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4 Replies to “Brief interview with ‘migrant’ in Denmark walking to Sweden”

  1. There is a migrant problem in Europe only because they let it be. They could be strict about ensuring the people are actual refugees. But all countries need to do so, because as we see now, when you have some countries being so careless it attracts people willing to scam and then the mass migration becomes a problem for all countries.

    We are witnessing an accelerated massive demographic shift, one that will alter Europe permanently. Just because they are so willing with their lands, doesn’t mean those they give it up to will return the favor. For the first time a massive number of Muslims have unprecedented access to European lands. They long wanted to conquer Europe and it is happening with the Europeans unwittingly helping them.

  2. So they want Sweden because the “salary” is more for refugees (jizya), and they can bring their families sooner. If you are fleeing the ravages of war, you don’t leave your family behind. You bring them with you to safety. Economic migrants start off alone, get established in a country, and then sponsor their relatives.

  3. Arun said: ”…If you are fleeing the ravages of war, you don’t leave your family behind. You bring them with you to safety…”

    People who are awake should start to spread this meme, (which is a very true meme, by the way) that not even ONE of these boat people is fleeing war, as such. Europe has NO BORDERS with Syria or any other war zone. So these guys by geographical necessity must have already been completely out of harms way before they decided to come here. So they had no excuse to jump on those boats and drag themselves in that dangerous and dramatic fashion across the Mediterranean and then drag themselves all the way to Northern Europe on foot in such a hurry! The Wehrmacht or Red Army was not following them! ISIS was not pursuing them in Turkey! Staying put and waiting for the legal immigration procedures to be sorted out wouldn’t have harmed them in any way! They could have stayed in Turkey in order for UNHCR to resettle them. Or they could have tried to apply for a work visa in one of our embassies in the Middle East, if they had some skills that we needed. Heck! At least they could have registered with the Hungarian government. If they had a solid case for asylum, I doubt that Hungary would have just refused them if that were the case.

    So the matter is NOT running away from war and danger, but it is USING this historical moment when their country is at war in order to permanently immigrate to the Western country of their choice. They know full well that unless they take matters in their own hands and rush inside Europe before it is too late, and drag themselves across the finish line to a country that they have always dreamed of migrating to, this window of opportunity will close and they will have to go back to Syria and actually do the hard work of rebuilding it! So their whole odyssey here to Europe is nothing but an act of bypassing our laws and taking the matter of who should settle in our countries into their own hands and out of ours! They want to put us before a “Fate Accompli”!

    Regardless of how sorry we feel about their situation and the fact that their country is at war, we should not allow them to bully us into arrangements that we might not have voluntarily entered into.
    Even refugees should be resettled with law and order and that’s why we have UNHCR. Our humanitarian obligation to save those who are fleeing war only extend to those who are crossing our borders directly from a war stricken zone. In the UN refugee law, they are called “prima face” refugees. Meaning that just by the fact that they are observed crossing the border from a war-torn territory to a safe one, they are automatically considered as refugees and obviously should not be stopped and asked: “Where is their passport,where is their visa?”. But that should only apply to the first border that they cross between their war-torn land and a peaceful one. It is a travesty and a mockery and an obvious abuse of this humanitarian law, to expect the suspension of border control formalities for the people of the said war-torn area (and whoever without even a shred of proof claims to be from that area) to apply to all the borders of the world!

    It is a joke, if we interpret the UN refugee law as: “One can travel the whole world without border control formalities being applied to him, and settle anywhere in the world that he wants permanently, if one’s country is at war, and all through the duration of that war.”

    But this is exactly how the law is being interpreted right now, which is on its face absurd and illogical and ridiculous! And this sudden reinterpretation of the UN refugee laws, in this laughable manner is the direct cause of the current stampede that we are witnessing.

    In our conversations with our friends and family who might be feeling sorry for the Syrian refugees and thinking that at least we have a duty to take them in, we should make sure that we explain to them this crucial issue. Because most of them, when feeling uncomfortable about closing the borders to all boat refugees, think that if we do so the Syrians too, who are the “real refugees” would be unfairly left out and will remain in danger of death. They often have this image in their minds that if we reject them, their only choice would be to go back inside Syria and get killed by ISIS. They also have the image that these guys prior to stepping over Europe’s borders were under a hail of bullets and bombs. They cannot imagine that they were perfectly safe before they actually put themselves in major danger and boarded those leaky boats.

    The Media bears the guilt for this mistaken image that they have, First of all, they rarely if ever show images of any peaceful parts of the Middle East and this has subconsciously created a false impression in people’s mind that there is wall-to-wall war in the Middle East. They also rarely show the large refugee camps that are hosting Syrian refugees in Turkey and Jordan and other perfectly safe Middle Eastern countries, so people don’t realise that these Syrian refugees actually have other option too, other than risking their lives to come to Germany!

    The other trick that they use is that they only ever speak of the refugees’ “journey” to Europe in terms of it starting in an inflated boat floating over the Mediterranean, until they reach their destination in Northern Europe. They never shed any light on the “Syria-Coast of Turkey” leg of the journey. Had they done that, people would suddenly see that the refugees were not under any duress to take the risk of hurriedly rushing to Europe on those unseaworthy boats. It would suddenly become plain that even the Syrians are economic migrants who are using the war in their country as a ticket towards their European dream.

    Since this current crisis will not come to an end unless the public opinion sharply and in unison turns against the influx of refugees and until these #refugee welcome nonsense stop, we have a duty to spread the truth and wake up the people in our spheres of influence.

    There are some pathological do-gooders in our midst, right now, who will never listen to the truth. To these people, helping people, is not a means to alleviate suffering in the world, but a way to boost their own egos and congratulate themselves for being so caring. To them the fact that they are helping the wrong people and wasting resources on those who really don’t need help is not important, because they just want to feel good about themselves and they don’t want us to take this golden opportunity for feeling good about themselves, that has now showed up on their doorsteps away from them! It is after all easy to pour out all their “love and care” on an easy and handy “victim” group who has come here feigning misery, and much harder to actually study and make sure that we are using our limited resources on those who really are desperate. That would be “too much head and too little heart” for them! That would be “cold and uncaring” for them! So we cannot change their minds no matter how many facts to the contrary we expose to them.

    But the vast majority of the Europeans who in the goodness of their hearts are welcoming refugees and want to do the right thing, are only doing what they do because they really really believe that they are helping people in need who have just escaped certain death and starvation. They are not pathological, but they just want to do the right thing. Waking these people up is our only hope. These good people are genuine humanitarians who even though are ready to go out of their way to help those in need, they are NOT OK with being taken advantage of and taken for fools! If we correct their misconceptions and open their eyes to the facts that they are missing (thanks to the government and Media propaganda) they will not only turn against this open door policy, but they will be raging mad about those who were trying to abuse their kindness.

    So please speak up and correct misconceptions where ever you go. Throw caution to the wind! This is an emergency! All hands must be on deck! SPEAK UP!!

  4. Good move by Denmark!

    Denmark has always been ahead of the pack on Muslim immigration. [For immigration purposes Muslim men were marrying and divorcing 2-3 women from the old country – which meant their numbers increasing exponentially.]

    Meanwhile Sweden already going bankrupt trying to provide for the everyday needs of their current Islamic ‘immigrants’ – will take on even more. The next public notice might be to tell the Swedes they need to all work a little harder!!

    No wonder the immigrants preferred choice is Sweden!!

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