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One Reply to “This link takes you to live coverage of the more, ahem, assertive, approach of the march of the entitled”

  1. here is partial translation from the article in the Polish newspaper. The translated part of the article is talking about how much the present crisis costs Hungary and how much EU helped that country

    Since the beginning of the crisis Hungarian government registered 170,000 applications for asylum. The decision has been made in 67,000 cases, 2000 applications got a positive decision. In case of the rest (65,000) the decision making process has not been brought to an end because the applicants have disssapeared. In other wordds, they continued their journey towards the country with higher amount of social assistance.
    How much does it cost the Hungarians? So far, overall costs (care of immigrants, police and military costs, cleaning, transport and others) are 30 billion forints, or almost 100 million euros. Budapest estimates that the final cost will amount to about 200 million euros, that is twice as much.
    What was the help of European Union? As part of the emergency aid it donated 2 milion euros and then another 4 million euros (out of 8 million requested by Hungary). One has to add to the overal costs the paralysis of the important rail connections and blocking the roads by migrants going toward their “promised land”
    EU also helped a lot when it comes to the border protection. Frontex – the UE border protection agency which suffers from permanent underfunding – sent to Hungary 56 people. That is all what the agency, who is supposed to control UE border, can afford during the enormous crisis on the European borders.


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