The human follies. Act III scene 1: Links 2 on Sept. 10 – 2015

1: The Liberal Party of Canada has made odd choices for leader recently. Since the largest scandal in Canadian political history, Ad-Scam which was where a Liberal PM, Jean Chretien, tried to subvert the democratic process himself by funneling tax dollars to certain Liberal friendly ad firms in Quebec and keep the Liberals in power with the power of advertising using publicly funded etc. etc. with a lot of it going to Liberal party insiders and for which, no one but no one has gone to jail, they then picked an American who was born in Canada but thought of himself as an American, taught university at an American university, had US citizenship, lived in the states right up till he was asked to run for the party, and identified himself on US TV as an American citizen. (By the way, exactly as the Conservative ‘attack ads predicted, the moment he lost the election he went back to the US. Is it still an attack ad if its true?) Then the Liberals picked this guy:

When Trudeau loses, and for all our sakes I hope he does, I think its safe to guess who will be the next Liberal candidate for Prime Minister.

2. Austria stops Hungary trains as Europe debates migrant plan

Austria has suspended train services from Hungary as it struggles to cope with overcrowding at train stations. As the European Parliament backed a plan to distribute refugees, some EU states voiced opposition.

(There is more at that page about more countries and attempting to cope and pass blame to other actors)

3. The trail of breadcrumbs the ‘refugees’ leave and follow

4. Sydney Archbishop says Australia should take more asylum seekers in response to refugee crisis in war-torn Syria… and should prioritise CHRISTIANS

Christian refugees attempting to flee Syria as part of the country’s humanitarian crisis should be prioritised over people of other beliefs, some of Australia’s leading Catholics believe.

Sydney’s Catholic Archbishop Anthony Fisher believes special treatment is needed due to ‘campaigns to drive Christians from the Middle East’.

‘Other groups are also suffering badly and being persecuted but many Syrian Christians have relatives and a cultural affinity in Australia and we should be honouring those ties and connections,’ Archibishop Fisher said, according to The Australian. 

Sydney's Catholic Archbishop Anthony Fisher believes special treatment is needed for Christian refugees fleeing Syria due to 'campaigns to drive Christians from the Middle East'

Sydney’s Catholic Archbishop Anthony Fisher believes special treatment is needed for Christian refugees fleeing Syria due to ‘campaigns to drive Christians from the Middle East’

He also said Australia’s refugee intake should be increased, along with the Anglican Church – which called for an increase of 10,000.

5. US to take another 10,000 ‘Syrian’ ‘refugees’ that they will admit to.

(The honest part of this press conference are the two words, “at least”.

6. In this video about the filth where the migrants swarm, there is an interview with one of them who’s English is suspiciously good. Om fact he has an accent which is damn near British. One wonders if he is a UK passport holder from the IS part of Syria. (Well observed Buck)

7. Looks like the IS has taken another military base from Syria

Graphic but not pornographic level

8. Angela Merkel makes it clear that being on the wrong side of her policies, especially ‘immigration’ will not be tolerated and all who post things to Facebook that speak harshly on the other side of the issue will feel the force of the state.

(Hey Ms. Merkel. Your Stasi is showing)

‘ When people operate sedition under their name in the social networks, not only the state must act, but also the company Facebook should take action against these slogans, “said Merkel in the Friday edition of the’ Rheinische Post’. The rules to have Facebook, they would have to’ be applied’.

xenophobia is nothing new, according to Merkel. But apparently sees the Chancellor also a link between the specific nature of digital communication and the dissemination of such positions:’ Certainly, a partially uninhibited communication in social networks contribute.’

9. Two suspects arrested on the background of Aylan ,Haidar and Zainab drown(ing)

Shafaq News / The Turkish court has issued a decision to arrest two suspects out of three detainees have been referred to the Justice Palace, on the background of the drowning of 12

migrants, including the Syrian child, “Aylan”, whose body’s image raised the sympathy at the level of world public opinion, with the refugees who risk their lives to reach Europe.

It later turned out that two Iraqi children “Zainab” and Haidar ” drowned also with Aylan.

The court decided to arrest “Gabriel E. ” and “Borhan Y.” On charges of “smuggling migrants”, and “causing death through deliberate neglect”, while ordered the release of suspected “Sahar b.”, on the condition to put her under judicial supervision

10. I wonder what this guy’s values are?

Thank you M., Buck, Wrath of Khan, Richard, Rita M., and all. There is still more to come including a great video of an interview with a muslim in Denmark walking his way to Sweden. he explains really well exactly why.

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  1. This Saturday (12th of September ) in two major cities in Poland (Warsaw and Lodz) people wanted to demonstrate against the (taking in the) migrants, but the officials in both cities prohibited the demonstrations.
    Jaroslaw Jozwiak, deputy Mayor of Warsaw, explained the reason for prohibition:
    “We can not agree that the hate speech will be heard in the center of our city . It is contrary to the values of openness and tolerance “

  2. I am truly surprised by how dumb-assed stupid Angela Merkel is turning out to be. It’s inexcusable that she, as a German, should be so blind to the glaring similarities between the ascending Islamist movement and the goddamn Nazis. If she had been in power in the ’30s, she would have made all criticism of Adolf Hitler into a hate crime. It’s bad enough that she’s dead wrong about absolutely everything, but she wants to make it a crime to even point that fact out. She is as intolerant as she is uninformed.

    This is getting downright spooky. Why are all the world leaders doing such obviously ridiculous things? Why didn’t they send a plane to the rescue in Benghazi? Why did they murder Gaddafi when he had renounced terrorism and was running his country rather well? Why are they so down on the secular Bashar al-Assad regime? Why are they so friendly with the Muslim Brotherhood? Why are they letting the Evil Monkeys get the atomic fucking bomb, no less? Why are they letting endless millions of most-likely-to-support-terrorism exact-wrong-kind Muslims into their countries when they aren’t in any way even obligated to? It makes no sense. Like I said, it’s getting spooky.

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