The Hijra of the west continues. Links 1 on Sept. 5 – 2015

1: Parents Upset that Middle Schoolers Assigned to Write ‘Allah is the Only God’

Parents at a middle school in Spring Hill, Tennessee, just outside of Nashville, are upset that their children have spent three weeks studying Islam and were assigned to write the Shahada profession of the Islamic faith: “Allah is the only god.” Making the situation worse, parents said the teacher skipped over the section on Christianity.

Though the parents understand that a thorough study of history will undoubtedly cover religions from all over the world, they don’t understand why so much time is being spent on this one. Plus, the class is delving into learning the specifics of the Five Pillars of Islam and thus causing parents to wonder if that constitutes teaching religion in schools.

“From a religion point of view, if the schools are going to be teaching religion in history, they need to teach them all equally,” parent Brandee Porterfield told The Columbia Daily Herald. “For them to spend three weeks on Islam after having skipped Christianity, it seems to be that they are making a choice about which religion to discuss.”

2. MSNBC and CNN cover the invasion of Paris 1944

3. Nationalist Protest the Islamic invasion in Hungary

4. ahem

(Breitbart covers this story here)

5. Bus Fleet Delivers 4,000 Migrants To Austria

6. Muslim accused of Thai temple bombing appears in court

Thank you M, Richard, Wrath of Khan, Gates of Vienna and all who sent in materials. There is more to come today. Some very interesting video from left wing German TV which… actually drifted towards honesty. All the Germans who saw it felt it was significant. Will post ASAP.

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  1. Just a little reminder of past actions….

    In 2010, Vona Gábor, leader of the Hungarian nationalist political party Jobbik since 2006, plainly demonstrated his bias against the West with September 11, 2010 Arab-Hungarian Friendship Day

    Hungary’s “Law on the Right to Freedom of Conscience and Religion, and on Churches, Religions and Religious Communities” enacted July 12, 2011 recognized only 14 religious groups. Islam was not included in that list (at that time) and should NEVER be included or given opportunity to gain a foothold again. NEM NEM SOHA!
    In 2012, Hungary again revised the number of religions recognized as official by the government and for the first time gave recognition to Islam under a coalition formed between the Hungarian Islamic Community and the Hungarian Islamic Council and Tan Kapuja Buddhist Church, Buddhist Mission . From comment at Islam v. Europe blog:

    “The two islamic community united, but altogether last year they had 700 members.(from the 4 million tax payer only 700 people offered them the 1% of their taxes) The community which one wanted to built Hungary’s first mosque (after the turkish occupation more then 200 years ago there were no operating mosques)didn’t get the recognition.”

    In 2009, Jobbik launched a campaign to expunge from textbooks the accepted theory according to which Hungarians are a Finno-Ugric people, and replace it with one according to which they are related to the Huns, Avars and Scythians, Indo-Iranian nomads that inhabited large parts of the Eurasian steppe in the first half of the first millennium C.E. The party, whose EP delegation is led by a professor of criminal law and whose paramilitary offshoot, the Hungarian Guard, has recently been banned, called on the Hungarian Academy of Sciences and universities to rectify their curricula, asserting that the Finno-Ugric theory was a Hapsburg plot to break the self-respect of the Hungarian people. WayBackMachine archive of 2009 link

  2. 4. Ruby Butler has her shoes on the seat of tube train.

    What a slag.

    A Mosque-going elder remonstrates with her for her inconsideration to other passengers, and we cut to view a video of a late heated recourse to an appeal of reason that even in prayers shoes are taken off. (Explaining it is fine if she took off her shoes to put her feet onto the seat).

    But Ms Gobby retorts she prays with her shoe’s on.

    A quintessentially English gentleman, of those who can’t restrain their own bitch, resignly cajoles the man with familiarity that one can’t argue with them with rationale or logic.

    The Mosque-goer moves down the train only to meet a pussy-rescuer, raised by a single mom and responds to her upset like a marionette, and challenges him to a fight.

    He is more British than they are he correctly tells them.

    The whore tells the man she is a Christian.

    We can only hope off the train the piece of UK spunk got everything he deserved.

    • The Mosque-goer is not yet a Muhammadan as a Church-goer is a Christian, and as is observed around the world the Imams and Priests have done an almighty job making sure this does not happen to billions of people on behalf of the ruling classes. Realization of what their books actually say are in the hands of the few.

      But let’s enjoy this scene in Tehran…
      Rashid Bhahari has his shoes on the seat of tube train.

      What a prick.

      A Church-going elder remonstrates with him for his inconsideration to other passengers, and we cut to view a video of a late heated recourse to an appeal of reason that even in kneeling in prayer, shoes are not placed on the stools (Explaining it is fine if he took off his shoes to put his feet onto the seat).

      But Mr Gobby retorts he prays with his shoe’s off.

      A quintessentially Iranian woman in a burkha, of those who can’t restrain their own husbands, resignly cajoles the woman with familiarity that one can’t argue with them with rationale or logic.

      The Church-goer moves down the train only to meet a dick-rescuer, raised by a single insecure father and responds to his upset like a dhimmi and challenges her to a fight.

      She is more Iranian than they are she correctly tells them.

      The pussy-plower says he is a Muslim.

      We can only hope off the train the piece of Iranian ova got everything she deserved.

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