First there was Mars Attacks, then, independence day. Now, there is willkommen Ganz Eindringlinge

The title of course refers to the scenes in Mars Attacks where the Earthlings offer their hands in friendship and even surrender right before the Martians blast them to atoms. And the famous scene from Independence day where hippies are partying on the roof of a tall building singing songs of welcome and joy to the rapidly approaching aliens, right before… you get the idea.

The Netherlands:




Germany: Merkel: No Legal Limit to Asylum Seekers Germany Can Take

Canada: Protesters demand Canada open borders to Syrian refugees

Germany: Germans expecting 7000 UMIs today

There is really a lot more. Please check the daily links post for a great selection of cultural-suicide videos.

Thank you M., Dutch Patriot, Gates of Vienna, and all and more more more to come.


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13 Replies to “First there was Mars Attacks, then, independence day. Now, there is willkommen Ganz Eindringlinge”

  1. They did sing so much more but it was lost in translation, sort of 🙂

    I have never seen such a bunch of gutmenschen farting all together.

    These fellow country woman made me cry and searching for a rope to hang myself! ASAP!

    But wait! They are so ugly…Maybe that’s why they are welcoming the ones that dont kick the dogs of their bodies!

  2. In the future , these same bleeding hearts will in a state of denial say “where did we go wrong”. It’s all over when the new arrivals are ‘instructed’ by their local brethren what they can get away with.

  3. This isn’t the first time people have welcomed their the people who have stated they are going to kill them, for some reason the pseudo intellectuals in the west are very often infected with this self destructive meme. If it was just them that is going to be murdered we could look at it as evolution in action raising the average IQ of the human race.

    • From Turkey to Germany for $12K: Illegal human trafficking booms amid refugee and migrant crisis

      High demand for asylum in Europe has created a smuggling boom in the people-trafficking industry. A place in a boat from Libya to Italy costs from $900. Routes from Turkey to Sweden by plane, or to Germany overland can cost over $12 000.

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