Another verse in the endless lament of islamic horror and destruction: Links 4 on Sept. 1 – 2015

1: Mississippi: Muslim threatens to kill all non-Muslims at hospital

“The Iranian was then sent to the hospital, and at the hospital he’s still threatening to kill anyone who isn’t a member of Islam or Muslim.” This was after he assaulted two sheriff’s deputies and threatened to set off a bomb while “praying to Allah.”

Note how defensive Hancock County Sheriff Ricky Adam is: “When we have somebody that’s making these threats, we know he’s Iranian, we know he’s a Muslim, and regardless what anybody says, dammit, they’ve killed people. So we have to take it seriously and we are.” Clearly, Adam is already anticipating charges of “Islamophobia” resulting from his daring to arrest a Muslim making terrorist threats: “regardless of what anybody says,” he says, they have to “take it seriously” — in other words, they can’t back down for fear of charges of “racism” and “bigotry” that he obviously knows will be coming, because they always do.

2. Manhunt Underway After Officer Fatally Shot in Fox Lake

(This one is interesting as its a combination of white and black people who killed the officer, which may make one suspect it was muslims)

3. Forced to kneel, a woman receives 100 lashes for adultery in Afghanistan as men watch on

(What will the leftist excuse be for a hundred men on folding chairs watching? That it’s cheaper than a movie?)

An Afghan man and woman found guilty of adultery received 100 lashes on Monday in front of a crowd who filmed their punishment.

The footage, taken in the western province of Ghor, showed a woman wrapped in a head-to-toe burqa and a man each receive the punishment from a man in a turban wielding a leather whip, watched by a group of mostly seated men.

The two remained in a crouching position throughout and did not appear to cry out.

Omar Alghabra, Liberal Party candidate in the Mississauga-Erindale riding

Western governments generally display little anxiety about Islamists in power (e.g., Turkey) and are happy to help enfranchise their deadliest enemies (e.g., in Egypt). And now the message comes from Canada that they even accept Islamists being elected to their own parliaments.

On December 1, the ruling Liberal Party gave Omar Alghabra, 36, an overt Islamist, 488 of 773 votes cast, making him its candidate in the Mississauga-Erindale riding. Alghabra’s speech on winning the nomination, reports the invaluable Canadian Coalition for Democracies, included a statement that “This is a victory for Islam! Islam won! Islam Won! … Islamic power is extending into Canadian politics.” Then, following Alghabra’s victory speech, Markham Councillor Khalid Usman (also spelled Osman) told a cheering and applauding audience, “We have the east, we have the west, and now we have Mississauga!” One member of the audience, Victor Fouad, wrote in protest to Prime Minister Paul Martin, leader of the Liberal Party, telling him about the above, but received no reply. Fouad concluded that between Martin’s silence and Alghabra remaining the Liberals’ candidate, “I have to assume that Alghabra has the endorsement of the Prime Minister.”

5. Police raid the family home of Paris train terrorist Ayoub El-Khazzani and take his parents away for questioning in Spain after request from French prosecutors

(In the context of the above story, this video of an interview with the terrorist’s brother where he explains that he was a druggie and really just wanted to rob people is that much more amusing)

Police today began searching the Spanish home of the parents of French train terrorist Ayoub El-Khazzani.

Around 20 officers entered the dilapidated flat in a rundown neighbourhood of the Spanish southern port city of Algeciras early this morning at the request of authorities in France.

The gunman, who was overpowered by passengers on a Paris-bound train on August 21 after he came out of a toilet with an assault rifle, lived at the flat before moving to France last year for work.

Just after midday, El-Khazzani’s father, Mohamed and mother, Zahara, were escorted from the property by undercover officers wearing balaclavas.

Raided: Spanish National Police began searching the Spanish family home of train terrorist Ayoub El-Khazzani and took his parents away to make statements at the request of authorities in FranceRaided: Spanish National Police began searching the Spanish family home of train terrorist Ayoub El-Khazzani and took his parents away to make statements at the request of authorities in France
Daniel Greenfield:

Instead of the Gates of Vienna, it’s the Gates of Budapest, as the Immigration Jihad routes itself through Hungary with all the usual useless political squabbling within the EU.

French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius blasted Hungary for trying to keep the colonists out of Europe.

“I take a very dim view, a very dim view. Hungary is part of Europe. Europe has values and these values are not respected by putting up wire fences,” he added.

If Europe will have no fences, its only remaining values will be Sharia and throwing gay men off buildings. The “refugees” will recreate the conditions that they left behind, as earlier arrivals already had.

Of course a lot of those “refugees” are just economic migrants with fake Syrian passports. And it’s not like anyone can usefully check with what’s left of the Syrian government.

7. Sick training of a young jihadi: Disturbing images show boy setting teddy bear on fire in front of ISIS flag in mock execution

(In a few years, this guy would be eligible for a free apartment courtesy of the German government if he keeps this up!)

8.  Slovakia: Nationalists rally against the illegals horde

Thank you Shabnam, M., Richard, Gates of Vienna, Buck and all who sent in materials. Quite a news day. If the plans from the various islamic orchestra conductors are to be believed, 2016 should be were the tards hit the clans. As we can see this past month and onwards, they certainly have troops well positioned.

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  1. As the first post shows the islamists have propositioned and yes it looks like 2016 will be the year the major fighting starts. I have no doubt that the citizens of the US will manage to win the fight but I don’t know about the other nations with the more draconian gun laws that have been preaching for decades that you aren’t suppose to defend yourself.

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