Is the counter-jihad still fringe?

There has been quite a bit of activity in Europe and the UK today. It seems as if Islam has occupied a great deal of the overall bandwidth of the box populi.

Poland, the UK and elsewhere. Also awareness of the nature of islam and the consequence of its unrestricted growth has started to influence politicians and there are some that are shifting away from the narrative, at least to a small degree, and towards a reality based line of thinking. Heretical for these times. But the counter jihad is rapidly becoming not fringe.

If one goes to Youtube and types in EDL and restricts it to today, you get quite a bit of activity including ones that allude to confrontations between the fascists of antifa and EDL people and muslims as well as a demo in what looks lie a really nice town called Colchester where friends of ours spoke.

Here is one of many demos that took place in Poland, this one in Warsaw

We are hoping our man on the ground there can look at this and see if there is anything worth translating. There certainly was at the football games last week. These are an educated bunch who clearly know what is up with the migration invasion and remember their own history. The spirit of Jan Sobieski the 3rd. lives on, at least there if not in Vienna.

Freedom of speech continues to contract in the UK where even mild criticism of Islamic State slavers, mass murderers and rapists is seen as inflammatory. Basically you can lie about Europe and white people and Jews, but you cannot say anything true about muslims. The total moral inversion is nearly complete.

And a Record numbers of migrants enter Macedonia

Thank you M., Ricard, Yucki, ML., and many more, And more to come. Its possible that the next installment of Stephen Coughlin won’t be till tomorrow but an outside chance for late tonight. I have a couple of other ideas in the fire as well.



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