From the Dark Ages, to the Enlightenment, to the Dark Green ages? Links 2 on Sept. 5 – 2015

1: Religious muslim party wins major ground in Moroccan elections.

2. Merkel: No Legal Limit to Asylum Seekers Germany Can Take

(Reminds me of the labour party in the UK’s plan to destroy England)

3, German ‘Crack Suicide Squad’ marches for national self destruction.

(Drugs seem to play a part here I suspect)

4. Greece: Police clash with UMIs

5. In this video of UMIs in Lesbos Greece, there is a moment at 2:10 where we come close to learning something important. One of the younger males explains that all of the ‘migrants’ have paid $1200.00 to get there from Turkey. Europe isn’t taking refugees from Turkey. They have no obligation to because Turkey is a safe place and there is no danger for them there. This is about people feeling entitled to the benefits of European civilization because they paid to get there. That is all.

6.  Quebec’s Bill 59 attacks free speech

While the rest of Canada’s attention is focused on the federal election, an odious piece of legislation is making its way through Quebec’s National Assembly.

Bill 59, introduced by Quebec Premier Philippe Couillard’s Liberal government, would make it illegal to promote hate speech in Quebec, without defining what hate speech is.

Despite this, it would expand the definition of hate speech to include “political convictions” for any speech deemed by Quebec’s human rights bureaucracy to promote, “fear of the other”, an absurdly vague term which could easily lead to prosecutorial abuses.

Bill 59 would empower Quebec’s human rights commission to investigate anonymous complaints, or to launch investigations on its own, without any complaint, culminating in charges before Quebec’s Human Rights Tribunal.

(For more on this move from the Enlightenment into the new Dark Green age, see here at the National Post, and here at The Globe & Mail)

7. Mother suspected of trying to join ISIS with her four children is arrested at Luton Airport after being flown back from Turkey 

(I dunno, is that even news now?)

8. ACLU, CAIR Sue Florida for Denying Islamic Meals to Muslim Prisoners

(It never seems to occur to leftists or muslims that if you want to control what you eat, don’t commit crimes)

The American Civil Liberties Union’s (ACLU) Florida Chapter and the Council Of American Islamic Relations (CAIR) Florida are suing the state of Florida for purportedly denying Halal meals to Muslim convicts locked up in the Miami-Dade Country prison system.

The lawsuit was filed on Thursday in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Florida, Local 10 News, a Miami-based ABC affiliate, reported.

Other inmates have been provided with meals that cooperate with their faith, and Muslims should be afforded the same opportunity, the lawsuit claims.

“Just because individuals are being detained in jail doesn’t mean that the county can unilaterally strip them of their First Amendment right to practice their faith,” commented Shalini Goel Agarwal, an  ACLU attorney for their Florida chapter.

9. Video 5 in the thoughtful series on the Rotherham Muslim Mass forced sexual slavery of children scandal. (As it has been exceedingly busy at Vlad HQ., I have not had the opportunity to watch this yet. But if its up to the standards of his other ones, its going to be interesting and worthy of the time.

Thank you ML., M., Wrath of Khan and many more.

There is a video that is in the oven right now, which is really important. Not just because the content is critical but because this was done by a left-leaning European TV network which frankly, does not normally reflect reality. Clearly things have gotten to the point where even they felt one might dare take a critical look at islamic immigration and its effects. It will be available to view before midnight ET tonight. I would recommend to all to download this one and keep it safe. Show it to your skeptical friends. The material is handled in a matter-of-fact way so it is quite watchable by those who normally shun this sort of information.

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  1. While most of the information is depressing there are signs that people are waking up, it is not too late to save Europe if the people start resisting the invasion.

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