come.

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6 Replies to “Some exposes on the Planned Parenthood videos, the migrants and their values etc. Links 2 on Sept. 26 – 2015”

  1. 1 I wonder how much longer the LSM and the politicians can keep the facts from the public? Events are building to a real big explosion and because of past and current actions by the European governments it will be a very bloody explosion.

  2. 2. Strange message I heard from the guest:

    “Look, it was a Gay Clock. Alright?

    Somewhat flamboyant, a little risque, very daring…

    …the innards are just a clock….

    Are you going to make a fuss over this, or MOVE ALONG?”

    • “5 Shocking Realities of Working With Disturbed Children

      #5. It’s Worse Than You Think
      #4. Their Mere Existence Scares the Shit Out of People
      #3. There’s a Lot of Semen
      #2. There’s No Training, and the Rules Are Insane
      #1. You Take Whatever Progress You Can Get

      “Then something incredible happened: he started to cry. He began talking about his biological mother and how his earliest memory was standing beside her as a 3-year-old when she was killed in a drive-by shooting. It was information no one, not even his psychiatrist, knew. We ended up covering more positive psychological ground with him in the 10 minutes that followed than we had in the previous two years with him.

      And, if some Hollywood producer sees this article and decides to make a movie about these kids, you can bet that scene would make it in. They’d just leave out the months that came before and after — the long days, the bruises, and the staff regularly trudging off to the restroom to wash semen out of their clothes.”

      Two parents from an ‘Adam and Eve’ family would be on on a child’s case to prevent Communism, Islamism and Locked-in Sexual Fetish Syndrome.

      Otherwise, with nationwide child-neglect, the country becomes a lunatic asylum of fantasists run by the most ruthless of inmates: Communists, Mohammadans and Preferentials who demand their public be scared… very scared… so the protected groups who don’t have to obey the laws, (Muhammad had as many wifelets as he wanted), are born-that-way untouchables.

      #5. It’s Worse Than You Think

  3. 3 This shows the power of one man who is doing what is right, the fight on this isn’t over and the refusal to defund Planned Parenthood is hurting the Democrats with the voters. This kowtowing to special interest groups has always been the weak spot of the Democrats but the mainstream Republicans were too scared to use this properly. This issue is forcing them to fight and it will help in the long run.

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